Pacing For Best Season In Seven Years, ‘General Hospital’ Reaches Largest Audience In Nearly Six Years


Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ Television Group

During the week of November 25 through 29, 2013, ABC’s “” reached its largest audience in nearly six years (since week of January 21, 2008), when 3.3 million viewers tuned into the happenings of Port Charles. The soap is currently pacing for its best season in seven years in total viewers (since the 2006-2007 television season). In addition to an increase in viewers, the daytime sap reached an over 2-and-a-half-year high in Women 25-54 (1.04 million/1.7 rating) and an over 2-year high in Women 18-49 (774,000/1.2 rating) – since weeks of 3/21/11 and 8/15/11, respectively – to rank a strong #2 for the week in the key female sales demos.

Per ABC,  “GH” posted the largest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama in Total Viewers (+20% – 3.30 million vs. 2.75 million), Women 18-49 (+21% – 774,000 vs. 641,000) and Women 25-54 (+25% – 1.04 million vs. 833,000).

“GH” aired original episodes on Monday, November 25 through Wednesday, November 27. An encore aired on Thursday, November 28, while the soap was preempted on Friday, November 29. The encore airing did not count in the weekly average.

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” Delivers Milestone 3 Million Total Viewers,
Powered by Wednesday’s Thanksgiving-Eve Series High

“General Hospital” Soars to Near 6-Year High in Total Viewers
and Over 2-Year High in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54,
Pacing for its Best Season in Seven Years in Total Viewers

“The Chew”:

The go-to show for holiday recipes, “The Chew” soared to another weekly high in Total Viewers (3.09 million) – crossing the 3-million mark for the first time ever – with the past five weeks ranking among the show’s Top 6 weeks of all time.

In addition, “The Chew” delivered its #2 week on record in Women 25-54 (737,000/1.2 rating) and its #4 week to date in Women 18-49 (569,000/0.9 rating), posting the largest year-to-year increases of any broadcast program in daytime in the target women demos.

• Wednesday’s Thanksgiving-eve telecast, ‘The Chew’s Ultimate Thanksgiving,’ stood as the series’ #1 telecast of all time in Total Viewers (3.34 million).

• Year to year, “The Chew” soared by 27% in Total Viewers (3.09 million vs. 2.44 million), by 32% in Women 18-49 (569,000 vs. 431,000) and by 26% in Women 25-54 (737,000 vs. 583,000).

“General Hospital”:

With mystery surrounding whether Robin is alive, the continuing manhunt for Faison and the drama around Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding, “General Hospital” generated a near 6-year high in Total Viewers (3.30 million) – since week of 1/21/08 – tracking for its best season in 7 years – since the 2006/07 season.

Moreover, “General Hospital” recorded an over 2-and-a-half-year high in Women 25-54 (1.04 million/1.7 rating) and an over 2-year high in Women 18-49 (774,000/1.2 rating) – since weeks of 3/21/11 and 8/15/11, respectively – ranking a strong #2 for the week in the core women measures.

• “General Hospital” posted the largest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama in Total Viewers (+20% – 3.30 million vs. 2.75 million), Women 18-49 (+21% – 774,000 vs. 641,000) and Women 25-54 (+25% – 1.04 million vs. 833,000).

Source: NTI, U.S. , weeks of 11/25/13, Live + Same Day. Program rankings based on U.S. and include ties. Gapped/Breakout/Specials programming excluded.

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  • SoapFansTogether

    These are numbers – especially in the key sales demos – that CBS can now only dream of with “The Talk”.

    As The World Turns could be in the exact same position as GH now (“best season average since 2006/2007”), if smart investments and improvements had been made instead of driving all these enthusiastic and most loyal soap fans away.

    But with those cheap, crappy replacement shows, such numbers are simply out of reach!

    • sane soap fan

      If GH got these numbers every week that would be great. But the week before these great numbers GH had a down week.

      If you will look also at the numbers above that were reached by The Chew they prove once again how much you know. You have said The Chew never could get those numbers. But it has. And GH is not light years ahead of it as you have also said.

      The Chew is consistently hitting over 3 million now something that AMC or OLTL hadn’t done in many years before they were cancelled. And The Chew costs much less than both shows. The show is also up 32% in 18-49 from last year.

      But of course you actually quoting accurate and up to date numbers would defeat your sad agenda.

      • Over4tea

        We will never know how the cancelled soaps would have performed if they were left on the air and run properly by abc. They might have done better than your precious Chew. They might have made even higher year-to-year gains. You don’t sound like a soap fan. You sound like a soap hater. Are your first two initials “BS”, by any chance?

        • sane soap fan

          Oh yes pull out the old faithful with your type of soap fan. The only true soap fans are ones who can only see it your way and that way is we don’t know how the soaps would have done so we just choose to believe that they would have gone up no matter what. And that the networks can just keep pulling money out of the sky and keep the shows on whether they are making money or not. If it was left up to you we wouldn’t even have any networks left at all because they would all go bankrupt just so that you can keep your favorite shows no matter what it costs the networks and all TV viewers.

          Oh and if that one doesn’t work then obviously any soap fan that can just his head for more than a hat rack has to be working for the networks.

          You folks are the worse kind of soap fans possible. You don’t even see the damage that you do. Instead of being happy that the soaps are doing well, you have to turn every thread into a debate over the soaps that are gone. Whine whine whine and childish pettiness is all you know.

          Here we have good news for GH and no you have to continue your agenda. Why not focus on the good job GH has done and be happy for it..

          This is wonderful but you and your type just try to steal GH’s thunder to try to make yet another tiring point.

          • Over4tea

            I am happy for GH. The soaps weren’t sending abc into bankruptcy. You have a vivid imagination.

        • let the numbers speak

          You’re absolutely right. AMC and OLTL proved year after year that they can draw much better numbers than these crappy replacement shows. especially in the key sales demos. See my comment above on the lies and distortions that “insane soap basher” is trying to fool people with!

  • Yoryla

    Wonderful numbers! Go GH!!! 🙂

  • let the numbers speak

    @sane soap basher: Are you illiterate or being paid for spreading lies?

    As is also stated in the article, GH is having ts best season average since 2006/07 so far.

    Last season: Women 18-49 key sales demo

    General Hospital: 1.2 — The Chew: 0.7

    That speaks for itself!

    And it is an outright lie that your crappy “Chew” is “consistently hitting 3 million viewers”. As is stated in the press release above, they have hit 3 million viewers for the first time (!) in more than two years.

    AMC and OLTL hit 3 millions viewers (weekly average) countless times even during the last two years they were on air. And above all, they had much better numbers in the key demos, always around or above 1.0 in women 18-49!

    That’s what advertisers pay their dollars for – and they should demand that the networks give viewers in the key demos what they prefer by very significant margins: their soaps!