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ATWT PreVUE: Week of November 10 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of November 10 Edition

Recreating the past…
Monday, November 10, 2008 10:16 AM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Can a total stranger become someone you want them to be?


Charges are dropped against Brad and Katie realizes that it’s because both evidence and Spencer’s body went missing. Margo hauls both Vienna and Henry in for questioning, telling them they are both accused of swiping the evidence. Katie wants to celebrate Brad’s freedom at the Lakeview but Brad wants to spend a quiet night at home instead. Henry and Katie both assume that the other took the evidence but learn someone else must have. Katie become worried that the person who emailed her is going to call her on his favor soon. Janet is asked to watch Sage when Jack gets a call to come back to the police station. The minute they are alone, Janet heads for the closet and is immediately locked in. Janet demads Sage let her out but Sage says the only way she will do so is if she calls off her marriage to her father. When Janet refuses, Sage takes the next approach by calling Carly to report that Janet slapped her. Once Jack arrives, Janet is let out of the closet. Carly and Jack later have an argument and Carly says that the only way Jack will see Sage is if Janet is not around.

Luke and Noah continue to fight due to Luke’s dishonesty in the election. Casey and Alison meanwhile learn that there is going to be a full investigation at the school about the election. Alison become furious to learn that Casey helped stuff the ballot box. Luke gets a call from the dean and once there, he realizes that the dean has also called Noah. He quickly asks Noah not to tell the truth about the campaign but Noah tells him he’s not about to do that for him. Later that day, Luke sees Noah and the dean together and begins to worry. It becomes clear that Luke has been expelled from school, a matter that infuriates Lily. Luke is angry that Noah told the dean the truth and the two of them decide that perhaps it’s time to have some time away from one another.


Interested in learning more about his connection to Josie, Dusty tells Josie more about Jennifer, including the fact that she was a fashion designer. Josie immediately thinks that to be creepy. Dusty soon asks her if she is up for meeting someone and makes a call to Barbara to meet him at the Lakeview. When Barbara arrives they have an emotional reunion. He tells her he has someone he’d like her to meet but before he can get Josie, he’s called away on a business matter. Alone in the lounge, Barbara comes face-to-face with Josie, who’s come into the lounge. Josie startles Barbara when she says they must know one another. Dusty returns and Barabara tells him that although they would all like to re-create the image of Jennifer, it’s impossible to do. On the other side of town, Paul voices his concerns to Meg about Dusty’s attachment to Josie. Meg and Paul both decide to take Barbara to dinner and warn her. It’s too late however when they arrive in the lounge to see Barbara with Dusty and Josie. Paul instantly attacks Josie for being a fraud. Barbara becomes upset when Dusty defends Josie and leaves the Lakeview. Meg takes an upset Paul home and after he admits that his sins against Jennifer are coming back to haunt him, Meg decides to stay to keep him company. They soon find themselves making love.

After Dusty finds Josie, she questions why everyone is so wigged out about her. He shows her a photograph of Jennifer and Josie tells him she can’t be his deceased wife. Emily laters sees Dusty and tries in vain to convince him that Josie is simply using him. Dusty adds insult to Emily by telling her that romance is not in the cards for them any longer. Barbara sees Josie while shopping and talks about needing help for her Trunk show at Fashions. Although wary of the girl, Barbara accepts Josie’s offer to help her. When Josie speaks kind words after seeing a picture of Hal, Barbara instantly becomes touched She offers a dress to her, which Josie accepts. Dusty, seeing Josie in the dress, and realizing how much she looks like Jennifer. pulls her into a serious kiss.

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