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ATWT PreVUE: Week of October 6 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of October 6 Edition

Love on the rocks…
Monday, October 6, 2008 7:24 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A newcomer may have eyes on Brad, while a Hughes and a Snyder watch love slowly slip out from underneath them…


Holden and Lily pay a visit to the police station to see Dusty and overhear Lucinda begging him to keep quiet about her role in helping him fake his death. Lily fumes at Lucinda for keeping her in the dark. Alone with Lucinda, Holden talks to her about her actions, but explodes when he walks in on Lily and Dusty holding hands. Paul continues to be plagued and taunted by the ghost of James. When Bob agrees to his release, Meg is there to care for her husband. Paul soon starts to unravel everytime he sees Dusty with Meg and goes off the deep even further when he learns that James left his estate to Dusty instead of him. After learning that Paul is over his head in debt, Meg goes to Dusty for his help.

Jack becomes bored due to his not working and Janet, after talking to Vienna, goes to Margo in hopes of getting his job back. Margo immediately begins to shoot her down but Janet informs her that it was she, not Jack that destroyed evidence against Brad. Jack, in the meantime, spends time with Carly and Sage picking apples. Things become cozy for all three of them which irks Janet. When Janet calls Carly on their family ‘bonding’ moment, the ex-wife snaps back for her to deal with the fact that Jack will always be in her life regarding their children. After receiving a call from Margo, Jack learns that she is offering his job back, but he soon suspects that Janet had a play in it all.


When Alison admits that her marriage could already be over, Susan advices her to fight for it. Kim learns that Chris wants to leave Oakdale and take on a position with the World Health Organization that would lead him back to Africa. When Kim questions his reasons for leaving, he admits Alison is the reason. Back at Snyder farm, Aaron tells Holden that he feels that his marriage is over. Holden advises him to work on his marriage if he truly loves Alison. Aaron later calls Alison to meet him at Java. He tells her he wants to be with her and stay married but is instantly crushed when she tells him he deserves much more than her in his life.

Casey tells Alison that he may have jumped the gun in ending thing with Emily. When he goes to find her to make up, Emily tells him he was right all along and should end their relationship for good. When Casey sees Alison again, he questions why Emily wants out, she tells him that it’s because Dusty is back in town.

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