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On April 14, 2011, ABC sent shockwaves throughout the daytime industry when it announced it had decided to cancel both “” and “” after 41 and 43 years on the air, respectively. Now two years to the day since that announcement, both soaps are in the process of not only returning to television but also to the world wide web courtesy of ’s . With just two weeks to go before launch, we hope you’re ready for a new kind of soap and a new way to watch soaps.

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Monday, April 29 marks the day that both “AMC” and “OLTL” help transition daytime soap operas from broadcast television to online just as “Guiding Light” helped transition the genre from radio to television in the 1950s. Via , Plus and , fans will now have a new way to watch their favorite soaps. No longer will they be relegated to tuning in at a set time and day to watch what they missed in Pine Valley or Llanview. No more will they have to purchase old technology such as as a VCR (a what?) or even a more modernized version of the device called a DVR (so last year). Instead of recording an episode for later viewing fans can watch episodes when they want, how they want and wherever they want thanks to (for free) or their enabled devices (with $7.99 a month subscription). With , fans can purchase individual episodes of each series for .99 cents or they can purchase a $10 per month subscription for either soap they prefer, which allows multiple viewing capabilities including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Mac or PC for unlimited watching.


Stars Talk Hulu and Online Viewing:

  • (Natalie Buchanan, “One Life to Live”): “Hulu is like my best friend. Seriously! I mean, I watch everything on there. For the last year, I didn’t even have cable. I just watched Hulu and iTunes. So when I heard they were doing this again, and that it was going to be online, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is great!’ It was an exciting thing. I really think this is going to be fun. I think we have an opportunity to change the platform a little bit to bring in newer audiences, keep old audiences.
  • (Blair Cramer, “One Life to Live”): “For the seasoned person out there, it’s scary. But it’s an every day occrrence for the younger generation, and it’s certainly where television is going. Where media is going.”
  • (Griffin Castillo, “All My Children”): “Radio still exists, and TV will still exist, but the internet is going to become your TV in your living room. I mean we’re going to be able to get all of the content we want, and you’re going to be able to watch your Facebook feed while you’re watching your favorite TV show. This is what people want. I even have trouble adjusting to it, because it’s so much. But I think the human brain…I think we’re starting to take stuff faster. We’re evolving. Information is coming at us much quicker, so we have no option except to just absorb it.”
  • (Cutter Wentworth, “One Life to Live”): “I don’t have cable. I don’t have a TV. I have a projector that’s hooked up to my Playstation. So I either watch movies on my computer or I do streaming on my projector.”
  • (Clint Buchanan, “One Life to Live”): “I have two sons. One is 29, and one is 27, and when I was telling them about this, how we were going to be on Hulu and iTunes, they were both looking at me like, ‘It’s about time!’ Because they’re doing everything but watching TV on their coffee pot. They can’t think of the last time they watched [something] on television if it wasn’t football.
  • (Viki Buchanan, “One Life to Live”): “I’ve got kids. And computers now, I know we have it in our house, because we have a genius son who puts it from the computer right onto the TV. I mean, you dont even know that it was ever on the computer. And you can watch it on as big of a television as you want. It’s fantastic.”

How to Watch for Free on Hulu:
All My Children on Hulu / One Life to Live on Hulu

How to Watch with Hulu Plus Subscription:
Purchase Hulu Plus Subscription / Supported Devices / All Available Shows & Movies on Hulu

How to Purchase Individual Episodes/Subscription on iTunes (not yet available):
All My Children on iTunes / One Life to Live on iTunes

  • Joe

    Its a Great Happening for us soap fans that want to be able to see our shows and watch them again …

  • I think its great…I have watched these two shows for along time now. I am Computer Savvy so it makes sense for them to be watched online, and I am not held to a time table and can catch up on shows I miss…Way to go Prospect Park.

    • I watch it on my tv albeit a smart tv with Internet apps ie hulu plusv

  • Magic Inside 2012

    While I’ll enjoy unlimited viewing and all episodes archived on Hulu Plus, does iTunes have the advantage of being able to manipulate the episode with a video editing software program after it’s been downloaded? As I’d done in the past with my AMC recording, I’d like to be able to edit out scenes I don’t want to keep and archive what I do want to keep to DVD!

  • Walter

    Editor in chief didn’t proofread?
    1950’s = 1950s (plural not possessive)
    devises = devices

    Otherwise good article. 🙂

    • Grammer cop: You have been caught not spelling a word right. Put your hands up, you are under arrest. Grammer cops don’t make much money, but they are annoying.

    • CTwildheart

      I have seen much worse in more mainstream publications.

  • TheRalph

    I can’t wait! Only two more weeks!

  • Birdie

    Don’t feel badly, Walter. Society is much too proud of its illiteracy. Don’t be shamed into ignorance.

  • CTwildheart

    It IS fantastic! Can’t wait, only 14 more days…YAAAY! 🙂

  • My question is. Will it last more than a year? How many people will actually by the itunes episodes or get hulu plus? And how long is the archive on the free hulu?

    • Amanda

      Hi Mike, I think Hulu (the free version), will show the last five episodes, like they did when OLTL was on ABC. In that respect, it’s no different. We’re getting Hulu + because we have a Roku that will let us stream to TV. There are no guarantees that these shows will last as long as they did on network TV, but we are so lucky to be living in a time and place where they can find a new home. I’m going along for the full ride!

      • Actially it’s the last 10 on Hulu but Hulu plus gets access to whole season so it won’t get taken down – as for Jin99 this is the future of tv and networks can’t cancel it yes this can last

    • Sh0209

      I hope it tanks only america can watch not to mention the elderly who do not have or possess the knowledge or patiece for computers cannot watch. Show should flop because the production company is retarded take the character of starr manning away from the girl who basically originates the character n now this. Bs

  • I still watch a lot of good programs on television, so I’m not going to trash tv ; BUT I welcome the fact that I can get AMC on HULU now, too …. trying to get wire ran to make my big screen a monitor that I can watch HULU on for AMC …

  • michele

    this great to put up for people who do not understand.

  • hotnana03

    I am a senior citizen on a set amt of money monthly, so how do I not pay for these 2 soaps that I watched since they both started more than 40 yrs. ago?