THE GREAT DEBATE: Prospect Park Defends Its Sexier and Edgier Content

The OnLine Network/TOLN

Since it was first announced that ’s The OnLine Network was looking to once again revive “” and “,” after they were canceled by ABC in 2011, it has been said that the company planned to take the shows into a sexier and edgier environment. In a recent teaser released by iTunes for its launch of the two soaps, (Victoria Lord, “OLTL”) is heard saying, “My agent said, ‘What do you want in this contract?’ I said, ‘No nudity!” Fans shouldn’t expect anything too racy on either show as Prospect Park co-founder  admitted to , Contributing Editor at Bauer Publishing for Soaps In Depth, in an interview with Variety. “We are going to be a little hotter and sexier,” said Frank. He added, “That doesn’t mean we’ll be doing anything that’s offensive. We’re trying to be contemporary and have storylines that are relevant to people’s lives.”

One rival exec doesn’t expect the soaps to be offensive, but does note: “If they turn ‘All My Children’ into porn — and I’m sure they won’t — then nobody is going to watch. Soap audiences are more traditional.” That was a comment by , Senior Executive Vice President, Programming, .

For more on the launch of the two soaps and what Frank’s Prospect Park co-founder has to about the future of television viewing and additional tidbits from Kent and “” co-executive producer, , click here.

“All My Children” and “One Life to Live” both premiere Monday, April 29 on (FREE!), ($7.99 a month for Hulu subscription) and (Subscription pricing TBD).

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  • lulu

    lol Steve Kent, to imagine middle aged women from middle america who so love their soaps being ‘offended’ by all this nudity..lmao..well it will not not happen, it is not cinemax just internet or hulu..ha !

  • michele

    Oh come on….smut is everywhere,are we not tired of it yet??I hope that the stories will continue to have class as they always have,and entertain us….of course you all want the younger viewers,I get it…but do not throw away the people that got you here PP…because without
    us,there would not be a second chance….class is the word here.Have respect for the older viewers who have watched for years,and bring something new to the table that the younger viewers want also.I have faith you all can do this…..

    • lulu

      yep but some more ‘traditional’ soap audience have to accept that corny and black and white storytelling will not work any longer anymore..i know i am quite young and found some soap cliche writing really boring and silly sometimes so accept the changes guys otherwise bye bye your soaps..imho.

      • michele

        Like I said,bring something new to the table for the younger viewers,which I think they will do.I will take the wait and see approach…and actually we old timers kinda made this happen,you little youngen….lol….and if it’s bye-bye…then I will go watch my old black and whites….haahahahaha

        • lulu

          Maybe there will be a little something for EVERYBODY (let’s hope if they want it to work) and i totally respect old-time viewers and old school daytime soap (although not always my cup of tea, some things were great other things..well..) but these shows have to live with their time..otherwise yep it will not work, that is all.

  • Why don’t they give an example of how they are going to be Edgy and Contemporary?