Ratings: Y&R/GH/DAYS Up In Women 18-49 Demo

Ratings Report for the Week of June 26-30, 2017


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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)


Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,247,000 (-101,000/-325,000)
2. B&B 3,399,000 (-151,000/-216,000)
3. GH 2,432,000 (-7,000/-325,000)
4. DAYS 2,057,000 (+7,000/-37,000)


1. Y&R 3.06/11 (-.04/-.22)
2. B&B 2.45/8 (-.06/-.15)
3. GH 1.75/6 (-.02/-.26)
4. DAYS 1.52/5 (-.02/-.04) <—— ties low (3rd straight week) *

* Rounded to 1.5


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 495,000 (+17,000/-142,000)
2. B&B 398,000 (-16,000/-152,000)
3. GH 387,000 (+10,000/-74,000)
4. DAYS 318,000 (+9,000/-72,000)


Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.77/7 (+.03/-.23)
2. B&B 0.62/5 (-.02/-.24) <——— ties low (3rd straight week) **
3. GH 0.6/5 (+.02/-.12) <—— ties low (9th straight week)
4. DAYS 0.49/4 (+.01/-.12) <——— ties low (3rd straight week) ***

** Rounded to 0.6
*** Rounded to 0.5


Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 115,000 (+21,000/-37,000)
2. B&B 99,000 (+14,000/-37,000)
3. GH 88,000 (-1,000/-30,000)
4. DAYS 57,000 (-3,000/-42,000) <——— new low *

* Previous low: 60,000 (June 19-23, 2017)


Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.33 (+.06/-.12) <—— ties low (5th straight week) *
2. B&B 0.29 (+.04/-.11)
3. GH 0.25 (-.01/-.1)
4. DAYS 0.16 (-.01/-.13) <—— ties low (17th straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2


Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 793,000 (+12,000/-102,000)
2. B&B 660,000 (-11,000/-112,000)
3. GH 535,000 (-7,000/-92,000)
4. DAYS 413,000 (+11,000/-76,000)


Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3 (+.02/-.18)
2. B&B 1.08 (-.02/-.2)
3. GH 0.88 (-.01/-.16)
4. DAYS 0.68 (+.02/-.13)


Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.50/3,421,000
Tuesday: 2.41/3,326,000
Wednesday: 2.40/3,335,000
Thursday: 2.43/3,359,000
Friday: 2.53/3,551,000

Monday: 1.56/2,110,000
Tuesday: 1.47/2,014,000
Wednesday: 1.55/2,077,000
Thursday: 1.52/2,041,000
Friday: 1.48/2,041,000

Monday: 1.74/2,400,000
Tuesday: 1.77/2,489,000
Wednesday: 1.86/2,582,000
Thursday: 1.69/2,369,000
Friday: 1.70/2,319,000

Monday: 3,10/4,305,000
Tuesday: 3.01/4,217,000
Wednesday: 3.05/4,186,000
Thursday: 3.08/4,204,000
Friday: 3.07/4,324,000


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    Sally/Mal are still down from JFP last weeks last year. GH is staying steady cant wait to see what Shelly Altman will do solo with the show. She has fresh contemporary ideas for GH. Happy that DAYS is stablizing and hopefully Ron pushes the soap up.

    • Keanna

      Regarding GH, what ratings are you looking at, they’re dreadful. And I have zero confidence in Shelly, fresh contemporary ideas, right tell that to AW fans when she killed one of the show’s popular characters. There’s NOTHING endearing about this show at the moment

      • Lampshade

        Agreed. I’ve never known Shelly Altman to produce anything original anyway.

    • Nicholas Briglia

      Are you a member of the Altman family?

  • jesse

    Enjoying YR like the summer party look.Mattie/Reed are nice young adults good chemistry.Jordan/Hilary/Lilly mashup would be interesting.Juliet reminds me of Amber Moore,Chloe when she tried to get Cane.GH is awful trying to watch 5 minutes is difficult.3 week hiatus budget cuts can’t sign Tyler Christopher.Man Landers yawn.Days should have fact checkers INS was replaced 14 yrs ago.Days the joke that keeps on making me laugh.

    • Amie

      Yeah Mattie and Reed will make a great couple soon.Agree with u about Jordan and Lily might happened after the test comes back about Juliets baby.But it wont be Canes baby.Foruth of July party is awesome.

      • jesse

        Agree July 4 was great.I think Juliet had sex with that boss in Japan.

        • Nance

          Needs to be canes to keep drama going

    • cab

      Laughter keeps life interesting.

  • sorzsorz

    Those ratings aren’t looking good for Days and GH. Maybe Days will learn that you don’t screw over fans by listening to the opinions of trolls and bringing Dena back. I wonder what will Shelly do as a solo HW for GH because some of the writing especially the past few weeks have been all over the place. Ron is going to have an uphill task attempting to fix the damage to the show Dena has caused to the since she was brought back along with Josh.

    • Layla

      I doubt there is anything Days can do to save itself at this point. It sounds like Ron is going for JER style camp and stunt returns, but he’s doing nothing that might get a younger audience to tune in. The show has been displaying contempt for its own audience for years, with backstage nastiness fueling mean-spirited storylines. The 50th year reboot was a complete disaster on every level, and keeping Dena Higley on this long was pure insanity. Her obsession with making the Hernandez family central to the show has destroyed every single storyline that had a fanbase and dealt one insult to the audience after another. Ron can try and bring back Will, Sami and push together Chabby, but it’s too little too late.

      The show also needs to start recognizing when online trolling isn’t a result of organic fan reaction but coming from various actors’ camps to try and dictate storylines. One person in particular seems to be buying likes at a furious pace and has a number of phony accounts pushing the character. At least two actors on the show have sent a small army of stans to trash their co-star while publicly supporting that co-star. Another actor has gotten vocal lately about Dena’s bad writing and been the victim of a similar coordinated attack by trolls. The show has no sophisticated understanding of how its own actors are using social media to advance themselves and not the show overall, and that has blown up in their face big time.

