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Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times
Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

According to a report by , ’s has opted to reduce the yearly episode orders of both “” and “” from 168 to 110. In addition, new episodes of “AMC” will now be made available on Mondays and Wednesdays, while new episodes of “” will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. The “MORE” recap shows will continue to be provided on Fridays. The change goes into effect beginning Monday, May 20.

Prospect Park co-founders and  released the following message explaining their rationale:

For close to two years we have been working passionately to bring first run premium content to an online platform with the creation of brand-new versions of the two iconic series, All My Children and One Life To Live. There was no precedent for this effort- we had no history-no barometer for how our fans would respond. We always knew there would quickly be new insights into how audiences would respond to our shows and this new platform, and that our ability to adapt quickly to audience needs would ultimately determine the long-term success of the shows and our mission. This is a new medium, a new time and we have always planned to make changes quickly by listening to you, our fans and customers.

Today it is clear these shows have resonated, as many millions of views have been logged since our April 29th debut, a mere two and a half weeks ago. We’ve consistently been in the top ten shows viewed on Hulu and viewers and critics alike have told us how impressed they are with the quality of both programs. The past two weeks have been invaluable in terms of learning about how you watch and when you watch our shows on this new platform. We have gained enormous insight through our actual viewing data and our research. And our research has revealed the following:

  •  In the past these shows had their vast majority of views within the first 24 hours. Instead, our shows are primarily consumed on different days then when they originally air. Primarily, fans have been binge viewing or watching on demand, and as a result, we feel we have been expecting our audience to dedicate what has turned out to be an excessive amount of time to viewing these shows. (As an example, for the substantial audience only watching on the weekends, we are currently asking them to watch five hours of programming to keep pace with our release schedule).
  • On ABC the shows shared a large percentage of their viewers with each other. Yet, the majority of our viewers are watching one show or the other, not both, and they aren’t viewing the shows when they did before. Part of the reason for choosing between the shows may be that the largest viewing takes place either between 12PM and 1PM (when people generally can only fit one episode during lunch time) or between 5PM and 7PM (when the vast majority of competing shows are a half hour long). We are finding that asking most people to regularly watch more than a half hour per day online seems to be too much.
  •  During their ABC runs, viewers watched only 2-3 episodes on average a week and picked up with whichever day’s episode it was. Our viewers seem to primarily start with the first episode and then continue forward episode by episode. Like with primetime serialized dramas as opposed to the traditional slower pacing of daytime, people feel lost if they miss an episode. People are starting from the beginning; the shows are designed for complete viewing from episode one. Yet starting from the beginning with the amount of episodes we are releasing is asking too much for viewers who need to catch up.

The clear conclusion is that while somewhat mixed, these viewing patterns resemble more closely the typical patterns of online viewing rather than how one would watch traditional television. This leads us to believe we are posting too many episodes and making it far too challenging for viewers to keep up. When it comes to online viewing, most of us are just trying to find time to watch series comprised of 13 to 22 episodes a season-so asking viewers to assign time for over 100 episodes per show is a daunting task.

Therefore, we have chosen to revise our scheduling model beginning this Monday, May 20th by introducing two new episodes from OLTL and AMC each week- new episodes of AMC will now run on Mondays and Wednesdays, and fresh episodes of OLTL will post Tuesdays and Thursdays. MORE, our behind the scenes series, will run as a single show on Fridays. This allows us to introduce a new episode of quality television every Monday through Friday and gives the audience a chance to catch up as we continue to build awareness and excitement around these new shows. Because Hulu agrees with our findings, for the meantime they will keep all of our episodes on for free to give viewers the opportunity to find us and catch up.

We know our most dedicated viewers will be upset as they would probably prefer more shows to less (we personally wish there were more episodes of our favorite shows; we would love 50 episodes a year of Homeland, Mad Men or The Simpsons). We apologize to these viewers and ask them to please understand we are trying to ensure our shows succeed and not meet the fate they experienced previously. We need to devise a model that works for all viewers and follows how they want, and are actually watching, online. When it comes to online, as with all new technology, it’s adapt or fail. We feel fortunate to be an online company and to have such an opportunity to adapt. Of course, we will continue to evaluate all the data that comes in and will be vigilant about revising our strategy as needed.

We want to be clear that this will in no way impact our feverish pace of production – we will be filming new episodes through mid-June, continue editing throughout July and until we go back into production in August. It’s a frenetic schedule but all of us are up for the challenge and excited to continue to deliver great shows.

As a new venture we felt obligated to address the needs of our viewers head on and to make adjustments that we think will work for our viewers. And as always, we thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz:

  • Pissed off fan!

