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Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

, who manages several daytime soap stars past and present, including Amelia Heinle, who portrays Victoria Newman on “,” appeared on the Thursday, May 29 edition of the  (“,” “”) and (“,” “The Bay”) hosted radio show “Soap Box with Lilly and Martha” to discuss several soap related topics. One of which was the recent news of being let go from “Y&R” as Billy Abbott and being replaced by daytime newcomer .

When asked by Madison if he was surprised that Tom was surprised about being let go, the well known manager commented that there was chatter behind the scenes among several individuals at “Y&R” before Tom even learned his role was being recast. This in spite of the fact that the actor recently stated in an upcoming CBS Soaps In Depth interview, “As far as I knew, nobody knew about this. Not even the cast.”

Bruno noted, “There’s a lot of stuff behind the scenes which goes on that you’d actually be surprised that people don’t know.” He added, “You kind of are like, ‘This is happening, everyone else knows,’ and here’s an example of someone where I knew this was happening, I don’t represent him, and this is a person who’s going to work everyday… and talk about out of line, you kind of go, ‘Shouldn’t he be the first one to know before everyone else knows?’ And this is not the first time.”

When Madison referred to Twitter as being a source of chatter of late when it comes to matters such as these, Bruno says, “I just think there’s protocol. I’ve found it’s in very bad taste that one person knew before him yet alone 17. They try to hide it sometimes with the breakdowns, but everybody in the know knew that it was [ex-Adam Newman] and [ex-Billy Abbott] the last time in November, but apparently the same thing [happened then where] Michael had no idea.”

For more from Bruno and his appearance on the Soap Box, which included an appearance by (“DAYS,” “GH”), an actress he also represents, make sure to watch the full episode by clicking here.

  • Maddy

    Wow. Poor David Tom. He’s better off not being in that toxic environment.

    • FireJFP!

      He looks too young for Victoria! Victoria has to be late 40s, she was married to Brad and dated Neil, but Billy was her boy toy and she is a MILF, so why are they trying to change the Billy character now? If age is the problem, maybe they should DeSoras Victoria and cast younger? Tom wasn’t for Kelly but much OLDER brother Jack anyways. Why would they hire an old woman to play Kelly if she had been? Put Victoria with Jack–that works!

      • New Ol’Lady

        Ouch. Soap opera mother and daughter marry the same guy (Jack)? Guess that’s happened before, but the thought of it makes me cringe.

        • BSB__CANADA

          Bruno represents Amelia Heinle? Well no WONDER he knew David was on the outs. That twit was probably complaining about him from day 1. She was exhibiting such unprofessionalism on Twitter. She should be canned.

      • Jack’s Mom

        The character of Victoria was born in 1982, so she should be 32. Amelia is 41.

        • Sammie Jo

          True, but they aged so much and she was already grown when Billy was with the GLO group, so, she has to have at least 15-20 years on him. I hate when they do that super aging, it just takes any sense of believability out of the picture.
          Victor should be 100 by now, Nikki, 80, Jack 65+, Lauren, she should be hitting 70, and they’re all running around like they’re 25. lol

  • Andrew Hass

    The show had the right to fire David Tom if they wanted to but i do think they owed it to him that he finds out from them first and not from rumors or twitter.Plus i don’t think the show hired the new actor overnight.There were probably at least a couple of weeks of auditioning

  • grumpyhillbilly

    YR sounds like a hideous backstabbing place to work. Hope it pays well!

    • sands of time

      That’s the biggest backstabbing “family” that I know!

    • RedRiver38

      Y&R has had a toxic backstage for years, but Phelps has added a real tone of nastiness. She manipulates the situation. I think she actually enjoys the destruction she creates or she wouldn’t continue to do it. Her treatment of Ana Lee on GH is disgraceful. She shouldn’t have been allowed back in the business after that horrific conduct. Why Sony & CBS let her in at Y&R is beyond reason. There were plenty of other people capable of guiding Y&R back on course in the wake of MAB’s disaster.

      David Tom is just another number in her body count.

  • Bexx

    The fans knew he wasn’t going to last, and none of us work for CBS. The complaints about him were to loud to ignore. These weren’t fans whining about their missing heartthrob, or threatening to boycott, these were everyday loyal viewers who didn’t think he was a fit for a role. It’s a shame because I think he deserved more time to adjust.

  • JayTN

    Since Michael Bruno doesn’t represent David Tom, isn’t he just going by what has been reported in the press or his own contacts? Has he spoken to David Tom? Has he spoken any executive at Y&R? If not, is he really an authority on the situation?
    Social media is so prevalent that it may be impossible for an actor not to be the first to know of his or her departure (President Obama seems to learn about most of the scandals in his administration from cable news first). You’re always going to have these Walter Winchell wanna-be’s who want to be the first to “break” a story or a scandal. Their job is so much easier with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    • Bexx

      Well said.

  • Jack’s Mom

    Wait, did DT not know he sucked or did he not know he was being fired?

    • Sammie Jo

      He didn’t know he sucked so therefore he didn’t know he was being fired. lol
      Every time he choked out a line, it was like he was constipated.

      • Jack’s Mom

        That’s hilarious. How could he not know he sucked? Did he not read his twitter feed? I did my best to tell him. Like everyday. Other than #DudeYouSuck, not sure how we could have made it clearer to him.

        • Frank Garrett

          You must have no life.

        • Sammie Jo

          I know, I don’t even do twitter and everywhere I went people were giving him the same message. lol

        • Sunny Daydream

          So because you ( just some random person among millions) very rudely told him he “sucked” every day, he shouldn’t be surprised he was fired?! Are you serious?!

        • CLN

          You are so incredibly rude. For your information, he is a great actor.

  • JFP Sucks!

    Cady McClain’s Kelly looks like Cynthia Watros’ mother and AH’s Victoria looks old too! AH should–Victoria dated Neil for God’s sake (Vikki could have been Lily’s MOTHER)! Both AH and CM look older than sharon case–don’t blame that on David Tom. The NuNuBilly looks 50 and even though that is Victoria’s age, who wants more old people on Y&R? Billy Abbott should remain younger than VIctoria and David Tom and his baby face was needed on Y&R! The absence of reference to AH in Tom’s interview makes it clear–he looked way too young for Amilie H!

    • Jack’s Mom

      If the ever combed AH’s hair, maybe she wouldn’t look 70.

    • Topazz

      I’m so upset with Y & R replacing Billy Abbott once again. I loved Billy Miller. Got used to David Tom but I DO NOT like this new Billy at all!!!!! 🙁