AMC PreVUE: Week of January 21 Edition

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The root of the problem
Thursday, January 17, 2008 6:50 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Dr. Hubbard finds herself in the middle of a monumental crisis moments after stepping foot back into Pine Valley.


Colby and Dre both admit they enjoyed the kiss they shared. Ryan easily explains away calling Annie “Kendall” and the Lavery’s resume a night of lovemaking. Zach and Greenlee’s easy rapport grows as she’s able to talk sense into him upon finding him outside the bomb shelter. Her own guilt resonating within her, Kendall wonders to Aidan if Zach and Greenlee’s newfound closeness is because they slept together during their ordeal in the bomb shelter. After agreeing to Annie’s terms in exchange for her getting tested as a possible donor for him, Richie gives his sister a glimpse into his very dark mind. On a mission to collect information on Kate for Krystal, a traitorous JR pulls at Adam’s heartstrings and tells him he wants to come back home. Ryan’s dramatic mood swing alarms Annie. Jack and Erica connection is as powerful as ever.


Tad and Angie’s happy reunion is cut short when Joe calls Angie and asks her to come to the hospital immediately as Quentin’s condition is deteriorating quickly. Once at the hospital, Angie is stunned when she sees that Quentin is actually her son Frankie. Meanwhile, Zach wants to take Greenlee to the hospital after she’s hit by a sharp pain. Greenlee takes Zach’s advice and confides in Aidan that she’s scared that something is seriously wrong with her. Angie and Julia manage to stabilize Frankie. Julia alerts Angie to the fact that another patient, namely Greenlee, has the same symptoms as Frankie. Angie confronts Greenlee and Aidan and insists that Greenlee be admitted to the hospital immediately. Aidan’s discovery leads Angie to the realization that Greenlee and Frankie’s illness may be linked to Aidan’s property. Julia finds Greenlee, who has sneaked out of the hospital, with Kendall at ConFusion and demands that Greenlee return to the hospital. Greenlee begins to have trouble breathing. Zach joins Angie and Aidan as they search Aidan’s property for a clue as to what is causing the mysterious illness. Angie is upset when she sees firsthand how Frankie chose to live in the woods. Aidan finds out that Sylvester, the guy he bought the cabin from, died of the same symptoms Greenlee and Frankie have. Zach has an epiphany which might just end up saving Greenlee and Frankie. Kendall calls Jackson after Greenlee is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Meanwhile, Frankie receives a very surprising visit from his “deceased” father – Jesse.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of January 28

Monday: Adam grows suspicious of JR.

Tuesday: Angie fears she’s risking Frankie’s life with her experimental treatment.

Wednesday: Greenlee is faced with a life or death decision.

Thursday: Jesse barely avoids being spotted by Angie.

Friday: Ryan has no memory of the last four years of his life.

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