    So the years and years that soap viewers carved out to watch 5, 10 or 15 hours of didn’t mean a thing? We can’t handle 4 hours of 2 shows combined? I too knew what the real story is, because they are trying to feed us bull tell us it’s steak!

    • Same pissed off fan

      Stupid auto correct! Should be I want to know the real story.

  • Dayziecat .

    So basically, because some people choose to save the episodes and watch all at once, TPTB decided the viewer can’t keep up?? That’s ludicrous. If they found time to watch when it was on TV (longer and plus one episode per week), they can find time to watch online. And besides, it’s their choice to watch it as a marathon instead of day-to-day like some of us. I’ve felt like there aren’t enough episodes (having lost Fridays) and that they’re too short. I doubt I’m alone. This is horrible news.

    • The point isn’t what people can and can’t do, it’s what they are and aren’t doing. Yes, people found time to watch when it was on the air, but a lot of them aren’t finding time to watch now that it’s online.

      Also, there’s something in the release that someone pointed out on IMDB during release week. It says the majority of the viewers are watching one show or the other. If you follow the rankings on Hulu and iTunes, AMC has been several spots ahead of OLTL every single day since episode 1. That means people are watching AMC and not watching OLTL at all. And that’s a problem.

      They believe it may be a time issue. Maybe people only have time to dedicate to 4 episodes of 1 show. So, there current solution is to drop both shows to 2 episodes per week and see if that will even things out. If you only have time for 4 episodes, maybe you can now watch both shows if each only have 2 episodes.

      The only other option is to let it continue this way and possibly let OLTL continue to trail and possibly fail. It seems like they’re problem-solving and trying to work out the initial kinks. Trying to make sure both shows survive the initial year.

      I’ve also heard that statistic that most people only watch 2-3 episodes per week, so maybe if there are only 2, you guarantee that everyone watches every episode.

      At the end of the day, while I really want 4 episodes, if dropping down to 2 is what it takes to survive, I’m all for it. It’s either that or nothing. I prefer 2 episodes to no episodes.

      • Jay Farrell

        Taz, why is it a problem if some people only watch one of the shows? There’s not a way in the world I’d watch AMC, but I haven’t missed an ep of OLTL.

        • It’s a problem because they want/need people to watch both shows. There are only so many people who make up the soap audience and if they choose to watch one show and not the other, one is going to fail.

          • Jay Farrell

            Then they shouldn’t alienate members of the “only so many people” by telling them that if they want to watch four eps a week, two of them have to be of a show they don’t like.

            I don’t think I’ve heard of anything less logical since, well, I’d have to turn to politics to think of something more nonsensical than this lame-ass move.

          • They’re not telling people they have to watch a show they don’t like. They’re hoping people want to watch both shows, but believe time constraints may be preventing them from doing so. This is an attempt to see if that theory is correct. If it’s not, then the numbers will show and they’ll further adjust their strategy.

      • Dayziecat .

        That’s making a lot of assumptions, mainly that if there’s fewer episodes, people who aren’t watching one will watch the other. It has nothing to do with time. It has to do with people wanting to watch (or being fans of) one show or the other. Frankly, I’m a bigger OLTL fan than AMC, and wasn’t planning to watch AMC at all. But I wanted to support the genre, so I make sure to watch both shows. Not everyone feels that way.

        The fact is, from the hundreds of Facebook comments on the subject, most feel that fewer episodes means they’ll likely lose interest and eventually not bother watching at all. Actually, some say they’re going to stop just because of this announcement. Does that sound like progress for our shows? Not to me – sounds more like a death sentence.

        If you do the math, we currently get approx 100 mins of each show per week. That’s an hour and 40 mins maximum. People who claim this is “too long” to watch, or try to catch up on, need to seriously think about what they’re saying. Going down to only 50 mins of show for a week is not appropriate for this genre, for fans who have been watching hour-long episodes 5 days a week for 40 years. It simply doesn’t make sense.

        • But that sounds more like a failing on the audiences’ end. People are going to stop watching because there are fewer episodes? That’s completely ridiculous. That’s not how a fan acts towards something they supposedly enjoy.

          Game of Thrones is my favorite show on television. It has 10 episodes per season. If HBO decided to cut the episode count for some reason, that wouldn’t make me lose interest and not want to watch anymore. I love the show, so I would actually value those episodes more because there are fewer of them.

          If you really enjoy something, why would having less of it make you not want it anymore? Having less should actually make you want it more.

          • Because having less would change the character of the program so it is no longer the program you like. Soaps are supposed to have more in depth character scenes than primetime dramas. Those would be gone with such little time a week.

