Ratings: Y&R/DAYS/B&B Up For The Week


Ratings Report for the Week of March 27-31, 2017

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,464,000 (+158,000/-651,000)
2. B&B 3,609,000 (+134,000/-222,000)
3. GH 2,502,000 (-39,000/-316,000)
4. DAYS 2,194,000 (+105,000/-86,000)

1. Y&R 3.18/11 (+.12/-.4)
2. B&B 2.57/9 (+.11/-.16)
3. GH 1.87/6 (same/-.24)
4. DAYS 1.62/6 (+.05/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 552,000 (+33,000/-184,000)
2. B&B 463,000 (+14,000/-77,000)
3. GH 420,000 (-12,000/-57,000)
4. DAYS 341,000 (+16,000/-70,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.85/7 (+.05/-.3)
2. B&B 0.72/6 (+.03/-.13) <—— ties low (5th straight week) **
3. GH 0.65/5 (-.02/-.1)
4. DAYS 0.53/4 (+.03/-.11) <—— ties low (2nd straight week) ***

** Rounded to 0.7
*** Rounded to 0.5

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 156,000 (+30,000/-79,000)
2. B&B 141,000 (+40,000/-22,000)
3. GH 110,000 (+9,000/-19,000)
4. DAYS 81,000 (+13,000/-9,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.45 (+.08/-.24)
2. B&B 0.41 (+.12/-.07)
3. GH 0.32 (+.03/-.06) <—— ties low (12th straight week) *
4. DAYS 0.23 (+.03/-.03) <—— ties low (5th straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 812,000 (+21,000/-180,000)
2. B&B 682,000 (-14,000/-98,000)
3. GH 581,000 (-13,000/-60,000)
4. DAYS 438,000 (+1,000/-87,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.33 (+.03/-.32)
2. B&B 1.12 (-.02/-.17)
3. GH 0.95 (-.02/-.11)
4. DAYS 0.72 (same/-.15)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.72/3,793,000
Tuesday: 2.62/3,681,000
Wednesday: 2.47/3,449,000
Thursday: 2.51/3,561,000
Friday: 2.52/3,561,000

Monday: 1.74/2,316,000
Tuesday: 1.64/2,298,000
Wednesday: 1.58/2,127,000
Thursday: 1.54/2,079,000
Friday: 1.60/2,149,000

Monday: 1.98/2,613,000
Tuesday: 1.87/2,586,000
Wednesday: 1.92/2,589,000
Thursday: 1.79/2,367,000
Friday: 1.79/2,355,000

Monday: 3.26/4,564,000
Tuesday: 3.24/4,512,000
Wednesday: 3.14/4,368,000
Thursday: 3.20/4,503,000
Friday: 3.08/4,373,000

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  • jesse

    Great to see Y&R have good week.Enjoying the reveal of Chloe killing Adam.Never liked Hilary but with Jordan there is definitely a lot of chemistry.Billy and Phyllis are the hottest couple.

    • Amie

      Agree with u.That show is getting good thanks to Chloe reveal.Cant wait till Nick founds out what his dad done next week.

  • sherwood

    Every soap is down year-to-year with Y&R down -650,000 viewers. Those numbers are huge and reveal that the core audience is abandoning the show. Sussman & Young’s four month run has been a horror show. I really thought they would turn the ship around after the Phelps/Pratt circus of monkeys. I can’t imagine what the executives are telling CBS & Sony right now. It can’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

    • Richard Goimarac

      Your post is hysterical and ridiculous considering Y&R had a nice gain for the week.

      I understand, though. You and other Sally haters have your knives ready and you’ll fill this thread with multiple “fire Sussman” posts. It’s all so tired.

      Meanwhile, the ratings at Y&R still TOWER over the ratings of the other three soaps.

