‘DAYS’’ Freddie Smith Speaks Out About the Chandler Massey/Guy Wilson Recast

Chris Haston/NBC
Chris Haston/NBC

As we previously reported, “’” (Sonny Kiriakis) revealed to Soap Opera Network that will replace  onscreen in the role of Will Horton beginning in January 2014. And now, we have the details of the transition, including Smith’s thoughts on the controversial super-quick recast and how Wilson is fitting into the role.

“I’m the middle man who keeps getting asked about it,” Smith says with a laugh over being slightly hounded by the media to comment on Massey’s departure and Wilson’s start in the role. “But basically, what’s most important is that the storyline continues on, because it’s a wonderful story. I’ve had so much positive feedback, and it’s really been life changing for some people. And to think our work can do that? It’s really cool. It’s helped people come out of the closet and tell their parents, and it’s great. I miss Chandler. We started this journey together. But I also love working with Guy. He’s an incredible person.”

In order to keep the momentum of the story going, both Smith and Wilson thought it was important to get to know each other well in an extremely short amount of time. “We spent a week together, him and I, hanging out every day, going to lunch, because we really wanted to just cram in two years of ‘let’s get to know each other,’” he shares. “So we told stories and talked and talked and hung out, and we’re now good friends.”

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In fact, Smith says he and his new co-star had “instant chemistry,” even though Wilson’s take on the character is different from Massey’s. “He’s bringing a new little twist to the character, making it his own, which I think is what a person should do,” he says. “So it’s just been interesting. For me, I just had to ride the wave and go where it was going… [Adjusting to a new face] was challenging, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to have those challenges, so you leave work going, ‘Today was hard, and I did well.’”

As for the transition onscreen, Smith says it’s about as quick as the news of the character’s recast was! “If you blink and open your eyes, you’ll be like, ‘Wait, there’s a new Will?!’” he reveals. “It’s literally just ‘BOOM!’”

But he assures fans that the sudden switch will all make sense in the end. “I’m not allowed to say much, but I think people will understand the timing of it, once it airs,” he teases. “I’m excited to get the material out there so that he can talk about it and I can talk about it and he’s onscreen. Right now, it’s just everyone saying, ‘Oh my God, I’m so excited,’ or ‘I’m so pissed,’ so I just want it to get out there!”

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  • Boo

    My disappointment over this whole situation continues to grow and a wedding won’t make me understand any more, it’d piss me off more, or get me excited for these guys

    • Billy Vick

      What are you disappointed over? That CHANDLER MASSEY left 13 weeks early? Remember HE QUIT. I loved him, too. BUT HE QUIT the show. If it made sense story wise to change the actor a few weeks early, that still doesn’t change the fact that CHANDLER QUIT. He was NOT FIRED! DAYS adored him. IF IN FACT there is a wedding it is more important story wise for WILL to be played by the guy who is to be WILL for the next few years rather then have a major change right after such a big event.

      • DaysFan

        Exactly Billy. Chandler wanted to leave. Yes, maybe the show decided to take get rid of him earlier than he wanted to leave. But story wise it makes sense why Guy is starting when he is.

        • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

          That’s the thing that the folks who are upset over the recast of Will should be focused on: that the storyline will continue for both characters (regardless of whom is in either role).

          Or did they want both Will and Sonny to be written out, because Chandler Massey wanted to leave and the show decided to just be done with those characters instead of continuing on with their storyline?

          • Fox

            There’s an old saying that sums up all of these spot-on replies:

            THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

  • Kay

    I understand why they decided to recast the role since Chandler was going to be leaving at the end of his contract and he was willing to leave earlier than December if the show was able to find someone to take over the part. Since they were planning on an engagement/wedding it makes sense to use the new actor. I am glad the WilSon story will continue and happy that Freddie and Guy are taking the steps necessary to make this couple as believable as Chandler and Freddie did.

  • Michael D. Smith

    Well said Freddie you are doing a good job thanks

  • DAYS fan since 2000

    I love DAYS and I love WilSon. So happy this wonderful story continues!

  • vicki

    I wish they would keep the old Will when people get change its not the same or as good I love Will please try to keep him.

    • Diva in 4 Inch Heels

      Vicki – Chandler has been off of DAYS for about two months. Guy Wilson has been filming the role of Will Horton during that time. The show cannot “keep” Chandler, because the role of Will has already been recast with Guy.

      The important thing, is that BOTH characters will remain actively on the show.

      The folks that are upset really have to let it go.

    • ikeguy

      What give with all of you being so damn emotional about a soap opera actor you don’t even personally know? Don’t you know the important thing is keeping the gay storyline going and not to satisfy someone’s personal thoughts? I am not sure if you are gay but doesn’t sound you can relate with the important thing.