        • Cindy A

          I am a fan of AMC, but I am also now for the first time watching OLTL because the episodes were shortened. I used to watch Guiding Light so this is taking its place.

  • OL Fan

    I am so disappointed!! I hope TOLN will seriously rethink this idea. I can’t believe they gave us great new episodes of One Life to watch every day, and now they are taking them away again–VERY UNFORTUNATE DECISION! Unless this is some strategy to save money so that the shows can continue, I believe they chose poorly here.

  • 4everoltl

    here is the only reason I support this descision. they are putting the fans first, meaning that I am very confident the episode count will increase soon.

    • Over4tea

      Why not now? That’s what we want! Our loyalty has officially been thrown back in our faces. I’m sorry I ever trusted them. I should have trusted my first instincts and not bought in. Twice!

  • Actually, I agree with their analysis. It’s very different sitting in front of a computer v in front of TV. The first week, I watched all eight episodes. The second week, I watched one AMC and three OLTL, because I was traveling. This week, nothing, way too busy. I’m just glad they are continuing to produce them. I think they’ll go up to three per week during a later cycle.

  • Jay Farrell

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

    This is the worst possible idea, only giving us two eps a week. By doing so, Jeff and Rich, you are saying that these shows aren’t important. I’m not going to watch All My Children no matter what you do. I never have.

    But I am perfectly capable of watching an episode a day, four days a week, of One Life to Live. I haven’t enjoyed watching a soap this much since maybe the 1980s.

    If it’s only two days a week, though, it stops being this daily activity I enjoy. It becomes “who cares?” And I’m probably going to forget about it.

    It is important to me to watch OLTL, but I want it four days a week. If people can’t catch up, why don’t you cobble together a “What you missed on OLTL if you didn’t watch all week” episode and run it on Fridays. I’d so much rather watch that than a bathing suit pageant.

    Don’t do this, PLEASE.

  • If I read this correct given each soap has shown 12 episodes of original content (Not counting Fridays) there are 98 episodes of each show left.2 shows a week that leave 49 weeks left of programing . So that means the soaps should air year round.

  • AMC fan

    This is terrible news! If you only get two shows per week, why even bother. I was so excited about our shows being back. Now it looks like the beginning of the end. So sad.

  • missing amc

    I order Hulu Plus just so I can watch on my smart tv, but if there are only 2 eps per week, I will cancel plus and just watch on my laptop!

  • We supported you Prospect Park and it’s your job to bring the shows to the internet. Which you’ve done thankfully.

    It is our job to watch the shows… and your numbers prove that we are doing just that.

    We were told by you that the great thing about the shows going to the
    internet is that we could watch when, how( Computer, Phone or Tablet) and at what times we “chose” to watch. We are doing our part….we are watching the shows.

    And now you are telling us that we are watching wrong or at the wrong time,
    and that because of that you are penalizing us for it?

    The episodes are downloaded to Hulu at 5:00 am four days a week and are
    available the whole of the day and thereafter.
    What difference does it make when we watch as long as we watch. I repeat… we are watching.

    We are doing our part….you should have told us that were time constraints
    attached to this deal and that there would be consequences or
    punishment if we didn’t adhere to time constraints. This whole thing is
    ridiculously unfair.

  • Gary

    This is total nonsense. It is exciting that AMC is back finally. I was disappointed that it was only on 4 times a week instead of 5. Also, it is only on for less than 30 minutes? What is that about? We want AMC back 5 days a week and not 2 times a week. Plus sign on Susan Lucci. This show is not the same without her. Two times a week is not a soap opera.

  • WTH????? They spend months building us up for the return of our soap, then after a couple of weeks, they cut back? I want to know how the weekend only viewers differ from people who recorded it while it was on tv and watched it on weekends. It’s quicker now that the eppies are so painfully short. I REALLY appreciate all the work that Prospect Park put into bringing AMC back, and am very grateful to them, but this is just BS

  • BC59

    I get the business case and rationale, but it still sucks. What’s more, I think this is a cost-cutting measure designed to increase profits. Nothing wrong with that as a business decision, but the reason PP bought these shows and worked so hard to bring them back was that there was a passionate fan base in place. This move may so rankle that very base that we simply go away. Most people were disappointed at only having 4 episodes a week AND that those episodes were so short. In this case, less is certainly not going to be more. I hope I’m wrong, but I think they just consigned these soaps to the graveyard again. After all that effort, all that fan support, all that promise… Pity.

    • Over4tea

      Cutting the shows in half will certainly upset the fans, but it’s the lying to our faces that will drive us all away.

