FX Canada Drops ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ From Lineup

FX Networks
Rogers Media, Inc.

As a result of ’s announcement that it had reduced the amount of episodes aired each week of “” and “,” has announced that it has dropped both soaps from its lineup with reruns of “30 Rock” taking over the timeslot effective Monday, May 20.

In a statement, FX Canada’s parent company, Rogers Media, said, “Due to changes in production beyond our control,  FX Canada will no longer be airing ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live.’ Beginning Monday, May 20, back-to-back episodes of critically-acclaimed series ’30 Rock’ will air from noon to 1 p.m. ET on FX Canada.”

Canada was the only other country outside of the United States which broadcast the soaps. In addition, while both soaps were available via online distribution (, and ) in America, FX Canada was the only traditional television platform airing either series.

FX Canada
Rogers Media, Inc.

  • postcarder

    I’m pissed off. Just as I’m getting invested in OLTL again, they take it away. Oh well. I’m not paying to watch it, so I guess that’s the end of OLTL for me. At least I got to see the Victor Jr. cliffhanger resolved.

    • jimsprincess

      That really sucks!! Canada always gets the crap end of everything. I too just got back into oltl again. I’m also satisfied about the whole Victor Jr. thing. I wont pay for it either. It’s back to GH for me which I only started watching because oltl was canceled. Another thing..I hate the new theme song!!

  • amcfanmad

    What the hell. I just came to watch tofsys episode and all my children is not to be found. No I read this. Assholes.

  • Islander

    I’ve been watching All My Children since 1970, now when I’m just getting into it again and thoroughly hooked, you snatch it away! As postcarder says- I can’t afford to pay for it, so I guess they’ve lost another loyal fan! I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

    • Sipumpkins

      People are uploading them on youtube…maybe try it out there?

  • Sub Tear

    Well, I too was disappointed to tune in to watch both soaps and they are no longer being aired on fx canada. So disappointing.

  • Jim

    I’ve read that itunes Canada will now have All My Children and One Life To Live available. Mot sure of the cost but it could be by the episodes or a monthly fee. I believe that once purchased, you would have it forever.

  • blame it on America not FX Canada because AMC adn OLTL has been shuffled around way to long since they left broadcast tv

  • What Crap

    Why did they even bother to show it at all? What a bunch to dimtits! Well, Young and the Restless is looking better and better…. FX sucks badly!

  • Tracy

    I was very sad to learn that I couldn’t watch my soap on tv any more. Hate watching on line it’s not the same quality at all. THIS SUCKS!!!!
    T. C. In Barrie

  • simplyred

    I was so happy when FX started aring all my children…. why would u drop it??? too bad now people in Canada can not be part of the new start up of All my children… I watched it from the begining … a big disappointment for Canadians…. you have lost many viewers…. wish you would make it available for Canadians on the internet… unfortunetly with the cut back of how many days it airs I do not think it will get off the ground…. poor planing folks.


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  • Greasher

    Once I heard All My Children was back on the air, I switched my cable around so that I could get FX Canada. I’ve been watching since 1981 with my Mom. My Mom died in Nov 2011 and one of the last shows she ever watched was the final episodes of All My Children, so I was so pleased when they brought it back…it was like having my Mom back with me again. …this sucks big time!!!. Guess I’ll drop FX Canada too!

  • Peter Harley Robertson

    “BYE BYE FX CANADA” no more All My Children and No more One Life to Live

    I’m betting I-Tunes won’t let us have these shows to download!!

  • Batgirl

    I just upgraded my cable package 3 weeks ago so I could get FX Canada.. I can not believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was this a marketing ploy for FX Canada? How many of us upgraded so we could watch AMC and OLTL? Unbelievable!!!! I don’t want to watch 30 Rock.. What the heck?????

  • R

    I joined fx Canada just for this purpose just to watch amc and oltl. Who cares if it is only twice a week, air it anyway and put 30 rock on the days the soaps don’t air. I don’t even know y I have fx Canada now. Does samcro air on this channel. If so let I suppose I will keep it just for this purpose, but if u cancel samcro, I’m history!!

  • Grandma

    Disappointed that I cannot watch these shows. I looked forward to them as I watched them for years. People in the U.S. can still get them I think. Not fair

  • rapunzel

    bring them back please!! this is such a shame!!! who cares about 30 rock reruns!!!!!