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ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 19 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of May 19 Edition

Welcome well overstayed…
Sunday, May 18, 2008 4:55 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Katie continues to see red and trouble could be on the horizon for Noah and Luke…


Sophie tries to make moves on Paul, who is checking up on Barbara. Barbara, on the other hand is offered care by Meg when she passes out. Alison tries playing matchmaker for Casey, unaware that something went on between him and Emily. Later that day, Casey and Emily find themselves in a heated situation but is haulted when Tom comes unannounced. Things between Holden and Lily continue to go south when a wary Faith announces she wants them nowhere near her school dance. Across town, Carly and Jack are having their awkward moments too with one another. Alison becomes tense around Chris when he makes the offer to help her with her nursing courses.


Katie sets up house at a new place in an effort to keep Janet out of Brad’s radar. When she shows him their new digs, she’s feeling good about the idea until Janet and Liberty show up to spoil the moment. Janet immediately begins to play the guilt card on Brad, which annoys Katie. When Liberty tells Brad and Katie that she will stay at the Lakeview with her mom, Katie has a confession of her own for Brad. When alone, she admits the primary reason why she got a new place for them is to keep them away from Janet. Brad continues to console Katie, telling her there is nothing to worry about. The Lakeview contacts Katie to inform her of Liberty’s high room fee and she heads out to get her. Liberty tries to con Katie, but Katie immediately calls her out, saying she knows she had Parker at the Lakeview and spending a hefty tab. Meanwhile, Janet pulls out the charm when she arrives to see Brad. The minute Katie returns, she witnesses Janet and a shirtless Brad, who is eating, together. Brad quickly dismisses it while a pleased Janet exits their home. Unable to take it any longer, Katie sets some serious rules for Brad about Janet’s constant presence in their lives.

Noah finds the letter he thought he misplaced in a drawer at the cottage. When he informs Luke about it, Luke suspects that Ameera was the one that took it. Luke then makes the suggestion that Noah contact Lisa’s government friend, Ben Coyle, who could have information about both Col. Mayer and Ameera. Ameera, meanwhile finds herself face-to-face with Col. Mayer, who demands her help. Luke and Noah both return home to discover Ameera has written a letter announcing her departure from Oakdale. Shortly after, a cop shows up at the cottage to inform Noah that his father has escaped from prison. Noah assumes that she’s been kidnapped while Luke think Ameera left with Col. Mayer on her own wishes.

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