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GL PreVUE: Week of January 21 Edition

By Venus Stone-Cutter
Jonny Comes Marching Home…
Thursday, January 17, 2008 6:12 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A familiar face returns home to settle an old score…


Bill and Coop have a confrontation but is interrupted when Lizzie storms in announcing she’s having Bill’s baby. Alan wants Beth to attend the memorial service with him and offers the invitation to Rick. Once alone, Alan calls in a few favors to make sure Rick will be too busy to attend. Natalia learns that Olivia and Alan are working together to keep her from marrying Gus. When Cyrus wavers in wanting to marry Marina right away, Marina calls on Remy to continue their scheming. After seeing how much Coop truly loves Ashlee, Doris offers Buzz a job.


Cassie turns to Josh for support when the memory of Tammy resurfaces which angers Will. Alan confronts Reva about the harrassing telephone calls he’s been receiving. Reva approaches Cassie with the information and when she denies having a hand in it, Reva soon worries that Jonathan could be doing it. While Bill is happy to learn that his vision will return, Lizzie is heartbroken to learn that she is not pregnant. As Reva is searching for Jonathan, she spots Sarah’s suitcase. When Alan offers his deepest apology to Cassie, she invites him to attend the memorial. As the memorial service is underway, an emotional Jon doesn’t notice Sarah crawling away. Lizzie finds it difficult to tell Bil the truth about not being pregnant. As Bill’s vision starts to return the first thing he notices is Johnathan. Lizzie believes she’s seen Sarah. Reva finally catches up to Jonathan and warns him to stop causing trouble and leave town. Lizzie, who has arranged for Bill to meet her at cabin, is close to walking in on Jonathan and Sarah. Reva, who has returned quickly diverts Lizzie’s attention but soon notices Alan’s car approaching. Frustrated with keeping a lie, Lizzie runs out of the cabin with Bill right on her trail. Struggling to break free from his hold, she finds herself falling into oncoming traffic.

Pictured: Tom Pelphrey courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP