James Nigbor Out as ‘General Hospital’s’ Jake


is out as Elizabeth () and Jason’s () son Jake on “.” The 9-year-old made his final appearance on Monday, February 29, 2016. The role is reportedly being recast.

The young actor’s mother, Karolyn, broke the news on Twitter, posting a photo tribute of her son over the years on the ABC soap along with a thank you message to “GH” fans. “This is for my son James. You will always be our Liason baby. Thank you to all the fans for loving my boy,” she tweeted.

When fans began questioning exactly what the post meant, Nigbor’s mother wrote, “I’m sorry but he has been recasted :(. Thanks for all your love and support.” Later, she added, “But we feel truly blessed to have been a part of GH and for him to have had this opportunity.”

Nigbor began portraying Jake as a young boy in 2007, until the character was “killed off” via a hit-and-run car accident in 2011. The explosive story had his grandfather Luke () driving drunk when he struck the child. In 2015, however, the character miraculously resurfaced. It was explained that Helena () had actually staged the accident and had been holding Jake hostage.

Upon returning home to his mother, Jake began acting out; particularly against Sam who he blamed for keeping his parents, Elizabeth and Jason, apart. Following a confrontation with Sam, in which she fell down Elizabeth’s basement stairs and was rendered unconscious, Jake ran off and was hit by a car. When the character was last seen, he had undergone surgery at Shriner’s Children Hospital and was about to head home.

To date, “General Hospital” has yet to confirm Nigbor’s exit, nor release any information about who will be taking over the role of Jake. In the interim, his TV mom, Rebecca Herbst, remains in contract negotiations with “GH” after having reportedly turned down an initial offer from the show.

No matter what ultimately happens with Herbst’s contract and Elizabeth, Jake remains an integral part of “GH,” considering his father Jason is a major character on the soap.

  • He was awful.

    • Suzanne

      Cute kid but I

    • Suzanne

      Cute kid but I totally agree. He was a terrible actor. Especially when you compare him to the other kids in GH.

      • missmocha15

        Very robotic and showed hardly any emotion. Don’t know if it was bad acting or had something to do with Helena having him captured all those years. Anyways if they are going to recast/SORAS anymore kids it needs to be Liz’s eldest son Cameron, because he should be Molly and TJ’s age considering he was born onscreen in 2004 about a year before Molly was. They should also SORAS Nicholas’s son Spencer as a teenager as well. If Becky’s contract negotiations work out and she stays as Liz, I think that would be a great s/l for her dealing with a teenaged son and would give her something different instead of just focusing on Jason all the time. Hopefully with summer coming up they may look into that. It would be a good way to attract younger viewers too.

  • Mary Annalora McGrath

    Yes, he was a horrible actor….is the decision to recast GHs or did his family decide to have him leave the show? Honestly, I could not stand to watch the scenes he was in because he was so bad.. Hopefully GH will give Rebecca a decent contract so she stays on as Elizabeth!!!

  • Nina Stout

    Oh my gosh how can people say he was a terrible actor!?
    I thought he was a great little actor! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will truly miss him if he goes. Good luck to you little man and make those people eat their words. May you go far in whatever you do.

  • Lovetheshow

    I didn’t think that James is a terrible actor. Of course he didn’t show any emotion- he had been held captive on Casadine Island by Helena for 3 years, for God’s sake! I think that he played a perfect little demon when acting out for his dad Jason going back to Sam. And when he was in the hospital, I think he did a terrific job playing like he was really hurt. It is sad that they are replacing him because he has always been Jake!!

    • Kenny Stevens

      Hey… he was, after all, “Stone Cold II”!!

  • Kat Coelho

    I feel badly for James getting fired in the respect that he is a child and I am sure his feelings are hurt. It’s a tough business, but he is, in fact, a terrible actor. He shows no expression; facial or verbal; and he never looked as if he even wanted to be there. It’s okay to feel badly that a child got fired, but his lack of acting abilities had NOTHING to do with being held captive by Helena for 3 years. His parents should stop trying to force him into this line of work and learn that some people are talented; others are not. James, unfortunately, is not.

    • Anwenn

      I think he is young and just not interested in the business and his lack of focus shows on-screen. When he gets older he may decide to give it a try. I think it was more lack of interest than lack of talent.

      • Kat Coelho

        Yeah, perhaps. I didn’t look at it that way.

  • Cynthia A Samayoa Michaud

    Jame’s played his role perfectly that it just natural to him so natural that it’s very believable. I was overjoyed when his character was brought back I can’t believe that they recasted him, Are you nuts his character fit him to a “T”. Bring back James. Why or even what were you thinking, obviously you weren’t. Bad judgment call in letting him go. Jame’s I’ve enjoyed watching you from day 1, you have talent, for being so young you could see you enjoyed your line of work. You will truly be missed