TOLN Releases ‘First Day of School’ Video on iTunes for ‘One Life to Live’ (Warning: Spoilers)

‘s Tea Delgado is given the honor of saying the first curse word in the newly released “First Day of School” behind the scenes video by , set to music by Raphael Lake/Ben Fisher with their song “Light It Up,” which was recently uploaded as an exclusive. In character, Lozano yells at ‘s Matthew Buchanan on why he let her daughter do…

David M. Russell/Prospect Park
David M. Russell/

drugs of course! Dani (Kelley Missal) was just brought to Llanview Hospital as a result of an apparent drug overdose after leaving Blair’s new club, Shelter, with her father Todd () carrying her out. As for the usage of language, Tea says, “I don’t want any fucking water, Blair [],” as Blair offers it to calm Tea down.

“As I stand here overwhelmed by all the talent, compassion, intelligence in this room. I know we are gonna knock it out of the park. And I’m not talking home run, I’m talking grand slam baby! Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts. ‘’ begins,” says executive producer during the March 18 production meeting prior to the resumption of filming.  (Viki Buchanan) later has the honor of filming the first scene ever shot for the  series as she’s seen next to the staircase of Llanfair.

Fans will get to see and hear from co-head writers and after the two heard fans cheering the show outside the Stamford, CT studio where it along with “” film. Note: Bedsow Horgan recently opted to leave the series as co-head writer due to personal reasons.

“It’s great to see your family again and it’s great to have the whole history of ‘One Life’ kind of coming back alive,” said (Natalie Buchanan) of her first day back on set.

To View the Full Video (3 minutes in length) download for free on iTunes.

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With “Whatcha Say (Two Fingers Up)” by The New Black Tea featuring Kyle Richardson playing in the background, fans of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” are introduced to the behind the scenes personnel that help make the towns of Pine Valley, Llanview and all their characters come to life each and every episode as The OnLine Network also released a “Meet the Crew” video on iTunes.

From executive producers Jennifer Pepperman (“OLTL”) and  (“AMC”), to “AMC” supervising producer , the art directors, the directors of photography and more, fans are in for a real treat.

“One Life to Live” and “All My Children” both premiere Monday, April 29 on , and iTunes.

  • So freakin’ excited! 14 days, 2 hrs, 21 min…& counting!!!

  • TheRalph

    F***, I hate iTunes…bout to download it just so I can see this lol.

  • Aviad

    can’t watch it outsite the states. c’mon toln, think about the international viewers!

    • Hey Aviad. Now, Canada can Watch All My Children and One Life To Live on the Canada Cable Station Canada FX. All My Children will be on at Noon in Eastern Canada and 2 PM in Western Canada. One Life To Live will be on at 12;30 in Eastern Canada and 2:30 PM in Western Canada. That will Start on April 29th. Jody

      • Aviad

        but I’m not from Canada either. I’m from Israel 🙂

  • cd

    I don’t have itunes, could you post it on HULU?

  • Over4tea

    Everyone seems so enthusiastic about this. It’s very encouraging to see the excitement on everyone’s faces. The quality of these videos is great! ABC should have been promoting the shows like this. I kind of hate the fact that they still get to make money off of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC sells them to PP eventually.

  • Can we only see this clip by downloading itunes? Its nowhere else?

  • So stupid we have to leave a damn credit card even to see the free clip. FU Itunes Put it on youtube or hulu zzzzzzzz

  • The bad language is offensive ot me. I swear if that’s the way the show is going to be, I’m tuning out.

    • DTG

      Cya prude.

  • galbiker

    It’s not on my iTunes under OLTL…. where is it?? It looks like video “903” is missing… ???

  • I went to my itunes account to download it. ITS NOT THERE. There are 3 others that are but “First Day of School” isn’t. Bummer cause I was looking forward to Tea not just shrieking but cursing as well.