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GH PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

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GH PreVUE: Week of June 23 Edition

Monday, June 23, 2008 2:00 PM | By Errol Lewis

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A man in love doesn’t take threats lightly.


Jason remains grouchy around Claudia while they are quarantined with Spinelli in the penthouse. Anthony challenges Claudia by testing her loyalty to the family – “kill Jason or you will live to regret your decisions.” Jax begins to think that Carly could be pregnant. Robin admits to Patrick that she doesn’t want him involved in their child’s life because she fears getting emotionally invested. Robin can’t trust the possibility of Patrick abandoning her and the baby. Logan and Scott lie by telling the cops that Johnny started a brawl with Logan. Anthony fires Johnny for sticking to his story. Lulu witnesses the bond that Johnny and Claudia share. Dr. Matt Hunter joins the staff of General Hospital and immediately fights a battle with Maxie Jones. Claudia and Ric discuss Anthony’s fondness for Johnny.

The Inside Story: Alexis Sexing Jerry

District Attorney Alexis Davis-Lansing takes the bull by the horns and announces to everyone present at the PCPD that, yes, she is having sex with Jerry Jacks! When Anthony Zacchara makes another threat against Kristina’s life, Alexis turns to Jerry for support. Not realizing what she has done, Alexis fears she has unleashed Mr. Craig once again. Jerry pays the Zacchara’s a visit and the results could be deadly.

A Closer Look: Sonny & Kate Getting Married

Sonny and Kate continue to discuss marriage plans, but Kate’s revelation that they should look into Diane drawing up a pre-nup for them worries Sonny. Kate tries to explain herself and the two eventually make love. When Sonny learns of how big Kate’s plans for their wedding are he starts to think more closely about their future. Kate reassures Sonny that he deserves to be happy too and they’ll be happy together. Jax informs Sonny that Carly might be pregnant, just as Carly learns Sonny and Kate are getting married. Diane informs Carly that Sonny would have all parental rights to any child he should father with her. Kate basks in the glory of getting married to the man she loves, while Jax’s hopes for finally becoming a father grow.

What to Watch

  • Jason and Claudia call for an ambulance when Spinelli’s condition worsens.
  • Maxie warns Lulu that she’ll end up just as loony as her mother Laura.
  • Claudia notices Jason’s legitimate concerns for Spinelli’s life just before being reprimanded by an angry Anthony.
  • Tracy visits Monica and seeks advice. Later, she pays Johnny a visit and warns him to stay away from Luke’s child.
  • Spinelli spills to Elizabeth about Jason and Claudia.
  • Jason Cook joins the cast of “General Hospital” in the contract role of Dr. Matt Hunter beginning Thursday, June 26 (see story).
  • Finola Hughes returns to “General Hospital” as Anna Devane on Friday, June 27 when Anna arrives to support Robin during her pregnancy, but Robin rushes to the hospital to get away.


  • Monday: Carly finds out once and for all whether or not she’s pregnant with either Jax or Sonny’s baby; Jerry and Johnny reach a breaking point; Nikolas threatens Claudia in an effort to protect his family from harm.
  • Tuesday: Carly alleviates Jax’s concerns about her and Sonny; Robin wrestles with letting Patrick into her child’s life; Ric believes Sonny did the right thing by leaving the mob behind.
  • Wednesday: Claudia confesses to Johnny that Nikolas knows the truth; Carly threatens to tear apart Sonny and Kate’s relationship; Spinelli plots to spend more time with Maxie by pretending to be sick.
  • Thursday: Jerry gets in Claudia’s way; Carly is out for blood; Nikolas has a warning for Johnny.

  • Friday: Encore presentation of the May 1, 2008 broadcast.

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