  • DaysFan

    Vicki, Chandler wanted to leave. There was no way to keep him. I am happy that Days at least wants to keep its gay couple around rather than ship them both off together. I’m all for seeing what happens with Will and Sonny once Guy takes over playing Will. I a glad Freddie pointed out that the most important thing is the story is going to continue with Will and Sonny. He also seems to really be genuinely happy with Guy.

  • debbieap

    this new will isn’t even good looking why didn’t they get someone that’s good looking to play will , I love CHANDLER MASSEY no one can fill his shoes I hope after college he comes back to days

  • li

    Best wishes to the new fellow. Best wishes to Chandler. I adore the way “Sonny” is played and I hope that the new “Will” does not affect that too much! Looking forward to the carrying ons!! 😀

  • Dana Brown

    I’ll stop watching it until Chandler comes back

    • kay

      I doubt Chandler would want to come back to the show. He has other goals right now with the most important one to finish his college education. He has said in interviews that he would like to continue acting in films and television, but also has an interest in musical theater. I wish him success in whatever path he chooses. He is such a talented and intelligent person, and deserves to be happy in his chosen career. I will miss him on the show, but I know he will be just fine. I am glad that the WilSon storyline Will continue with Freddie and Guy Wilson. I just hope that the audience will give the new actor the chance to prove himself and let him show his version of the character of Will Horton.

    • RMAN56

      I’m not happy when an actor I like leaves a show, but it never stops me
      from watching the show. I’ve said it a million times. If I watched a
      soap for a particular actor, I wouldn’t be watching very long. One of
      the most important rules of a soap is that the stories/families interact
      with each other. I’d rather see a new Will, and maybe come to like him
      better, than see no Will at all.

  • Gary Douglas

    I won’t really miss Chandler as long as the storyline remains intact. I’ve always thought Freddie was the better actor anyway and I understand that Guy Wilson is quite good as well.

  • Mike

    Chandler is a horrible actor who smiles through his lines, which is horrible. He can’t stop smiling to save his life. And he was pretty crappy to the Day’s producers and writers. He went on camera telling the media he was leaving Days after he won his second Emmy. That is information you share with the crew BEFORE you tell the public. And the only reason he won those two Emmy’s is because of the character he was portraying. It certainly wasn’t his acting chops. Freddie Smith is ten times the actor that Chandler is. And as a gay man myself, I’m looking forward to the new casting of Will.

  • joni morlin

    I want Chandler Massey back on days with freedie smith they got a lot of chemistry and a good relationship with each other I love theses two having nasty gay sex with each other tis I would see with my own eyes I would like to see them get married on the show and I want Chandler Massey to stay with Freddie smith they are both sexy and very hot for and sexy sex I love theses two actors to go at it in bed to gather and Chandler Massey I hope you stay on days to come in the future

  • Grant

    This could turn out great. Guy has a beautiful eyes and baby face but clearly also the ability to be quite scary (think Damien in the Omen). Remember Will is no saint and it makes much better drama when the characters we love do unlovable things.

  • circ64

    I for one am actually looking forward to Guy. Even though I adored Chandler, and his initial “coming out” story was phenomenal, when he and Freddie became boyfriends as Sonny and Will, it seemed to me that the chemistry just wasn’t there, even there sex scenes which wasn’t much to begin with. It just seemed he was really reluctant and he wasn’t giving his all as an actor. I think I read somewhere that Guy said that he will have no problems with the sexual scenes and bed scenes that he will have as Freddie (Sonny). Just wondering though if that “instant chemistry” that Freddie had with Guy, maybe poured over into real life? Hmmmm.

    • luciano

      and if it was – where’s the problem? we urgently need more openly gay actors!! unfortunately, 99% are forced to hide their sexual identity because their “market value” would go down significantly. and obviously not many gay actors are proud enough and have the necessary self-esteem do deal with that and prove their managers, “advisors” etc. wrong!!

      • circ64

        Hey luciano, i have no problem with with it whatsoever. Im a gay male myself, and i have been curious about Freddie Smith’s sexuality for a while now.

        • ConceredParent1

          Freddie is not gay

  • joni morlin

    Their is a twist that Massey is goingto play guy Wilson and play will on days

  • joni morlin

    Ido know wAnt guy Wilson is going to do when he has sex with Freddie Chandler Massey dies it very very good at it when he does it with Freddie smith

  • luciano

    I love WilSon and whenever I see Sonny (Freddie Smith), it’s like sunrise and I just can’t get enough of him. WilSon is the best thing that has happened in daytime since Luke and Noah (As The World Turns).

