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AMC PreVUE: Week of May 5 Edition

HOME / Previews / AMC PreVUE: Week of May 5 Edition


AMC PreVUE: Week of May 5 Edition

By Angela Rosa


Cady McClain

( — Are the residents of Pine Valley in need of some guidance?


Dixie corrects Adam when he rationalizes that his medication is causing him to hallucinate. Dixie informs Adam that she won’t be leaving his side until he reveals the truth about Kate to Tad. JR and Krystal worry about Adam’s mental health. Adam turns to Opal for help. Dixie taunts Adam as Opal tries to oust the unknown spirit Adam claims is haunting him. Opal soon becomes fed up with Adam’s attitude and leaves him to fend off his ghost for himself. Dixie continues to play tricks on Adam. Adam realizes that Dixie still loves Tad. Adam asks a concerned Stuart to talk to Dixie and get her to leave him alone.

Tad and Jesse track down Dr. Madden’s assistant, Hazel, to a seedy bar she runs just outside of town. Unaware that the two men set the scene up, Hazel is putty in Jesse’s hand after he protects her bar from being robbed. Hazel is clued into what’s really going on when her bouncers drags a snooping Tad into her bar. Hazel can’t help but be affected by Tad’s emotional plea. Tad is sure he’s on track to finding Kate; meanwhile Julia makes plans to move to Australia with Kathy (Kate) after receiving a job offer. Tad and Dixie share a cosmic connection.


Treena, the hooker Richie hired to frame JR, blackmails Richie for more money. Babe recognizes Treena when she sees her in the park with Richie. Babe confronts the duo and pretends to believe Richie’s claims of innocence. Babe tells JR about her encounter with Richie and Treena and apologizes to her ex-husband for jumping to the wrong conclusion about him.

Greenlee and Kendall are aghast when footage of them pole dancing shows up during a presentation. Greenlee would fire Annie on the spot but to everyone’s shock the businessmen respond to the footage by offering Fusion a major contract. A disappointed Annie pulls Ryan into a kiss that just ends up leaving her more frustrated. Ryan tells Zach that he wants to move on with his life regardless of the amnesia. Facing blackmail of his own, Richie blackmails Annie for money and threatens to expose her lies to Ryan.


Zach explains the situation in Darfur to Ryan. Ryan and Zach work together to come up with a plan to help Aidan rescue Jake. Meanwhile, in Darfur, instead of taking the opportunity to escape, Jake chooses to save the life of the wounded rebel leader. Aidan is successful in his plot to be captured by the same rebels holding Jake hostage. Zach surprises Greenlee when he tells her he’s arranged for a way for them to monitor Aidan’s whereabouts. Aidan and Jake plot a risky escape. Greenlee, Kendall, Zach and Ryan look on in horror as they watch Aidan and Jake on the monitor. The group awaits word on Jake and Aidan. Tad accuses Zach of wanting Aidan dead.


– Robert finds Cassandra’s sketchbook and finds a drawing of a stuffed elephant.

– With some assistance from Carmen, Erica’s vigor to bring change to the prison is renewed.

– Little Adam pulls the stuffed elephant out of Cassandra’s bag right under Robert’s nose.


Monday: Greenlee’s prayers are answered. Annie vows to fight dirty to get Ryan back. Dixie continues to taunt an unrepentant Adam.

Tuesday: After suffering a fall, Ryan is flooded with memories of Annie. Tad is certain he’s close to finding Kate. Babe confronts Richie with his lies.

Wednesday: Jake is haunted by a memory from the past. Ryan has conflicted feelings about his love for Annie. Jesse wants to clear the air with Cassandra.

Thursday: Babe sets out to get proof that Richie set JR up. Adam gets a taste of his own medicine. Jesse and Cassandra realize they have more in common than they thought.

Friday: Ryan questions his love for Annie. Greenlee fears she’s ruined things with Aidan. Jack confronts Erica about Kendall’s indiscretion.

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