INSIDER: ‘Don’t Blame NATAS For Daytime Emmy Debacle’


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

“I don’t know who any of these people are”

SJ2 Entertainment and MWW, Inc.
MWW, Inc.

One week ago today, (NATAS) presented “” live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, which aired exclusively on the internet for the first time.

SJ2Entertainment and MWW, Inc.
MWW, Inc.

One week later, amidst drama surrounding the mess that was the social media/red carpet portion of the telecast, the daytime community and fans alike are still demanding an apology from the organization for hiring a group of women who didn’t know a single person they were interviewing as they told “’s Ryan Paevey (Nathan West), “We’re going to get you away from us before we rape you” and told “’s” Lawrence Saint-Vincent (Carter Walton) he was a “beautiful chocolate man” before casually asking him, “What’s it like to be a black man on a soap these days?” But an insider tells Soap Opera Network, “NATAS didn’t hire the red carpet hosts, MWW and HERE TV producers did!”

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You’ll recall that we first reported a casting call was issued earlier this month, where the producers of the social media/red carpet portion (MWW and Here Media) of the Daytime Emmys were looking for “millennials between the ages of 18-35, all ethnicities, who have a strong entertainment news background and/or very strong social media following (300,000 followers minimum).” On Wednesday, June 18, it was announced that they had selected four renowned social media experts — Vine star , style vlogger , beauty vlogger , style and beauty vlogger — to host the social media/red carpet aspect prior to Emmy telecast host taking daytime on for a ride of humor soon afterward. It turns out, however, that per our insider, the producers of this year’s red carpet did not always keep NATAS abreast on their decision making including the hiring of the socially aware women. “Key staff members of NATAS were not always consulted by the producers with some of the decisions that were made, primarily the hiring of the red carpet hosts,” says the insider of how things went down. By keeping these NATAS individuals out of the loop, they [MWW and HERE TV producers] essentially were running the show.

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Since the now infamous social media/red carpet incident, a mere 135,000 online streams of “The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” have been played, which includes the red carpet pre-show and the ceremony itself, according to current Livestream data. This despite producers planning to reach a potential global audience of millions of online viewers following a failure to secure a broadcast or cable network to air the annual kudocast. Maybe that’s a good thing? After all, the socially aware were only paid $1,000 each for 12 hours of work.

NATAS and the social media/red carpet producers have yet to issue a comment.

In case you missed it, watch the full social media/red carpet mess as it happened and the Awards show itself below:

Or if you prefer to watch things in portions, you can either watch the red carpet by itself and the Emmys separately below:



  • Katie

    I would re stream the emmys if it weren’t for the fact that you have to watch both the red carpet and the emmys all at once. Why can’t we just choose to watch the show itself, by itself?

    • soapoperanetwork

      We’ve updated the post to give readers/viewers an opportunity to select their preferred method of watching the Daytime Emmy Awards. I hope you find this useful.

  • Sally VanDyke

    Excuses, excuses. The fact that NATAS didn’t keep control of the entire show speaks volumns.

  • DaytimeIsDying

    “the Daytime Emmys were looking for “millennials between the ages of 18-35, all ethnicities”. Well therein lies one of the major problems–a bunch of dumb azz, entitled white women, not a minority or a man in sight!” What did the NATAS think this was–Daytime? Own it NATAS!

    • rachybaby

      What does them being only white have to do with anything? White people don’t watch soaps? And btw, I’m black…

      Or is that sarcasm??

  • RedRiver38

    Those audience numbers are horrendous. I can’t imagine this being on TV next year either. The whole evening was horrible. NATAS screwed up and they should just admit it.

  • Cyberologist

    Well I certainly don’t blame NATAS from distancing themselves from this horror. I don’t care who they are pointing fingers at whose event was this? Do they sponsor it? Then they are accountable…the fact that that these 4 bimbos didn’t know where the hell they were at (duh, what am I doing here)?

    But the lack of diversity was a complete turn off for me. I didn’t even bother to finish watching it….you trying to get a new audience but this red carpet looked dated, and downright insulting. The producers highlighted four white women? Really?

  • Andrew Hass

    NATAS probably had no say about the red carpet hosts.They may have had control over the Emmy show itself but nothing else.However they could say they should have kept a closer eye on things even if they had no say.

  • KansasGuest

    The saddest information about the Daytime Emmys in this report was not that these 4 bubbleheads did pathetic red carpet interviews. Its that less than 140,000 cared about the awards to stream it live. That number right there explains why no broadcast or cable network will air it in the foreseeable future. There can be hundreds of comments demanding for the awards to be shown live. But, hundreds of additional viewers would still make the numbers pathetic (less than 150,000).

  • Xanna Don’t

    Malarkey. It’s still their baby. I will and do blame NATAS. They dragged their heels on what they were going to do. There were other offers…

  • MKizzle

    This was ridiculous and an embarrassment to watch. I could not believe they had not a clue who they were talking to as they interviewed people. They were complete media whores, pimping themselves out trying to be noticed and put all the attention on them and not the actual nominees. I was upset that they decided to live stream and not air the Emmys on television. They didn’t even do an “In Memoriam” unless I was peeing and missed it because with live streaming you didn’t get commercial breaks. My mother has internet but doesn’t understand the concept of live streaming. I live in another state and tried to help her but alas she didn’t get to watch the Emmys. I told her it was not worth her time. This “broadcast” felt like a slap to the face of anyone who loves, supports, and enjoys daytime television. This Emmys was a dance on the graves of those whose backs this industry was built upon — completely and utterly disrespectful.

  • cattyfan

    TPTB hired amateurs who then acted like…amateurs. They didn’t bother to do any prep work at all. Professionals (even those in tiny markets) normally learn at least a minimum of facts about those who they intend to interview.

    Someone deserves a good firing over this debacle.

  • Nick D.

    Sorry NATAS – not good enough. We want a REAL apology. It’s your job to stay in the loop when it’s your show. That’s like a general contractor blaming a subcontractor for shoddy workmanship. No, the buck must stop at the top.

  • Cassie Hicks

    This is horrible- I think the representatives of the MWW and Here TV should apologize for what they’ve done a week ago, before it’s too late.