FINAL SCENE: Jeanne Cooper as Katherine Chancellor on ‘The Young and the Restless’

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

In her final words on CBS’ “” as Katherine Chancellor (aired on Friday, May 3), says to ‘s Jill Abbott, “I believe I can manage. Thank you, though,” when Jill asks if Katherine needs help getting up the stairs. Katherine’s final word was “Goodnight” as Jill watched her climb up the steps. Word of Cooper’s final scene came to light courtesy of “Y&R” script editor  on Twitter.

Soap Opera Network has also learned Cooper’s final scenes were taped on Tuesday, March 26, the same day “Y&R” celebrated its 40th anniversary.

  • That was heartbreaking RIP hunnie! <3

  • tomejo

    i deleted the show. what a dummy i am!

  • Dawn

    I got tears watching this.

  • this was so sad to was she didnt look good i knew she was sick by how she looked 3 weeks today my bf grandfather died he was 86 his death was unexpected he had no health problems he was found in his garden he died at place he loved gardening there together now

  • dac

    RIP. Y&R will never be the same.. She was a cornerstone!

  • Bambic

    If you want to see her in her younger years, go to IMDb, enter Jeanne Cooper and her Twilight Zone episode is available FREE, and you can see how many shows she did when TV was still “new”. 🙂

  • So sad, but how fitting…

  • What a legend in daytime! The Duchess will never be forgotten and Y&R will never be the same. This is a sad day. I have watched Katherine Chancellor/Jeanne Cooper since I was 5 years old-I’m almost 40. What a woman, an actress, a legend…

  • I started watching Y&R during the 1990’s during high school. Katharine Chancellor was one of my favorite characters. RIP Jeanne Cooper. “Goodnight”.

  • Jason

    I know the writers didn’t realize this would be Jeanne Cooper’s last scene, but it was very fitting that it was with Jill and that their last words to each other were “Goodnight”.

  • Mellarie

    Y&R will never be the same again. May God bless your soul. you will be greatly missed and your legend will live on forever. Please give Mrs,C the grace and respect and don’t replace her character ,just write her off and allow the cast to give her the proper respect/ send off. We love you Mrs.C / Jeanne Cooper. No more suffering , No more pain !

  • I have watched her for years.She will be missed dearly.I think they should go ahead and write her off the show,no one can replace her.Prayers for fans and family…..Rip Jeanne

  • Brenda W

    Her final scene was sad but perfect. I guess Y&R could write in like she died in her sleep on the show & it would be perfect cause it wouldn’t be right for anyone to take her place on the show. I will miss her & her laugh on the show. RIP Duchess. We love u.

  • Even though I did not know this was the last scene she taped, I was so wanting JILL to say to KATHERINE, “I love you.” Wouldn’t that have been perfect now that we know there will never be any more scenes between the two? And as others have said, it is almost scary that in the story line, it will work out perfectly for MRS. CHANCELLOR to be found having died in her sleep as a result of the brain surgery, from a blood clot, which is a VERY REAL possibility in the type of proceedure she supposedly had. OH, HOW JEANNE WILL BE MISSED!!