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GL PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

GL PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

Evening the Score…
Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:09 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Revenge is the name of the game for some Springfield residents…


Jeffrey and Josh inform a stunned Cassie about Will’s role in Alonzo’s death. Natalia confronts Olivia on trying to sabatoge her upcoming wedding to Gus. Lizzie tries to help Bill learn how to do daily things on his own. Dinah makes the assumption that Buzz was the one that caused the explosion but he informs her he wasn’t involved. Gus and Natalia make the announcement that they will elope. Lizzie walks in on a half-dressed Ava and Bill. After learning that Alan plans on having a memorial for Sarah, Reva calls Jonathan, telling him not to return to Springfield.


Marina, still seeing the obvious closeness between Harley and Cyrus, continues to play the Phillip card. Realizing that Cyrus’s mind is elsewhere, Marina lies to him by saying that immigration called looking for him. The following day, Marina runs into Remy, who suggests that she get Harley out of town. When he sees Harley, he tells her that he heard Phillip was spotted in New York. Cyrus learns that Harley went to New York solo and immediately leaves, dropping a romantic day with Marina. Harley passes out after having another panic attack; awaking to see Cyrus by her side. The two give in to their desires and are about to make love. Putting on the breaks, Harley tells Cyrus he has to leave. After some thinking, Harley unable to deny what she feels for Cyrus, rushes back home, only to learn that Marina and Cyrus are engaged.

Coop confesses to Buzz that he was the one that caused the trailer explosion. Ashlee and Coop plan on leaving Springfield but Doris prevents it from happening. Coop tells Doris that he’ll confess to the explosion if she let’s Ashlee out. Frank assures Coop he will be there for him as much as he can. When Bill learns that Coop was responsible for the explosion, vengeance sets in, as he makes a call for Coop to pay him a visit.

Pictured: Daniel Cosgrove courtesy Robert Milazzo PGP