    DAYS would be totally crazy if they ended this wonderful story that has attracted and inspired hundreds of thousands new viewers in the US and millions around the world. Whenever they were front and center of the story, DAYS got a ratings boost (e. g. last year when Nick and Will were kidnapped and Sonny delivered Gabi’s baby, Ariana –> best ratings in 2 years!!).

    I hope that WilSon get the airtime and the frontburner storylines they deserve, because they are the couple that has generated the most buzz for DAYS over the last two years by far.

  • luciano

    Also love that Freddie totally understands the huge impact of his and Chandler’s wonderful work on DAYS!

  • joni morlin

    I know for a fact that Massey is taking over the role of guy Wilson just wAtch his eyes when he blinks his eyes this will be so awesome and so terrific to have masseybback to play will guy Wilson wAtch is blue eyes is just the same as Massey sand who is who is the father of arianna is it will or nicks or sonny or ej s baby I hope Eric Brady find the truth about him being drugged by Kristen I hope that he will clear his name and get back in to the priest hood like he should prove all of it

  • joni morlin

    I know for a other fact is that Chandler Massey is guy Wilson and I all so know that Freddie and Chandler be longs with each other and stay that way for ever and I all so picked out the reason I know because I watch them every demand every night for all most 45 years now I have been watching soap net my whole in tire life and I all so watched the new gh and I have been watching them to for 45 YeaRSVP and all of the past soap operas I have watched for 45 years and I want them back so I can enjoy them every day and nighttime is the time to do it right for a change of heartland I know that god will let this happen because every body wants soap net back for good no Disney Jr we don’t need them at all

  • joni morlin

    I think the transition of the on screen Chandler Massey is going to be guy Wilson in the scene when they get married and I all so know for a fact that he is getting revengeon nick and Gabi for want they did to Melanie Jonas in the first place to put chad on the back burner of all of it and I all so know that Freddie and Chandler is going to take custody of arianna grace away from Gabi will probably end up in jail along with nick side by side in a jail cellist all so uDer stand all of this I have been watching them for a long time for 45 years in a half and I want soap net back so I can watch them to enjoy them every day and night all the past soap operas

  • joni morlin

    I think that chandler Massey took Kate’s gun for revenge on nick for want he did to freedie smith and chandler Massey he made them mad and blackmailed them and saw bad words and nick hot sonny in 2013 and will got shot by his prison buddy Jensen and I know that chandler Massey is going after gabi to send her to jailall of them need to go to jail for that and Melanie Jonas kidnapping and nicks 1st murder she covers up with Sami and Kate with Percy the Santa clause and all of them go to jail and ej and Abby needs to take custody away from sami and let her have a different man in her life with put her kids and ej and Abby will take them in their wing like willsonny and ariana and Johnny and ally and Sidney in the dimeras massion
    And a another thing is prepare your self to see chandler Massey as guy Wilson the man in Sonny’s life and sonny will be so happy to see him again and all so that chandler Massey and freedie has good chemistry. And charisma. And a lot in common and lots of heavy gay sex is going very hot and sexy sexual intercourse with each other and the other hand is Nicole. Is a bitch and a liar for keeping a secret from Eric he deserves to know the truth about want Kristen did to him in the motel room and being in the perist hood

    • jomi morlin

      And watch for chandler Massey when he switches with guy Wilson and hi and Paige belongs with each other and go on lots of dates and then finally get married and have kids to as well and stop Theresa in their tracks along the way in their life jj and Paige and all so Julie Horton needs to know that she can’t find the need to come to terms that nick is dead and gone for good and I am happy that he is gone and Julie Horton should not be yelling at sonny will Abby and ej. And sami. And gabi. And jordon and rafe. And Kate and Lucas and Ben she things that they all hate him and ally is very traumatized over it and she will get night mares over it and she is very traumatized and all so we need to know that we want are soap net back on for good we can’t live with

      We need passions and loving olyl and amc. Where we left them and Ryan’s hope sunset beach and dynasty and the old port Charles and night shift as to go with the new gh and lnotslanding to we need them so we all the fans can watch

      and p
      passions and loving and the old port Charles and night shift ad part of new ghost and Dallas knotslading and Dallas and dynasty

  • joni morlin

    Sami is leaving the show and way is she trying so hard to get ej and abby and abby is ejs wife not sami is being a total brat and she does not need the diemira company and I all so think that sami and kate should go to jail for covering up nicks murder rap the 1st murder attempt and stay their for along time along with kate

  • joni morlin

    I think that chandler massey is going to step in to guy wilsons shoes as a manly man with sonny freedie smith and I all so know that both of guy wilson is lgoing to switch with chandler massey and let go the other personthat was guy wilson and chandler can be guy wilson