      • sherwood

        I have great respect for Sussman & hoped she’d turn Y&R around after Phelps & Pratt’s reign of horror. But the audience isn’t happy. Don’t attack me for the failing ratings. The trend since before November sweeps has been a decline in viewers & key demos. Sometimes soap fans just can’t handle reality.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          The ratings cannot keep falling year to year like this or the time will come when financially, the show is not viable anymore. Yes, there were gains this week, but overall they lost 650,000 viewers from a year ago. That is a huge loss. And the key demos all show big losses which means less advertising revenue. A week of gains is not going to wipe out the reality that overall the show has bled viewers since Sussman took over.

          • lookitsMegRyan

            Gotta start somewhere, and making the show good is the best place to start. I’m very cynical of y & r but love the genre and thought it was a great week.

        • Richard Goimarac

          Yes, I can tell you’re amazing at handling reality.

      • charlie bracken

        I so agree The show has been Great, the chloe reveal was Oustanding. I love Mariah and Devon together, also I wonder what Nick is going to do when he finds Daddy with Chloe in that hanger?!

      • FoxyRoxyy

        They may have had a nice gain for the week, but when you’ve lost 650,000 viewers in a year, that is a huge problem that cannot be ignored. If Y&R continues to lose 650,000 a year, there will soon be no audience left.

        • Richard Goimarac

          Lol Exaggerate much?

      • Bantilau Regnies

        A nice gain for the week with a loss of 650,000 viewers from last year.

        +158,000 / -651,000
        + 30,000 / -79,000.
        + 21,000 / -180,000.

        The only post ridiculous here is yours.

        AGAIN Sally stan, you can talk about Sally haters but ratings are with US.

        • Richard Goimarac

          Not a Sally Stan or anyone else’s stan. But the ratings are with you? LMAO. Must make you feel special.

          I see the loss from last year. It’s somewhat worse than the other soaps percentagewise, but the others are down, too.

          However, people like you are here for nothing but saying Sally sucks and should be fired. These weekly threads are filled with multiple negative comments from the same people — even when ratings tick up.

          Bottom line? The other 3 soaps would KILL for YR’s ratings.

          • Bantilau Regnies

            Yeah, it is obvious you are not a Sally stan 😂😂😂😂😂
            Attacking people because they dare to bash the ratings killer? Typical Sally stans.

            Yes, ratings are with US (not me, US. See the difference? 😵)

            I am here to say Sally should be fired? Where did I say that?
            The level of desperation is real. Not my fault if Sally the savior is the worst thing happened to the show.

            Her soldiers are also the same every week. Guess what. The show won’t become good just because you try to convince yourselves week after week.

            And you know who won’t kill for these ratings? Angelica who stopped promoting her own show after introducing Sally as the YR savior 😂

    • monzo

      The question is how is the rest of CBS’ daytime doing. If everything is down that way compared to last year, it’s a problem of network tv all, if only our soaps dropped, then it’s because of the writing. I wish this site would release some overall daytime ratings again so we could compare all numbers.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      I can picture Mal & Sally telling Angelica “but all of tv is down, it’s not just us”. That may be true, but if they continue to lose 650,000 viewers per year, financially the show is losing huge advertising revenue and it won’t be long before the show won’t be profitable.

      • Richard Goimarac

        Yeah, you’ve mentioned that. Over and over.

        • Bantilau Regnies

          Speaking of repeating things, I counted six posts from you, just to bash people who dare to give their opinion. And also six from last week. Do you get a life?

          The insecurity is real. But there is nothing to worry about, right? If Sally is YR savior, who cares about people bashing her?

        • TruthSquad

          Every week no matter what, Foxy and all of his/her aliases write the same nasty Y&R bashing comments. They are like propaganda machines.

    • Amie

      OK enough with bitching about it.Y&R is doing good this month and now it went up total viewers now Sal and Mal turn around now.

    • Richard Goimarac

      How many posts will you make this week that say the same thing?

      • Bantilau Regnies

        What about you? Will you beat your own record from last week?

  • Happy Accidents

    Dena’s Days remains below last year’s lows in the key demo, with Days getting its second-lowest week ever in Women 18-49: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad2e8b2a781855966568683c3b0974cf53deac587c6b5c45f045e4729d13cbdd.png

  • ctshar

    Sonny Hospital and terribly dumb head writing is a huge FAIL. No one surprised but Jean, Frank and shelley.