      • SoapArmageddon

        Yours is one of the most interesting posts I’ve read about Days in quite some time.

      • jonboy

        Thats what Ron does. And its fun. For a little while.

      • James

        Oh please like the actors are paid enough and their team have the time to pay trolls…this is ridiculous. Sorry where do you get this info from?

        • Layla

          Never said they were paying trolls. Said they were buying likes, which in fact rather cheap. Trolls can be rallied for free if you have a fanbase and understand social media.

  • Salem Spectator

    Did Sheila leave?

    • Amie

      No she is still here.She sign for one year.

      • Salem Spectator

        Then the viewers may have left because of Sheila’s non explanation regarding Y&R.

        • Lampshade

          Unlikely. Let’s hope days can pull something out of the bag. Lord knows it needs it- Dena done untold damage it’s unwatchable right now. Hoping Ron can pull it back from the bottom of the barrel.

  • Paul

    They not brought back James Scott Once since he left in 2014 recent poll by Sony said Sami and EJ were sorely missed still Days does not listen to its fans these ratings awful.

    • Kimber

      It’s not that days doesn’t listen, James Scott (EJ) does not want to come back 😔They can’t make him.

      • dez

        That is right. I read he is on another show. I am sure if Days continues to air and James is available Days can bring him back if the money is right. Most soap actors return when they cant find other work and want to stay on television.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      If an actor doesn’t want to come back they can’t make him come back.

  • Kitty Kat

    Y& R, send the actors who play Jordan and Charlie to acting class right away, I cringe every time they open their mouth and speak.

    • Amie

      U cant make them like that.Besides The actors are doing great.No complaining The demos went up.Focus on the show and stop bitching about it.

    • TruthSquad

      Jordan has grown on me. Charlie, not so much. Mati is great.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Y&R keeps falling and falling. Sally has been given enough time to reset the show and she has been a huge disappointment. The show is still so boring.

    • Lampshade

      While I like aspects of the show, I agree somethings is off key. For me it’s the pacing: slow burning stories story arcs are fine but you need drama in between. It just feels a bit lethargic sometimes.

  • Alvin

    B&B is firing on all cylinders IMO. I love the show so much right now. I will give RC 6 months to turn DAYS around and if he doesn’t I am gone for good this time. GH just doesn’t interest me anymore. I love Anna, Scott, Lucy, Ava, Nina, Alexis, Julian and Lucas but I don’t like the stories they are in at all. As for Y&R, I so wanted SS & MY to do so much better than they are. Y&R is so boring. Say what you will about JFP but at least the show wasn’t boring under her reign. Once Justin Hartley left I lost interest and the show faltered. B&B is the best daytime soap currently airing.

    • Nance

      Young n restless is a great show keeps u on your toes

    • Michelle

      What? B& B is firing on all cylinders, based on what? Lol. They are struggling like the rest of the soaps. The ratings on that show is lower now then they were last year. I wouldn’t say the were firing on anything. They are barely surviving.

    • jesse

      JFP was awful the first writing team Jean/Shelly came up with lame s/l’s and nothing characters like Ian Ward,Constance Bingham,Sage.Making Devon the heir of Katherine was one of the worst decisions ever.History of the show was ignored,characters changed under Pratt endless recycled nonsense if you like dopplegangers,Sharon in another mental hospital baby story,Passkey boredom,etc.CBS/Sony made the right decision.

    • BoomBoomBoomerang!

      I’m loving B&B right now too. Not pitch perfect, but it’s much better than it was even a few weeks ago. Seeing the show do more than one story at a time helps a lot, too. That helps keep me invested and interested, rolling everything on one story that might not appeal to all viewers is a mistake B&B made for a long, long time. Hope those days are gone for good!

  • MaximumUniverse

    Boy, the headline on this story is hilarious Desperate to find anything positive about this ratings’ report. What a mess. All of the soaps are just pathetic. B&B is the ONLY show still breathing on its own because of the return of Kimberly Brown’s Shelia. It’s time for CBS & Sony to send both Mal Young & Sally Sussman packing from Y&R. The show is a dreadful boring mess of a slog. Just do it. GH is total FF material and DAYS will have to do something spectacular to garner any interest from me.

    • cab

      There is a lot going on at Days that at least this viewer is enjoying every day.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Folks B&B is one of my favorite shows, but I think all the hoopla over Kimberlin Brown’s return is just that. She hasn’t brought the ratings that everyone said she would. B&B lost the most viewers this week and lost in the key demo of 18-49 as well as the 25-54. It was a great twist, but obviously not all viewers are happy with it. I’m enjoying it but still not enjoying the show as much as I was this time last year.

    • SoapArmageddon

      The show and CBS should have been hyping that return all over the place in order to get viewers to tune in for it.. I get that they wanted it to be a shock, but since no one suspected it was coming, the numbers didn’t rise dramatically.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        But even after the return it has been hyped everywhere. It was even trending on Twitter I think I heard someone say. Bell has done this surprise type stuff in the past and it did boost ratings like when it came out about the transgender. Nothing was hyped by the show but after the surprise it boosted until he messed the story up.

        The surprise returns and shocks are what built soaps years ago, and hyping and spoiling everything ruined soaps. If they do it more often it will make people watch everyday again because you don’t know what you will miss.

        Shows like Game of Thrones don’t spoil when there is going to be something big by promoting it all over the place. And they keep people tuning in because they don’t want to miss something. Soaps have got to stop spoiling everything because a lot of people look at the spoilers and if it doesn’t sound good to them they just don’t watch.