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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 28 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 28 Edition

By Angela Rosa

Yolanda Perez/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Sometimes the most terrifying moment is when you’re alone with yourself.



Erica struggles to keep her sanity while locked in solitary confinement but ends up crying out for her mother. Carmen informs Jack about Erica’s situation. Erica is tormented with nightmares. The warden informs Jack that she’s the one in control after he demands Erica be set free. Samuel comes to Erica’s rescue as she’s on the verge of a breakdown. Samuel puts his foot down with the warden. Jack and Erica share a heartfelt reunion. Erica is welcomed back into the prison’s general population.


Jesse is nervous over the prospect of meeting Cassandra, Angie’s daughter with Jacob, but the two end up hitting it off beautifully. Jesse and Angie announce that they’re going to have a wedding. Angie assures Cassandra that she did love Jacob but admits no one could ever replace her first love, Jesse. Later, while alone, Cassandra reveals more about herself as she talks to her stuffed elephant. Frankie takes Cassandra to the Comeback where they meet up with Dre and Colby. Dre and Cassandra hit it off instantly. Colby and Cassandra arrive at the door of the Hubbard loft while a trespassing Robert is searching for the elephant inside.

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Zach informs Aidan that he’s sending him to Darfur to rescue a kidnapped Cambias employee. Aidan retracts his initial refusal of the assignment after Slater points out he’s the best man for the job. Zach gives Kendall his assurance that he has no ulterior motive in giving Aidan the assignment. Greenlee beseeches Zach not to send Aidan to Darfur and he eventually relents. Tad questions if Aidan is taking the dangerous assignment as a way of punishing himself. Aidan is more determined than ever to go on the rescue mission when he finds out the man he’s being sent to rescue is Jake Martin. Zach and Aidan keep a secret about Jake. Aidan assures Greenlee he’ll return from the mission but she can’t shake the bad feeling she has.


A manipulative Annie’s fable sends Ryan straight to Richie with a warning. Richie knows Annie is up to something and suspects that she lied about the intruder. The ladies of Fusion watch the footage of their day of pole dancing and all agree that it would be disastrous for business if the tape was ever made public – an observation Annie takes note of. Annie later plants the footage of the women pole dancing in a presentation reel with the belief that she’ll score points with Ryan after she’s fired for her innocent “mistake.”


JR’s temper flares when Adam tells him he heard “You Are My Sunshine” seemingly coming out of nowhere. Tad insists to Krystal that someone is messing with him when his photo of Dixie goes missing. Adam, meanwhile, is puzzled to come upon a picture of JR’s mother. Adam accuses JR of planting the picture to taunt him. A concerned JR calls Krystal for help with his father. Tad and Krystal arrive at the mansion just as Adam finds Kate’s adoption papers – the same papers he destroyed months earlier. JR and Krystal are worried about Adam, but Tad is sure Chandler is just putting an act to get Krystal back. Adam sees Dixie’s reflection in a mirror.

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Monday: Zach and Ryan team up to help Aidan rescue Jake. Adam is haunted by visions of Dixie. Tad gets a lead on Kate.

Tuesday: Aidan is taken hostage in Darfur. Kendall tries to get Greenlee’s mind off Aidan. Adam insists to a concerned JR that he isn’t losing his mind.

Wednesday: Dixie tells Adam she came back to save his soul. Babe realizes she’s been wrong about JR. Tad feels he’s getting closer to finding Kate.

Thursday: Aidan and Jake plot a risky escape. Richie threatens to expose Annie’s lies to Ryan. Opal takes action to try and bring Erica home.

Friday: Zach, Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall anxiously await word on Jake and Aidan. Tad accuses Zach of wanting Aidan dead. Dixie has no intention of letting Adam be.

Pictured: David Canary courtesy ABC

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