    Ratings will get worse next week, the stories got even more sexist AND MORE idiotic based on recaps. LOVE Jane Elliot, but the rest of the show was sexist and unwatchable. Good bye, Jean and Shelley.

    Based on Jean’s work at ATWT and now GH, she really is the worst head writing in soap operas ever. I’d love to know how she EVER gets hired.

    • jen67

      I doubt she is as bad as Dena.

  • Bantilau Regnies

    The ratings are up when the show is Villy free lol

    • Amie

      So true.We will see less of Villy and more of Billy and Phyliss.I love them

  • Hedda Lettuce

    Y & R was really good this week. I wonder what Nick is going to do next week when he finds out Victor was involved with that evil witch Chloe. What will happen to Bella, will Billy find out he’s the father?

    • Bantilau Regnies

      Probably not. Sally couldn’t care less about Bella, she is just about forced and contrived Villy 4.0. Chloe letting her daughter behind is OOC, she would never let her child.

      But we have now Nick loving his brother Adam so everything might happen.

      A good thing Sally knows hstory rme

      • Kelly

        Guess you didn’t get the memo. It’s back on with Philly. I think Billy and Victoria are toast though. The whole thing is just not enough to keep me entertained. Took all the soaps off the DVR. Waste of good space.

        • Bantilau Regnies

          You do realize I posted the message you answered FIVE DAYS AGO, right?

    • TruthSquad

      It has been great. I have been wondering myself when the Billy-Bella reveal will occur. Now that Chloe appears to be gone I hope Mariah stays with Devon. She and Kevin should stay freinds.

  • TruthSquad

    This last week is the week I think we have all been waiting for. The transition between writers at Y&R was trying at times but this last week has demonstrated an evolution and trajectory some of us had expected. Just in time for May sweeps. Congrats Y&R, B&B and DOOL.

    • charlie bracken

      Exactly!! The showdown between Chloe and Chelsea was Great, I’m looking forward in what Nick finds out at the Hanger..

      • TruthSquad

        Even if the ratings had not been good this week it is clear the writing is evolving. The slow period that everyone complained about (myself inckuded at times) seems to have been more of a transition than the norm. Let’s hope next week is as good as this week.

        • charlie bracken

          Right from what i saw of the promo Looks like Nikki and Victor are hitting that rough patch again and Nick Hits His own father.. This Chloe story isn’t over yet.

          • TruthSquad

            Looks like good stuff ahead.

          • charlie bracken

            It does, the show is more balanced now which is good. I’m loving what sally is doing

        • James Michael

          I’m holding my breathe. The show has been more interesting in the past weeks but it’s a story Pratt began that Sally is finishing. All of her stuff until this has been pretty flat. I have enjoyed what I’ve seen the past week or two but can she keep it up? Time will tell.

          • TruthSquad

            Good point. I expect Dina returning could be interesting. I cannot imagine that with everyone talking about Adam that the character might be returning in the near future. If that is the case we can only hope they do a good job casting him. I am not a fan of Scott Granger. Maybe he will grow on me.

    • Dianne

      Why is BB being congratulated? For riding on YR’s coattails?
      It’s the YR’s writers and DOOL writers that I’m sure are under pressure to raise the ratings They don’t have a previous show to draw their viewers from.

      • TruthSquad

        I agree that B&B has been not so good the last month or so. But am always glad to see an increase in the genre. I for one am surprised GH didnt rise with the others this week. I have been enjoying it.

        • Kevin Little

          It’s a good time to be watching Y&R. The show’s great. A lot of my co-workers have commented on how much more they are enjoying it vs. about six months ago.

          • TruthSquad

            Everyone I speak with who were fed up with Y&R seem to be pleased now.

  • daysfan36

    Days is absolutely wonderful! And the ratings reflect this. Thank you.

