Robin Strasser on Possible End of AMC/OLTL: ‘Prospect Park Believed and Invested In Us and Deserve Respect For That!’

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

With word that may or may not be in the process of formally announcing plans to not continue with production on “,” in addition to the previously reported production hiatus for “” and how such a decision may affect the fans who fought so long and hard to get them both back, “OLTL” actress (Dorian Lord) tweeted in defense of the company without knowing what the ultimate decision may end up being (historically the actors know less information than the soap press when it comes to the company and its planning).

In her message to her near 17,000 followers, Strasser tweeted, “ATTN PLZ! In My Opinion: 1) Whatever transpires #ProspectPark #OLTL #AMC I believe #PP BELIEVED & INVESTED in us & deserve RESPECT for that!”

When pressed for comment on any plans for a formal announcement on the future of either soap, a Prospect Park representative stated to Soap Opera Network, “No announcement planned.”

  • El Rizzo

    my heart is broken…yet again! :*(***

  • John oliver

    I’m with you Eli.

  • Karolee Pierson

    My heart is broken again also.. Thank you Prospect Park for absolutely trying to give us our favorite soaps back.. I will really miss them.

  • CTwildheart

    I cannot be mad at PP.

  • Patrick

    It is a very difficult time to be a fan of All My Children and One Life to Live. It is also a hard time to be a fan of the daytime soap genre itself, particularly if you do not like the 4 soaps left on the air. OLTL and AMC have been my favorite soaps for decades. In the good old days, I had the pleasure of watching “Loving”, “All My Children”, “One Life to Live”, and “Guiding Light”. Today, as things stand, I do not have any soaps to watch. Sorry, but Y&R, B&B, Days, and GH just do not do it for me. They lack the excitement which draws me in and keeps my attention. So, the big question remains, are AMC and OLTL returning in the future? If you read the news, the answer is no. If you listen to Prospect Park’s “No announcement planned”, there seems to be a glimmer of hope left. But, all in all, the sad fact is that AMC and OLTL are not releasing new episodes and are not in production.

  • Patrick

    Another very sad fact is that the longer AMC and OLTL go on without being produced, the greater the chances are that the cast members will not be available if the shows ever do come back to life.

  • gv416

    I’m so disappointed…Robin is only half right..they do deserve respect for bringing them back..but I’m very angry at the treatment the shows received after coming back….BOO HISS Prospect Park.