      • BC59

        Exactly. PP has had this move in their back pocket for a long time. They’re too smart to make a knee-jerk move like this after only a couple of weeks of data. I think they believed that everyone who would be watching was a fan of BOTH soaps. I have watched OLTL off and on, but was only really hooked on AMC. This plan for PP has, as I see it, at least 2 key goals: 1) cut costs, 2) get viewers to watch both soaps at the expense of giving us a satisfying weekly dose of the one we prefer. It might end up being brilliant manipulation, but it’s still manipulation. We deserve better.

  • I think if they are changing things so soon it could be the end of our soaps. Everything was fine why change it? 2 times a week what kind of soap opera is that. Another 2 whole weeks and they will think once a week is good enough. Oh I fear the end is near already.

  • jillwagon

    Maybe you should take a poll and ask the people who are actually taking the time to watch these episodes online what they prefer. Don’t make assumptions based on what you think you see or what you think the majority of these people want. If some people don’t have time to watch just four 20 minute episodes a week ANYTIME they want, maybe they aren’t as committed as they claim to be. This is a bad idea!!!!

    • These shows are doomed unless PP can find a tv outlet. If they could merge the two shows into a single episode, maybe they could convince Lifetime or even the CBC.

  • AMC and OLTL shows are half an hour long, not hour long programs and only 4 days a week not 5. You have cut the program in half already. Please don’t limit the number of shows we can watch. I love what Prospect Park has done with AMC and OLTL, let it go on as normal. Millions are watching it and enjoying it so please don’t decide to limit all of us!

    I feel if you do this you will lose many of your already devoted fans. You are in the top 10 on Hulu and will stay there IF you don’t change a good thing.

    Please DON’T CHANGE what is a good thing!

  • I might as well stop watching now sounds like they are just going to cancel again! I liked being able to watch at my convenience! I did’t realize there would be consequences for watching all of them at once! I don’t think I can take the disappointment again!

  • I was thrilled that AMC and OLTL were finally coming back, but I was disappointed that they were only a half hour show instead of the hour that they used to be. I was also disappointed that they were only on 4 days a week.

    Now you are cutting them back even more to 2 days a week for each show. It seems to me like AMC and OLTL won’t be around for much longer the way it’s going.

    Please don’t cut them back any further than what you’ve already done from the beginning.

    *A not very happy, long time fan of AMC and OLTL.*

  • O.K, But, let’s take it one step further. Make it a one hour show, at least, twice a week. What I find distracting, is cramming in too many story lines in 20 minutes. Too distracting. We’re just getting up to speed from where we left off and we need to engage. AND dealing with the loss of some of the key characters ( I still really hate “replacement” characters ) let the audience become familiar with the characters and story lines, and they will watch. I use to tape/dvr episodes and watch them at my own time, so will others once it all gets going, so having good access will be key. Bottom line. People love watching people. Especially a good juicy story line. I really think there is and always will be a demand for soaps.

  • S.

    I only watch All My Children, so this makes me watch less of their shows. This does not seems to be a step in the right direction.

  • Kona Girl

    I agree why have only a 25 minute show. Make it an hour each episode so we don’t have to wait so long between the episodes. I am an AMC viewer and to watch only two on monday and Wed then have to wait all the way till the next Monday will make me bite my nails…

  • Jesse

    I decided to quit the minute I heard barfbag Nader was back. Bye AMC

  • I have to wonder if Hulu will continue to back PP with fewer episodes as well. We waited so long and fought so hard to get our soaps back. We were happy to get them even if it meant only 20 minutes and only 4 days a week. waiting three days to see a new episode was hard enough. Now we are expected to watch only two new episodes a week. Total bummer. I am with everyone else and feel it has to do with money as usual. The new shows have been very well written and suspenseful. But most of us hate waiting forever to see what happens next. It is bad enough our favorite primetime shows have been cut back so much and now our beloved soaps are being cut also. Those of us who watch soaps are used to a 5x a week venue for an hour. Why do you think we set our vcr’s to tape them or watched recaps on the soap channel every weekend? We are used to watching long blocks of our shows to see what happens. So I am hesitant to believe it really has much to do with how we view them. One big draw of having them on the internet was to be able to watch when and how we wanted or could. Cutting back = bad move PP.

  • Elisa

    I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. This decision to reduce the schedule is based not on several months of programming but *8 DAYS.* This sounds more like a smoke screen to cover up funding challenges, wrapped up in the guise of ‘we’re doing it because you asked for it.’