  • Casey Steven Hutchison

    BOLD has been my favorite soap opera lately. It is getting back to its hey day. Y&R is always my al time fave and they are doing a great job as well. I love GH but it seems other people don’t LOL. DAYS to me….I’m just not feeling it. DAYS to me is not longer recognizable. I feel everything is so out of place on DAYS. Hopefully that will change by the time Carlivati rolls around. FINGERS CROSSED!

    • Michelle

      How is Bold getting back to its heyday? The writing on that show is horrendous. Yes, their ratings did go up a little from the week before but their ratings have been going down over the last couple of months. I see cancellation in their future if Brad Bell can’t turn things around.


    Why do YR fans not give JFP/Pratt credit for their huge ratings? Their ratings were fantastic and 600000 to a million higher then Sallys. Why do u think they had monster ratings?

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Mal has been a huge failure for Y&R.

      • Salem Spectator

        Mal is full of Malarkey and is Maladjusted and his Y&R work is Malpractice! He should go before Sally Scissorhands!

        • Smooth Sally

          You are a total moron.

          • Salem Spectator

            Stick to the topic of the ratings, writers and show runners. Any attacks on other posters should be prohibited.

          • Smooth Sally

            I did not attack you. I stated a fact.

        • padange

          I don’t think lower ratings are Mal’s fault. I think the stories aren’t working, the ratings are down which means the budget was (or will) be cut. It’s difficult to maintain high production level. What can he do? A lot depends on the writing IMO.

    • padange

      I think people dislike them because of what they did to other shows. IMO their tenure worked well for Y&R (at least from ratings perspective), though.

  • Elle L

    Hmm, what happened (or didn’t happen) on GH last week? The only soap to lose viewers. All other 3 soaps gained by 6 figures. Also, GH ratings were notably lower in last week’s rankings because part of their Friday episode 2 weeks ago (I think) was interrupted by new briefings. So, they should have at least gained that audience back. Instead, they lost more. Although the year-to-year losses are big for all soaps, at least Y&R/B&B/Days all had good weeks. The problem is that these soaps can never hold onto their gains. :/

  • Salem Spectator

    Angelica, the CBS cupcake lady, is in danger of losing her big fat assortment of benefits! She has dropped the ball!

  • Salem Spectator

    Congrats to DOOL and Y&R for gaining in every category and B&B for gaining in almost every category, but all the soaps need to strive for greatness in order to have a chance to make it to 2020!

    I hope Ron Carlivati gives DOOL fans what they’re looking for.
    Mal is bad for Y&R, but Sally may be turning things around.
    Many people are upset that B&B isn’t focusing on the Avant family and relying to heavily on endless triangles.
    GH has many Sonny fans, but most viewers might wish him and the mafia gone.

    • Salem Idiot

      You’re so full of garbage Salem. Go away!

    • ctshar

      Agree completely on B&B. I do think Sonny would work in ensemble and not as this saint sonny stupidity, but you’re absolutely ratings prove that sonny and franco/liz don’t boost ratings. GH has trash head writers, so either way, they need to go!

  • B&B is a mess with it’s 30th and efforts at ‘retro’ with the revamped former opening and Sally Jr.
    Bold, after 30 years, has finally found its niche with the soaps focus on the next-generation and stylized opulence.
    It was Gossip Girl meets Game of Thrones with Quinn as quintessential kingmaker may it be at Forrester or within her son’s bedroom.
    I hope they dump Sally and Co and then recast Hope, bring back Oliver and give Maya something to do.

    As for Y&R: HELP! Sally and Kay seem unable to see past the Abbot kitchen table. I like that history is referred to often but the show is dull!
    Adam needs to return and Sally needs Hogan Sheffer as a writing partner. I know that he is disliked by many long time viewers but HS is one of the few consistently solid writers out there capable of big umbrella stories to unite the canvas as he proved with ATWT. Also, his vision feels modern while Sally is trapped in 1989.

