ATWT PreVUE: Week of October 13 Edition

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Back together or just messing around…
Monday, October 13, 2008 12:43 PM | By Venus Stone

( — One couple could be headed back together, while another couple have some serious obstacles to overcome…


Meg, still furious for Paul setting Dusty up, tells him he has to make things right by apologizing to him. Emily isn’t happy when Dusty asks her to keep an eye on Meg to make sure she’s alright. When he leaves, Emily instead disregards his request. When Paul and Emily run into one another, they both plot together to keep Dusty and Meg away from one another. Spencer and Brad are a success on OAKDALE 411, which irks Katie. Katie is unsuccessful in telling Kim about her doubts and when Spencer returns to the set, she immediately showers Katie with kindness. Spencer gives Katie some of the leftover Chinese food. Katie soon gets sick to her stomach and has to go to the hospital. She soon begins to suspect that Spencer is trying to harm her.

Luke and Noah learn that the college my stop funding on the gay film festival and immediately head to the college to talk to the student council. On their way there they run into Dusty. Luke is instantly rude to him and even more peeved to see that Noah wants to talk with him. Luke huffs off upset and runs into Reg at Al’s. Luke discovers that the student council election will hold the fate of the festival in it’s hands. Luke is even more stunned to learn that Kevin is going to be running for the deciding seat. Awkwardness sets in between Kevin and Luke but is soon broken when Noah arrives.


Lucinda arrives at the Snyder farm furious that Holden and Lily might have sent Margo after her regarding her help in Dusty’s disappearing act. Dallas soon arrives with a warrant for Lucinda’s arrest. Lily later leaves the house to go find Dusty. When she and he meet up, she asks him to help her out regarding Lucinda. Holden, who wants the same thing, goes to the police station and asks Margo to let Lucinda go. Dusty soon arrives and clears the air about why he faked his death and that Lucinda did nothing wrong in helping him. Back at the Snyder home, Holden is upset that Lily once again went running to Dusty. Dusty later arrives letting Lily know that they no longer owe each other anything. When he leaves, Lily assumes that her relationship with Holden will survive, however, Holden isn’t so sure

Jack, still upset about the loss of his job, purposely ignores Janet. Hurt by his treatment, Janet calls Carly for some help. When Carly invites Jack over, he begins to see that she’s trying to push him and Janet back together. He tells her the only reason why she’s so focused on putting Janet on him is to avoid the serious attraction they are beginning to have for one another again. Over at the diner, Henry and Vienna devise a plan to get Jack jealous. When Henry plants a kiss on Janet, it is Vienna that becomes upset. Carly later finds Jack watching a movie and invites him for a walk with her. They soon get into another discussion about their feelings. Carly insists that her saving his life wasn’t a way to eventually get back together. Jack continues questioning her until she shoves him into the pond and walks away. A wet and furious Jack followers her back to the house and things get serious between the two of them. Carrying her upstairs, they start to make love. Janet, still upset and needing help, arrives at the house, unaware that Jack is with Carly.

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