    It’s bad enough that they’re cramming too many story lines into 20 minutes, but now it’s going to be only twice a week? How am I going to stay interested? I cried when these shows went off the air, and I am asking this. Unlike traditional soap writing, each episode of OLN’s AMC & OLTL is pretty self-contained; there isn’t a lot of repeating of information from one episode to the next. Currently on GH, 2 characters who have a long history of hating each other have slept with each other. If you missed the deed, it’s not a tremendous problem because the characters either talk about it or have flashbacks about it. That’s traditional soap writing. Something big happens, it gets revisited a lot in case you missed it. OLN writing has something happen once and then doesn’t really revisit it, because of the short, packed nature of each episode. So, if you missed it, you basically missed it. Period.

    One thing that I have been waiting for is for the shows to get their groove back. They are still a little off and the casts don’t quite feel in sync yet. This reduction is not going to help the situation. I want these soaps to survive, and this move feels like a kick in the face.

    Badly done, OLN. Badly done.

  • I also think they should wait a bit before changing the frequency, because a lot of us who were watching day by day did not realize Hulu only shows the latest 10 episodes. Because I watched them one by one I had to wait an extra day or so before I got back on track. Please reconsider. Soaps are nothing like primetime shows. How many primetime dramas lasted 40+ years? Another thing to consider is the age of your audience. Many of us who watched for so long are in our 60’s or older. Many older folks don’t have computers or know how to use one. So that cuts down on viewers. Sad to say ABC did not seem to care about the fans. I am not even sure how The Chew has survived. I never watched even one episode. If we want cooking shows there is a whole channel devoted to them. I also never watch General Hospital and haven’t for a long while. It got to be a one man show (Sonny) most of the time and boring. But OLTL and AMC were always thrilling. Just when some of our favorites came back we lost them. Bringing Billy Clyde back was a good move and even having some of the older characters come back once in a while will make us watch for sure. Today’s TV execs just don’t understand how much these characters mean to true fans. They have been in our lives since we were children or young adults. Daytime TV used to be soaps, game shows, and a few talk shows. Now it is mostly talk shows out the wazoo. I personally watch NCIS and Bones reruns in the daytime now. I just don’t believe all the hype about the reasoning behind cutting our favorite shows. How about doing an online survey of real viewers? Have you checked with HULU to see how many NEW viewers they have attained?

  • David

    Sorry, this is what I read between the lines:
    We aren’t making enough money so we need to cut back on costs. You were doing a great job watching, but we need to drag this out further or we are going under. We appreciate that you watch all the time, but you are watching too much. Cut back so we can keep going. Oh and sorry we got you to purchase Hulu Plus. Gottcha!!!!

    • I think PP regrets doing the soaps. They are a business and not a charity. Clearly things are not going as planned

  • DblAKids

    Has any one figured out what we as viewers need to do to get 5 one-hour shows per week? 5 30-minute shows per week? 4 30-minute shows per week with a recap on day 5? 4 30-minute shows without a recap? 3 30-minute shows per week without a recap? Where have we been failing as an audience? Just tell us what we need to do and we’ll do it — watch the shows daily? Watch the shows several times a day? Watch all the shows once a week? Surely you have considered how making changes like this in such a short period of time is going to affect the loyalty of the fans (hint: it’s not going to be positive for the bottom line). After what these soaps have been through, ALL the viewers left today are dedicated viewers. This is not the way to gain new viewers. I fear you’ve just put one foot in the grave . . .

  • This explanation from PP is complete BS. After a mere 8 episodes, they are changing things up this radically. It just makes me want to stop watching altogether. If Prospect Park isn’t that invested in these shows, why should I be.

    • This choice was certainly made based on views, feed back and maybe even focus groups.
      It feels random but may have been the plan all along. In truth, PP wants a younger demo and these views do not have time for five shows per week. The five day formula was developed in a three network era without social media for house wives with LOTS of time to burn.

      Maybe this change will help PP find a TV partner–it could easily be aired as a once weekly hour long show.

  • Michael Smith

    Whatever you gotta do to keep the shows going. OLTL has been great so far.

  • ladyel1958

    Great way to lose viewers not gain them. We’re just getting used to it being back on and having to watch on our computer and now you cut the shows back? You do realize the demographic of your viewers do you not? This is a whole new thing to most of your viewers. GIVE IT A CHANCE TO WORK!

  • Over4tea

    OLTL is better than AMC (in my opinion), but fewer people are watching. The solution?

    1. Put more of the advertising budget into OLTL! It needs more publicity-much more than AMC needs. I know it sounds funny to say about an American institution, but establish the brand, or rather, re-establish it. Do some ads for just OLTL!

    2. Give it a chance to build an audience! Cutting back to 2 half-hours a week will only do the opposite, especially this early.

    I hope this little experiment will fail, but not at the expense of OLTL. I will drop AMC if OLTL goes. It isn’t nearly as important to me.