    • JayTN

      I actually prefer the “new” B&B opening to the one it replaced. That opening had grown stale and, quite frankly, seemed to try and make B&B have a “primetime” feel to it.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      I have hated Hogan Sheffer as a writer since he left ATWT. His writing at Days was very boring — worse than anything at Y&R currently. And I didn’t really feel he brought much to the table during his co-stint at Y&R before. I think he falls into that category of inconsistent writers who brought magic to one show but couldn’t follow it up at others. Harding Lemay was magic at Another World but never achieved any success at other shows. Carlivati was the same with OLTL but his GH was all over the place. I think Sheffer was magic at ATWT but has been a failure since that.

    • Dianne

      Unfortunately, Oliver will only be known for the Wall Boink.
      Another BB character that had potential – wasted. I could write a novel like post on all of BB’s wasted characters. I don’t think he was even on when Ally was killed, was he?
      Ironic that you say Sally is trapped in 1989 since that was when Generations premiered. I still miss that show.

  • ctshar

    B&B is way too boring and simply should have slowly introduced sally and her sister into the landscape, I like both actresses, but stealing designs is just boring and not worth watching.

    GH is two head writers who hate their own gender and have no ability to write, who write stories filled with plot holes that barely move. The anna/valentin and nelle stories literally make no sense, and yet dragged on for months. No sense, who writes such garbage? Who lets them do it?

  • JayTN

    Some other daytime ratings numbers…

    The View – 2.76 million viewers
    The Talk – 2.50 million viewers

    Those numbers for “The View” are the lowest in quite some time. Back in January, “The View” was averaging over 3 million viewers per week, but has cooled off somewhat, with viewership in the 2.6 to 2.7 million neighborhood now. However, those numbers are similar to where “The View” was back in September at the beginning of the 2016-17 season.

    “The Talk” has also had two of its least watched weeks over the past two weeks (2.48 million viewers the week before). The best week for “The Talk” this season was the abbreviated New Year’s week when it had 2.91 million viewers and had been averaging 2.7 or 2.8 million viewers before being sidelined for the NCAA Basketball tournament in March. These recent numbers, unlike “The View”, are below where the series was back at the beginning of the season when it was averaging 2.6 to 2.7 million viewers.

    CBS has not released any ratings information on game shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” since last November, while ABC hasn’t put out any ratings information on “The Chew” since January 2016, roughly 15 months ago.

  • cab

    Three of the actors currently on Days are leaving. Vincent as Diemos is leaving and going to GH. Never cared for him as an actor. His pot belly and big nose show that he has done nothing while he was not working. Eduardo leaving is saddening to me. They should have told him to shave his little grey beard and start to add sex appeal to his character. But, he too never brought anything to the show. He was huge at Santa Barbara but that show did not last for a reason. Adreinne Zucker for one is a big lost for Days. Somehow I see her returning to Days when she finds out she can not make it in other projects outside of Days. Wishing all these 3 the best, but how many other soap stars have made it big?

    • truth

      “his pot belly and big nose show that he has done nothing while he was not working”..wtf.. i genuinely ask : what does that mean ?!

      • cab

        It means he had too much time on his hands with not being able to work on anything. He was hired on Days, and as soon as another soap(GH), seen an opportunity, lured him away from Days. He has every right to pick where he works, but Days brought him back from nowhere.

    • Pierpaolo Dongiovanni

      SB was and still is the best show ever. It was a huge hit all around the world.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Terrible writing on Y&R last week. Chloe leaves Bella behind? Didn’t she want a child so desperately after losing Delia? And after Chloe clocked Chelsea with the lamp, she hung around long enough to write Kevin a note? Really? Sussman is a worse writer than Pratt. Really. It’s all plot, plot, plot.

    • jonboy

      Oh for cripe’s sake….IT’S A SOAP OPERA! People come back from the dead! People age from 5 to 25 in three years! People have deathly diseases and always survive! Get frozen & unfrozen! Have plastic surgery making them into a whole new person. And you’re worried about minor details? Seriously? Go watch a talk show.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Gee, maybe that’s why soap operas are dying. Stupid writing and writers such as Sally at Y&R.

