Ace Hicks Photography

Ace Hicks Photography

Genoa City is apparently a very popular place to be, as “The Young and the Restless” is adding yet another character to the canvas. This time, the sudser has tapped actress Mishael Morgan to play the new character of Hillary Curtis.

A rep for the show confirms that Morgan, whom fans might recognize from the film “Total Recall” or TV’s “Supernatural” and “Republic of Doyle” — will be working at Chancellor Industries. However, further details on Hillary’s appearance will have to wait until the actress debuts on Friday, June 14!

Topics Discussed
  • Lauren

    She’s stunning and I love the character name. I’m excited

  • Rich

    FINALLY will we have a set for Chancellor Industries? I have always wondered why such an important business never had a set.

  • Vanessa Christine

    I love that there is diversity on Y&R, I’ll never understand why so many soaps are still living in the past.