  • JRC

    Message to PP:
    You are making a hasty decision cutting back AMC and OLTL to two days a week. My kids don’t watch their shows every single day of the week; they watch the daily episodes in blocks, between college finals (you debuted this just as semesters across the USA were wrapping up!) or sporting events and end of year activities at high school. Weekends are for catching up. They love to watch a weeks’ worth of episodes in one sitting. They invite friends over for pizza and catch up on their show. It’s what kids do.

    As for your other primary, stated reason for the change, no one is having trouble following the day-to-day 30-minute story lines that are NEW. They are lost when you tie the new stuff into old story lines. The faster AMC (my show since 1978) moves out of the past, and focuses solely on current plots not tied to “ancient history” (i.e., 2011), which your targeted, younger demographic audience isn’t familiar with, the better!

  • 2 OLTL show is better than none but AMC is again the fav something never changeOLTL was always the underdog

  • [email protected]

    I knew this was not gonna work! i’m, a huge AMc OLTL fan but i refuse to pay to watch on the computer when they could not even get Susan Lucci. AMC without Erica is like milkshake with no milk. it’s just icecream.Cable cost out the wasuu and i’m not paying to see something that should be free.It’s a shame that these great shows are not being done right ! why can’t soap net show episodes for those that have no money or computers?

    • snow2333

      Hula is free unless you get hula plus don’t need the hula plus

    • Crafty

      Watching the soaps on the computer through Hulu IS free. Give it a try.

      • [email protected]

        it is only free on hulu for one week then they want credit card info at $9.99 a month. No thanks HBO isn’t that expensive.

        • Kim

          It’s always free. Hulu Plus is what costs but not plain Hulu. I watch it all the time.

      • Ursula Markey

        You do not have to pay for Hulu Plus to watch. Just to have access for a longer period of time. Most shows drop off after 4 or 5 episodes air of that show. Only some shows get a longer amount of time on Plus.

  • E.J.

    In all the comments here so far, have you noticed no one really cares about the Friday episodes? Cut that out to reduce costs. I already skipped that silliness last week and have no intention of watching it tomorrow. I had never heard of hulu before this, and now watch both soaps daily. I have even watched other shows on hulu because of the two soaps being on it. But, with this schedule cutback, I will probably not have a routine that draws me to hulu. This action will likely move me to become a detached, catch-up mode viewer and force me into watching only one of the two soaps when I do remember to watch. This feels way too much like when the ABC execs decided to run AMC and OLTL into the ground. I guess I fell for it from PP because I wanted so desperately for it to be true….

  • Whatever

    lol! it is about money no wonder they are suing ABC!

  • This is not a great idea at all. Friday episodes are appreciated, however I prefer Monday-Friday shows! Not a good idea at all!

  • ConnieD

    Whatever their reasons, I actually am happy with this change because finding 30 minutes 4 times a week to watch on my computer was hard and I was feeling behind already. I was one of those typical TV watchers who maybe caught AMC twice a week in the past. I hope this experiment is successful so if stretching them out eases the budget, so be it. But I also hope a few more regular characters can come back, even just for brief appearances, to keep it more fun.

  • VLH

    I agree with Denise Harper…Monday through Friday would be great for AMC, even like the Friday chats as being Friday’s fare, but to now put us down to only 2 days a week cuts it in half and makes us wait longer to find out what’s going on. Not sure how this will work. Get us loyal viewers (I have watched AMC since DAY ONE!) re-hooked then cut back…not nice!

  • AMA

    Wait! So they feel we can’t “handle” watching these episodes at our own pace, even if that means catching up on the weekend? It almost feels like when Brian Frons decided that we needed more cooking shows & less soaps. I haven’t seen anyone complain that there are too many episodes to watch. It feels like my mommy & daddy telling me what is and isn’t good for me. Oh well, at least they haven’t all out canceled them again. Better 2 than nothing. BUT I WOULD RATHER HAVE IT STAY THE WAY IT IS!!!

  • Cat

    While I’m a little bummed about the cutbacks, I will take what I can get. I’m so glad they are back and I want it to stay that way.

  • FRAN

    I’m not happy with the new format but I will watch anyway…hoping that each episode will one day be 1 hour long.

  • What gets me is they say viewers complain they have too much catching up to do, PP is NOT responsable for when viewers decide to watch programs. It’s our choice and if a person only has one day to watch that is their problem to work out. I feel like the rest of the world has to suffer because someone says they can’t watch them all. I like knowing I can watch them any day or night that I want to, I watch both AMC and OLTL back to back. When PP first announced airing of these shows they said Watch when YOU want to watch. It should stay that way. I say they need to seriously rethink this cutback.