      • TruthSquad

        Don’t even bother with this troll. He is on here to drive people nuts and repeat the same nonsense again and again. Meanwhile the troll manages to watch everyday.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          Gurl can’t handle the truth. LOL

  • TV&MovieBuff

    I’ve been binge watching more of prime time serial type shows that the daytime soaps are trying so hard to emulate but failing miserably to do so. I love binge watching full seasons on Hulu and Netflix, but I am finding out a couple of things.

    For one, daytime soap fans complain about stories going on too long and that being why ratings are failing. Hawaii 5-O on CBS is not really a serial but I am in season 4 of watching it and from day 1 there has been 1 story that has been going on that has still not fully been solved. Little bits and pieces are being uncovered from time to time. Why daytime soaps are following this pattern I do not know. Have short stories going on, but keep some long term stories going that will keep people tuning in for the drama, suspense and waiting to find out when said secret is going to be revealed or mystery solved. Fans of Hawaii 5-O don’t seem to have minded waiting for this story to fully unfold.

    Daytime soaps are emulating the shock stories of plane crashes, bombings, serial killers, etc. — stories similar to those on the shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. Not zombie stories or medieval stories but stories more revolved around action or shock. What they don’t get is what makes those stories work on Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and those type shows is the characters #1. They fit for those characters and the characters are fleshed out and defined. On the daytime soaps today they come up with the plot and say okay lets give this plot to this character. Someone says well it doesn’t really fit that character. Well that’s who the audience wants to see so let’s make the character fit the plot instead of the plot fit the character.

    #2 with the stories on those shows there is true risk to the characters on those shows. The shows I have been watching and hooked on they have proven that they are not afraid to kill off even the most popular character. It leaves you worried and on the edge of your seat with the stories. The cliffhangers mean so much more. They also add suspense to the plot. I think I mentioned this before, but Alfred Hitchcock once described suspense as knowing that someone is going to get killed but not knowing when it is going to happen. You see the knife, the gun, the person behind the door, etc. Just waiting….waiting….waiting…for it to happen.

    Most of the time when the soaps do these bombings, serial killer stories, building collapses, they kill off maybe a minor character who’s been there a few months, but the rest are usually day players, extras, etc. Folks the viewers don’t even care about. The few times major players have been killed off as part of one of these stories daytime soap fans have thrown one more hissy fit and call it cruel or totally wrong.

    Soap opera writers of old when the ratings were strong and good stood by their choices, but the writers of modern day soaps don’t. Three of the most popular characters in the 50s and 60s were killed off their shows. Fans did complain, but the writers refused to change their decision. One of them simply stated that death is part of life and something that all must deal with.

    The 4 soaps left can’t continue on the same path they are on now if they want to survive. They have got to make some changes. Fans keep saying they want this and this or more of the same, but what the soaps have been doing isn’t working. More and more viewers are leaving every year. They can’t stay on the same path. They have got to make changes if they ever want to attract any new viewers at all.

    • truth

      Thanks for the lecture..eyeroll ps: by the way all you said had already been said ad nauseam..

    • TruthSquad

      I agree with most everything you said.As someone who watches Homeland, Game of Thrones and all the epic primetime shows, I tune in to daytime soaps for the slow moving mellow drama and the love of the characters we have gotten to know so well over the years.I agree they should kill off a big character every now and again too. It creates more intrigue.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        Well in daytime soaps I prefer the good old fashioned character driven drama stories unless it was a show like Dark Shadows or The Edge of Night that specialized in crime type stories or the supernatural. I actually preferred the psycho-sexual type stories that Bell and others used to tell on soaps. My point was basically that modern day soap fans don’t really want that anymore and the powers that be don’t want that anymore — they want the big dramatic stories with supernatural or out there elements, returns from the dead, super villains, shock stories, etc. But they fail to realize that those type of stories have got to have some kind of dramatic impact to be effective. Viewers just lose interest when there isn’t. Just my opinion of course.