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ATWT PreVUE: Week of November 24 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of November 24 Edition

Plot, plot, scheme, scheme…
Monday, November 24, 2008 2:59 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Paul’s latest stunt could set Dusty up for heartbreak…


After a visit at the hospital, Lily is pleasantly surprised that Lucinda will be released early fron the hospital. She’s even more stunned when Lucinda asks to spend Thanksgiving at the farmhouse. Back at the farm, Holden tries to get Luke to cheer up but when it falls on deaf ear, he invites Noah for dinner. Dinner doesn’t go as planned when Luke assumes that Noah came to make up and things get even more problematic for him when Lucinda shows up for dinner with Brian. Meanwhile, Jack, who’s bringing Sage to the farm for Thanksgiving, sets nervous feelings for Carly due to Janet being there. Despite Jack’s comment that Sage will just have to get used to him being with Janet, Sage shows exactly how she feels about her mother not being with her for the dinner. Janet, realizing that Sage won’t be happy unless Carly is there, calls her up to come over. At dinner Jack announces the wedding date.

Brad and Katie pay a visit to Henry who’s still in jail. In an effort to get him out of jail, they go back to Chicago to try to find Spencer. While at a coffee shop the two run into someone that recognizes Spencer and gives them the address of where she lives. Unable to find her, Brad calls Dani to tell her the news. Once off the phone with them, she calls someone to tell them that she understands that she has to get rid of Spencer for good. At the Hughes home, Thanksgiving becomes a mess when Alison encourage Casey to tell his parents about his being expelled from Oakdale U. At the same time, Emily arrives and winds up being invited to dinner by Daniel. When Casey announces the news to his parents, they are livid. Casey leaves to cool down when Emily comes out to offer up encouragement. Emily kisses Casey, who quickly pushes her away. Back inside, Casey decides to re-join the family for dinner, while Emily, who has decided not to stay, watches from outside.


At Old Town, Paul and Emily run into one another. She wants his help in getting rid of Josie. Meg overhears the conversation and Emily has no choice but to later confess to Meg what she said to Paul. When with Meg at Al’s, Paul tells her that Emily wasn’t being completely honest in what she told her. He admits he was wrong in doing what he did and Meg immediately forgives him. Coming back from Tampa, Florida, Dusty and Josie bump into Paul and Meg. Josie immediately senses the close bond Meg and Dusty have with one another. Later in the evening, Josie is fixing her own special Thanksgiving for Dusty when Paul shows up demanding why she’s avoiding his calls.It is revealed that Paul hired Josie to pretend to have a strong connection to Jennifer as a way to get closer to Dusty. She tells Paul she can’t keep doing what she’s doing to Dusty but Paul tells her he hired to do a job and he wants her to continue. When he leaves Dusty arrives. Feeling that he’s become distant, Josie lies and says she had a premonition about Johnny. A minute later the PI, who is also working for Paul, calls and tells him about a lead that has Lucy and Johnny in Norway. Things take a romantic turn for Dusty and Josie and the two make love, while back at the farmhouse, Meg becomes suspicious of a phone call that Paul is on.

NOTE: As the World Turns will be preempted Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28.

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