From Massey to Wilson: Actor Switch Dates Revealed for ‘DAYS’ Will Horton


Chris Haston/NBC (left); Howard Wise/JPI Studios (right)
Chris Haston/NBC (left); Howard Wise/JPI Studios (right)

The quick switcheroo from to in the role of “’” Will Horton is about to commence: As previously reported, Wilson’s first day as Sami’s () son will take place the first week in January, and an exact day has finally be revealed! Also revealed is when you’ll get your last glimpse at Massey in Salem.

Ben Cohen/NBC
Ben Cohen/NBC

Soap Opera Network has learned that Massey will exit his Emmy winning role on Thursday, January 2, 2014, while Wilson will make his onscreen debut on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.

“DAYS'” (EJ DiMera) shared his thoughts on the change with Soap Opera Network, where he said, “Obviously, Chandler leaving was a big upset, especially the way it happened.” He adds, “But I’m really glad that Guy is a part of the cast, and I can’t wait when everybody gets to see him play Will. The first moment I worked with him, I really, really liked him. He came to the set prepared, he knows his stuff, and he’s a good actor. He’s really enthusiastic about being a part of the show. And I couldn’t speak more highly of him. He really takes on that character very, very well, and it’s not an easy thing to do. He brings a lot to the table… and I’m excited for everybody to meet him.”

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  • Kay

    I am sad to see Chandler go but he was ready to move forward with his life and complete his education and broaden his horizons. I look forward to seeing Guy’s take on the role of Will Horton and hope the writers will continue to give the character exciting storylines as well as the relationship between Will and his bf Sonny Kiriakas. Excited to see how Will’s onscreen daughter ARI reacts to the change in actors as well.

  • Brady

    Yay the day this stupid show finally starts its decline when this bigoted jerk takes over the role and screws up Will Horton forever. Congrats days what a joke you are

  • Pat

    Yuk this is the new Will is this for real hope Sonny finally can leave him for someone better

  • Victoria

    From a stud to a dud guess the plan is to break the couple up for good wait for one or both to cheat

  • Brenda

    Exciting storylines haha this is days of our lives writers they wouldn’t have a clue to how keep it exciting so funny they cast this guy from nowhere probably to get themselves cancelled. Maybe Will go back to girls or Sonny ends up with an old bf or maybe its so bad they get rid of both

  • Andrew Hass

    I do wish Chandler had stayed but since it was his decision to leave to go to college i support him wholeheartedly.As for James Scott’s comments about Guy Wilson i do think he meant them but what was he going to say?He couldn’t exactly say he wanted Chandler to stay or that Guy Wilson was a bad actor.As for Guy Wilson i’ll give him a chance because he had nothing to do with Chandler leaving but if things go wrong Guy will get some of the blame whether that’s fair or not.Plus if Guy doesn’t work for whatever reason i think the show will write the character of Will off for a bit rather then recasting again and maybe try to get Chandler back.

  • Steven

    On the left we have a man but on the right just a sad lonely boy

  • Erica

    Guy has never been on a soap before and at his age wouldn’t have a clue what to expect some cast behind the scenes suggested he was messing up lines early on wonder if they will edit that or let us watch him fail miserably

  • Grace

    Tried to be nice about this but I don’t like him and never will hope he fails

  • momsof5

    Why does anyone care what James Scott has to say. His character isn’t even related to Will. In fact if I remember Will shot EJ because he raped his mother Sami, hence the birth of Johnny LOL

  • Erica

    You’re right Miticia1477 but one has to wonder what the cast are really thinking behind the scenes and how they are expressing their views privately as opposed to the media. Seems like theres more to this whole situation that they aren’t willing to discuss as so much still doesn’t add up. Why is Blake Berris going to an event next year when hes supposed to have left the show? I really feel it will be curtains for this show next year too many cast have left and too many nobodies are coming onto it

  • DAYS fan since 2000

    Hey folks, it was Massey’s decision to exit the show from the moment he had gotten his Emmy.

    [An Emmy that in my opinion he didn’t really deserve, especially if someone like Van Hansis (Luke Snyder, ATWT) was robbed of his Emmy every single of the three times he was nominated.]

    Judging from Massey’s comments since he got the Emmy, I think his primary concern is to distance himself as fast as possible from the “gay role” – and that’s something no one can blame on DAYS or anyone else.

    It’s really great that DAYS is trying to continue this important story and I think we might be positively surprised by Guy Wilson’s portrayal of Will. Give the guy a chance!!

  • Brady

    “I think his primary concern is to distance himself as fast as possible from the gay role”. wow what a comment that is. Could it be perhaps that so many people have known Chandler is gay for a long time and he came off so incredibly natural in the role that it became impossible for anyone to believe he wasn’t gay. Who knows maybe he wanted to come out but Days or his publicist didn’t want him to as it would have made all these women infatuated with him angry. I guess people can continue to say it was all his fault and make up more crap but why should anyone have to give the loser a chance after everyone hes done so far? He will destroy the story but maybe that is want all signs lead to this will end in tragedy

  • Bec

    It still astounds me that so many ‘fans’ of dool can be so downright rude to someone whose scenes haven’t even aired yet. Yes, Chandler left, yes, all sources indicate it was not done under the best circumstances. But it happened. And fans of dool should be a little bit more open minded that it, and this might come as a shock, it wasn’t guy’s fault. Nor is his ability as an actor judged on the fact he got this role. He’s obviously a good actor to be given an opportunity to fill Chandler’s shoes but, seriously, you call yourself fans and its just sad that you won’t give him a chance. Watch him in his role, then make a decision about him. Keep the clearly rude opinions to yourself in the process and just enjoy. Its a daytime soap opera, it is not world war 3 or the apocalypse, it is a new actor taking over a role. Stop being so rude and overly dramatic over Guy Wilson and, again, give the poor Guy a chance. That’s all he’d like, I’d imagine.