Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

” has set off for locations like Paris, Abu Dhabi, Monaco and many parts of Southern California, making it quite the globe trotting soap opera. And that has left many CBS Daytime fans wondering if its sister soap, “,” will follow suit and take some of its characters out of Genoa City and around the world. We spoke with network execs to find out!

“B&B” fans have had the chance of following the show’s most pivotal characters to many places in the world, which would normally be an expensive feat for a daytime show to accomplish. But, seeing as how the sudser is international — and therefore popular and well-known in many parts of the world — it’s a bit easier for it to take its cameras elsewhere. “’Bold’ definitely is in a league of its own when it comes to the location scouts,” states , Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime. “The great thing about ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is that it’s the most watched serial in the world — not soap, not daytime show, but serial — all over the world. And it’s mostly a primetime show. So the great thing is that they have these connections with the countries, and they’re able to work with the departments of tourism or whatnot to make it more financially feasible.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Throw into the mix the ingenuity of “B&B’s” executive producer and headwriter, , and you’ve got a winning combo. “The cast was in France for the Golden Nymph awards, so whenever they travel, I basically grab a director, a producer and a local crew, and we shoot,” he explains of the show’s location shoots. “So the cost really is covered by the events that they’re a part of, so it’s almost the same as shooting in our studio; we found a cost effective formula of shooting around the world, and it’s so much fun.”

But what about “The Young and the Restless?” Could “B&B” serve as a model for it to emulate? McDaniel says maybe so! “’The Bold and the Beautiful’ has advantages [like its ability to work with tourism departments to make location shoots more cost effective]… so it’s a little harder for ‘The Young and the Restless’ to pull off,” she says. “But we’re hoping to start pushing ourselves in that way.”

  • Bexx

    Gosh I really hope they can make it happen.

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m glad that Y&R might be doing location shoots but they don’t have emulate B&B.Y&R could do location shoots in the US to begin with and go from there

    • Jan

      I just hope they don’t do what other soaps have done. They all always go to Hawaii, France or Italy. I’d like to Y&R go some different places, like Niagra Falls, England, Ireland, Greece. I have to admit I am enjoying the exteriors they are showing of the GC sites.

  • Fox

    I believe what Bell is saying is that he’s found away to pay for location shoots as business expense write-offs on Bell-Phillip Television’s corporate taxes .. lol! .. Anyway, maybe SONY should send a half-dozen Y&R actors to the company’s next corporate board meeting in Tokyo, so they can have lunch with Mr. Hirai and call it a staff meeting.

  • Amy

    Bring back Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Maybe The Young and the Restless can make a movie about itself. That would be an interesting movie… more interesting than what the poor actors are having to pronounce right now. Mrs. Chancellor, you are so missed.

    • Jan

      I can not imagine MM coming back to YR. If they fired you in the ugly way they fired him, would you be predisposed to coming back & working for them? I sure wouldn’t.

  • Rosaetta

    Improve stories some romance and less secrets.

  • Rosaetta

    Don’t make Stitch a killer. Have Billy stop being so selfish.

  • Rosaetta

    Bring back Ashley and Tucker. New romances for Abby and Tracey. Have Phyllis wake up and steal Jack from Kelly. She’s awful anyway. Throwing your own brother under the bus because of a romance.

    • Jan

      ITA about Jack, Kelley and Phyllis. And I would love to see Tucker come back, especially if he’s played by Stephen Nichols, but they can leave Ashley in NYC. Never was on of my favs. JS

      • sands of time

        You may like the actress that plays Ashley (Eileen Davidson) in her role as Kristen on Days of our Lives. Kristen will first be seen on Monday the 28th of July this time around! Kristen is a great character!!!

  • Joel

    I would love to see more locations shoots for Y&R, I think the last shoot was Paris back in 2008, or New Orleans around 2010/2011. So it’s been a while. It would be great to see more on-locations from the show.

  • Gailstorm

    Would like to see more of Leslie and her hunky husband