    • Eileen McNichol

      I am pretty sure that rationale is just a b.s. excuse. Something else is going on here.

  • brigid

    Wow. Big mistake. I am a classic example. Normally I watch within 24 hours, but I am trying to get whatever cord/device I need to view on my large tv in my comfortable bedroom upstairs. I am working on sorting that out. Once I get it upstairs on the huge tv I can watch each afternoon or evening as I did before when it was on ABC. Until then, I have to sit in my office in my house and watch on my computer which is less comfortable or grab my kids laptop from them when they are not doing homework. So I may bunch them up.
    This is like putting a great show on Saturday night–this is the kiss of death. Really, really big mistake.

  • snow2333

    I have been watching AMC since it started in 1970 ..I enjoy watching it but not sure when they cut it if I still will watch get us back and now you take it away ..bad bad business

  • Linda

    Susan Lucci was a smart cookie not joining up. GOOD FOR HER!

    • [email protected]

      Yes i agree that’s why we don’t have Erica Kane cause she was smart enough to know these people were not committed to these shows. like i said AMC with no Erica is like a milkshake with no icecream it’s just milk.

  • Yrsince73

    Although I wish I had 5 days a week of Oltl..I see the rationale behind the change. I love the new fresh. The theme song is awesome and just wanted to say job well done!


    we want our soaps to last and it was unclear that we needed to watch within the first 24 hours , we thought on line was like a vcr or dvr we could watch at our convince and catch up if we needed to but if you had said watch the show the day it airs we would because we as fans want the soaps to last but if we are not told how do we know . just keep airing and increase the soaps to two days a week each but increase them to a hour each episode please . i know it would capture our interest and hearts and keep the actors committed as well i am worried that they will turn tail and run . please this was as knew for us as it is for you prospect part if you want us to pay to watch or just watch each day say THIS IS WHAT WE WANT FROM THE FANS AND WE WILL DELIVER GIVE A CHANCE

  • When you took all my children of I was upset I was watching it all the time when I was not working. And when I was in school I was watching AMC I wood like to know what been going on is the same people on it please let me know I wood like to start watching it again.

  • Maggie McLeoud

    Now that the episodes are 30 minutes, a lot of us save them up so we can watch them at a time. It isn’t that we don’t have time to watch, we just want to watch something that lasts more than 30 minutes. I really hope that they realize this soon.

  • Paul V Arias

    I totally understand your reasons for reducing the number of shows; I only ask one thing. if you folks will reconsider the length of the shows from a half hour back to an hour. Keep the format the same, just add to the show. So Monday and Tuesday’s episode are now one. This way; we still get the watch more of what we love, and not less. The first week; I watch each episode as soon as I could (usually after midnight).; but this week was a little busier the planned, and I didn’t have to time. So I watched them all at once. Which is great, cause I don’t have to wait for the next day. But now you want us to only watch two 30 minute episodes a week, and have to wait even longer for new ones.

    This is way too much time between shows. I hate to say this; but these shows are destined to fail if you continue like this. You took two shows from one hours/5 times a week to 30 minutes/4 times a week. And now you want to give us two 30 minute shows only. Not going to happen. Not going to work. Fan will drop you like a bad habit. It’s not how daytime shows are done. You’re asking too much of the viewing public. Give us two one hour shows, and maybe you’ll win over fan.

  • MeBarney

    I think this is ridiculous. I was already concerned with slow movement and now it seems it will take a year to resolve storylines. I have watched every episode of both AMC and OLTL but with this intermittent schedule they are probably going to lose me. With what I already pay for TV I don’t need another expense anyway. . .

  • MeBarney

    PP must think the viewers are pretty stupid since they are trying to say the reduction is to “meet the needs of viewers”. First of all, watching a soap is not a “need” and viewers have chosen to watch and can more easily choose not to do so. Clearly there is an agenda here but don’t insult viewers by saying it’s about them. My bet is it has to do with the almighty dollar.

  • Camille

    You’re blaming the viewer??? By going two episodes, two days a week, you’re not going to have any viewers to blame, just yourselves. And you determined your decision in only two weeks that viewers aren’t committed to the AMC and OLTL. I’d say Prospect Park isn’t committed.

  • Kathleen

    This is stupid i joined hulu plus just for this show now I pay a monthly fee for two days a week what a waste!!!

  • You should have done your homework. Today, most audiences PVR/record the shows they want to watch and when they have the time, they watch them. Here in Canada the two shows were shown on FX TV which was included in our TV stations we receive.

    Two weeks isn’t really a justified amount of time to say what is working and what isn’t. As well, not everyone watched both soaps. I only watched AMC, while my cousin only watched OLTL. So, expecting us to watch a soap that we aren’t interested in ludicrous!

