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AMC PreVUE: Week of May 19 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of May 19 Edition

By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Love and tragedy in the afternoon.

Michael E. Knight


After finally connecting at the Hubbard wedding, Aidan tells Greenlee that what’s most important to him is being with her, with or without children in their future. Jack inadvertently reveals that Aidan and Kendall slept together after misinterpreting Greenlee’s emotional state. The depth of Kendall and Aidan’s betrayal sinks in for Greenlee who unleashes her anger on the two. Greenlee becomes even more furious when she realizes Zach knew the truth. Zach forces Greenlee to leave with him and urges her to accept what can’t be changed. A confrontational Aidan accuses Zach of sending him to Darfur with a death wish on his mind. Zach punches Aidan. Greenlee lets Aidan know just how deeply he hurt her and then asks Zach to take her home.

The Main Event: The Beginning and the End

Dixie urges Jake to stay in town for Tad’s sake. Tad is certain Adam is losing his mind when he claims to see Dixie. Dixie leaves Adam with a chilling warning and reminds him that time is running out. Angie is ecstatic when Jesse brings Greg home. Greg, Angie and Jesse visit Jenny’s grave. The Hubbard family anticipates Jesse and Angie’s wedding the following day. Stuart gives Adam some sound advice. JR takes Adam home after he’s released from Oak Haven. Jesse and Angie’s friends and family gather in the ballroom at the casino for the wedding. Jesse arranges for R&B singer Ne-Yo to serenade Angie. Angie and Jesse exchange heartfelt vows and are married once again. Dixie watches wistfully as Tad spends time with their daughter. Fretful over Dixie’s warning, a disruptive Adam desperately tries to get his children to leave the wedding reception with him. Tad and Jake threaten to get physical with Adam. Dixie dances with Kate.

Robert snaps Cassandra out of the hypnotic state he put her in and quickly sneaks away before being spotted. Robert spies Stuart and Little Adam returning the stuffed elephant to Cassandra. Jesse becomes suspicious when Cassandra explains the symptoms she’s experiencing. Angie warns Jesse not to look for trouble where none exists. Robert shoots and kills the FBI agent that arrives to question him and then arrives at the Hubbard wedding intent on finally getting what he wants. Robert drugs and locks up Opal. Jesse finally puts together that Robert is Papel and confronts him at gunpoint, but Mrs. Hubbard’s arrival changes fates. Robert exits the hotel room holding Angie at gun-point. In the hallway, Robert shoots at an oblivious JR. Robert makes his way to the crowded ballroom with Angie. Aidan fails to get a clear shot at Robert. Chaos breaks out in the ballroom as an unhinged Robert makes his presence dangerously apparent. Dixie protects Colby and Kathy. Tad, Jake and Frankie give chase as Robert heads to the helicopter on the roof with Angie. A horrified Dixie looks on as Robert takes aim at Tad.

Around Town:

Intent on getting pregnant, Annie tries to seduce Ryan but he gently rejects her; Zach wants JR’s help in trying to figure out who ran him over and framed JR for it; JR and Babe make love.


Monday: Encore Presentation.

Tuesday: Jesse is Angie’s knight in shining armor. A distraught Greenlee pulls Zach into a kiss. Dixie is grateful that Kate is safe.

Wednesday: Ryan reaches out to Greenlee. Everyone tries to cope with the tragic turn of events. Annie is determined to have a baby with Ryan.

Thursday: JR accuses Adam of being on a death watch as they wait for word on Tad. Greenlee would rather abandon Fusion than work with Kendall. Aidan and Jesse team up to locate Kate for Tad.

Friday: Dixie shows Tad what their lives would have been like if she had lived. Adam’s eyes are finally opened where Tad is concerned. Jesse comforts an emotionally drained Angie.

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