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GL PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

GL PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

Alan’s set up for a mighty fall…
Saturday, March 15, 2008 10:52 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The great schemer gets played…


Coop is overjoyed to discover that the book he written is going to be published. Blake muscles her way into Coop’s life, which upsets Ashlee. Jeffrey promises to be there for Olivia after he learns that she is dying. Gus tells Olivia about a doctor that could help her. Harley continues to rub salt in Marina’s wounds where Cyrus is concerned. Frank is told he is going on immediate leave from the police force when word gets back of his flirting with someone at a crime scene. Mallet and Dinah share a heated kiss when he tells her about his job offer. Doris comes to offer him something better: Frank’s job as Chief of Police.


Lizzie isn’t thrilled about her date with Lawrence. When he asks for her phone number, she writes down Alan’s phone number instead. Ava, wanting to claim Bill out of spite, decides to calculate on getting pregnant. Lizzie is floored to receive a message from Phillip. Bill finds that his business meeting is with Lizzie. Once alone together, Lizzie tells him that she wants them to get back together. Alan becomes furious when he learns she’s seen Bill and locks her away in her room again. When his threats against Bill doesn’t work, Alan sends a message to Phillip. Bill stumbles upon the fact that Dinah has been pretending to be Phillip, duping everyone. Dinah and Bill devise a plan to strike back at Alan. Alan learns from Bill that Phillip has been tracking him and sets up a meeting at the gym to discuss what to do. As Alan is led on a wild goose chase, Dinah sneaks a file back in Alan’s office. Alan believe Phillip set him up when the police come to arrest him for financial crimes. Meanwhile, Bill and Dinah toast to the downfall of Alan Spaulding.

NOTE: Guiding Light will be preempted Thursday, March 20 and Friday, March 21 due to the NCAA Basketball tournament.

Pictured: Gina Tognoni courtesy Bleacher & Everard/PGP

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