‘B&B’ To Film Episodes in Paris, France

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

To coincide with its 25th year broadcasting in France on Thursday, June 12 (airing on France 2), CBS’ “” announced today plans to film on location in the French capital of Paris next week.

“‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is long overdue for a rendezvous with the world-renowned romance of Paris, France. Forrester Creations has always had its international office in Paris, and now we’re going to take our cameras in for a closer look. We will show you Paris as you’ve never seen it before,” said Executive Producer and Head Writer, during a press conference in Monte Carlo, where the series is celebrating its ninth consecutive nomination for the Monte Carlo Television Festival’s International TV Audience Awards. The awards honors programs that garnered the highest number of viewers worldwide in 2013 across five continents. “B&B” is nominated in the “Telenovela/Soap Opera” category.

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Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

(Hope Logan), (Liam Spencer) and (Wyatt Spencer) will be joined by the show’s newest cast member, (Ivy Forrester), as they begin filming a three-day multi-episode location shoot in Paris on Wednesday, June 11, which will begin airing on Wednesday, August 6 and running through Thursday, August 14 on CBS. Viewers in France will see the episodes sometime in 2016.

Nominees for the TV Audience Awards were pre-selected among the 15 best-performing foreign fiction programs in 66 countries. The winners will be revealed at the 54th Golden Nymph Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, June 11, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, and Bell will be in attendance.

“B&B” is broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide with an estimated daily audience of 35 million.

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    the BB is so impressive these days. While YR cuts back and gets cheaper looking their pretty sister soap gets more lavish and better. BB is the true Bell soap and it shows.

    • Carrie Wendel

      Yeah. I agree. Plus Y&R is too angsty. I wish Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan would go to B&B as Adam and Chelsea.

  • Andrew Hass

    Since B&B just did taping in Abu Dhabi and is currently taping in Monaco i think it makes sense they tape in Paris too while they are over there.Plus i’m wondering since there’s supposed to be a wedding taped on the Monaco location shoot if the happy couple goes to Paris for the honeymoon or something.

    • ROBNYC

      One things for sure, they are paying attention to their international audience. with 35 million viewers worldwide, does CBS get any benefit from that other than prestige?

  • juju

    It is really weird the total difference in money (which can give all these very expensive locations to B&B) between B&B and the other soaps..except maybe Y&R who had also been in location in Paris few years ago..still the difference is quite unbelievable..when you see Days..who looks like an cheap highschool play from middle america..ick..

    • ROBNYC

      I like Days but you are right that it often resembles a high school play, though YR is looking a little cheap too lately. BB as far as I’m concerned is the last show that hasn’t been butchered by a series of bad EP’s, lost ratings and then never recovered. YR is fast approaching that status, Days reminds me of a haggard old Procter and Gamble soap and GH may be showing some sign of new life but I will not get my hopes up.

    • Andrew Hass

      B&B is owned and produced by the Bell family.So they might be happy using their money to help their show.GH is owned and produced by ABC and has a budget to follow.Y&R and DOOL are produced by Sony and they may have budgets too.Now back to B&B location shoots are great but can they back it up with good stories?

      • Jmackie

        I think all the location shoots are great,too, but wouldn’t it be great if the bell family hired mm to play adam on b&b?

        • Andrew Hass

          The character of Adam belongs to Y&R.So if B&B wanted to use the character they would have to get Y&R’s permission and i don’t see that happening.

    • sands of time

      I’m from middle america. I love DAYS. If I wanted to see scenery, I would take more trips and/or watch the travel channel. Personally, I’m outside in the goog, clean, fresh air. I watch DAYS for the characters and stories-stories that matter most.

      B&B needs the scenery because most of it’s actors and storylines are terrible! I laughed when I saw KKL’s emmy nominated performance. The ONLY thing good about it was the scenery.

      DAYS has mind, body and soul. DAYS has heart! B&B is about incest…ICK!!!

  • kungfuwomn

    Hope the new girl and wyatt hook up now that hope dumped him unless it was liams day dreaming cuz hope is getting on my nerves liams annoying me,

    • Carole Young

      OMG. I AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!