    I’ll just have to read recaps for AMC to see what is happening, because I simply cannot afford to pay extra to watch the show and I’m sure that there are many othrs in the same state.

    Prospect Park – I don’t think you really wanted this project to be a success, because if you did, you would have at least given it a bit more time.

  • Being that it is online 24/7 we the “fans” can watch anytime and catch up! We have been patiently waiting for our shows to return now this what is the thinking?!

  • Andrea

    To PP… I live in Canada and I WAS watching AMC and OLTL on FX Canada up until May 20th when you screwed us!!!!! I was so excited that both shies were back and I could watch them on tv. You got my hooked and then you pull it out from under me. I will NOT be watching online!!!! You just lost a fan and I’m probably won’t be the last one… Way to go idiots!!!!

  • CeCe

    Cutting back on the soaps from 4 days a week to 2 days (at less than 30 min an episode) is going to destroy these soap. I think views are going to stop watching them after awhile. The are not allowing viewers time to get to know the charters and the the limited time with the storyline is going move to slow allowing people to become board. (I was watching these daily, and would gladly continue to do so, at 4 days, even with the limited time each day, but with this cutback, I am not sure they can hold my interest. Soaps are not like regular shows in they is generally one story line in a hour program. There is generally 3 or 4 storylines going on, and a few min a day for each storyline, 2 days a week is not enough time to keep this interesting and moving along quickly enough. People will grown tired of trying to keep up with what is going one from one week to the next. I consider myself to be a diehard fan, but even I have my limits. (I faithfully watched (or taped and watched) these shows from the beginning until they end and an hour program was not enough buy tolerable.These 30 min (NOT) programs 4 days a week was not as tolerable but I was willing to try them out and give them a chance to hold my interest. But now with this cut back, I just don’t believe that they can hold my interest. I will continue for awhile at least to see if they can pull be back in. BUT I see this as their death sentence, and fear that I will again have to say good-bye to my beloved shows.

  • ddave

    Really disappointing. If the number of viewers are not what you’ve hoped for, then kill the whole project. You tried and it didn’t work. Soaps are a tradition, a 5 day a week tradition. As much as I enjoyed watching them in the past, I will not be satisfied watching each one twice a week. And if you were smart, and not so cost conscious, you would deep-six the Friday “More” episodes. Let me know when you come to your senses and return to a 5 day a week format. Until then, I’m outta here.

  • carhigh

    Can’t believe that after all this wait and all these rumors you are opting out with a totally lame reason for cutting back these Soaps to twice a week, one hour each, per week. There is more advertising than there was in the beginning, so one may assume that the shows are deemed worthy by advertisers. It is time consuming to find the shows on HULUPLUS, there is no longer a lead from one episode to the next, and now the reduction in shows. Sounds like you are unable to satisfy your viewers and are chickening out — the lame suit against ABC also makes one doubt your sincerity, financial backing and willingness to please your viewers. Looks like you’re going to lose this viewer, too…


    We are getting only one hour of our show per week vs. 5 hours the way it used to be. By the time next Monday comes, we will have forgotten what happened on the show Wednesday. Bring back All My Children to 5 days a week – 1/2 hours shows. The show was brought back less than a month and you made this change already. It seems strange that fans would want to what less shows rather than more shows.

  • Ursula Markey

    This is ridiculous!! I have loved all the shows that were on ABC since I was a kid, and have seen most every episode since then. I recorded them on VHS and caught up sometimes 3 weeks at a time and didn’t think anything of it. I have waited a long time for these shows to come back. The new format was confusing at first, but now I get it, then you change it. I actually prefer to watch 5 shows in a row than one per day. It’s easier that way. Also, you have more than doubled the amount of commercials and cut our shows down to less than 20% of what we had. I agree that it is getting boring, I don’t really care for the MORE episodes, I want AMC and OLTL back to 5 days a week of new episodes that I can watch on my time, whether that is one a day or 50 in a row is my choice, don’t take that away or you will lose this viewer too.

  • NME


  • Canadian

    Need to have the shows avail in Canada too!!!! Lots of viewers here!

  • Donna Cheatham


  • Steven

    I must say that two 20 sum minute episodes a week is a little disappointing. One of the things I’ve always loved is the complete chaos of the multiple story lines in the show. That hasn’t changed but it is going to take quite a while to get anywhere. With all of that being said, I absolutely adore All My Children and whether it’s two episodes a week or 5, I will continue to be a loyal viewer. I hope to see some more Pine Valley favorites return. (Erica, Tad, Jack, etc.)