‘GH’s’ Tracy and A.J. Go Head to Head on ‘The Chew’

Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

’s” Tracy Quartermaine () and A.J. Quartermaine () will make the ol’ battle of the sexes debate seem rather blaze when they whip out their spoons and have an epic battle of… brace yourselves… condiments! Yep, that’s right: The onscreen aunt and nephew are taking their rivalry to the next level, starting when Tracy learns that A.J. has been booked on “” to showcase his Pickle-Lila recipe. When the fiery female hears the news, she hits up her new business partner, Nikolas Cassadine () to help her crash the show!

The exciting episodes, which will air on “GH” on Monday, May 13 and Tuesday, May 14, will also feature “The Chew” hosts , , and . But what will happen when the four of them taste Tracy and A.J.’s opposing relishes? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

  • I got a feeling that the segment will turn into a three ring circus where it will end in a tie and no on will be the winner. It will be up to the viewer to break the tie.

  • Alot of viewers are to pissed to watch.Enough with aBC cramming Love myself Katie and the Thief Mario down our thoarts…

  • Kelly

    ABC cannot manipulate me to accept the replacement shows by forcing GH to have them as “guests”.
    And I will not be watching GH when
    The Chew is on it; just like I didn’t watch when Katie was forced on the GH fans

    • Kelly

      Pathetic that ABC tries to take advantage of GH & the fans since the ratings have increased & they need GH’s viewers as a lead in audience for “katie”
      It won’t happen.

      • Need to leave us soap fans alone that refuse to watch that thief that needs a bath.

      • Lol for some reason katie is on our nbc affiliate. GH leads into Jeff probst lol.

  • I also will not watch The Chew on our only remaining soap, we support GH not The Spew….we don’t want their ugly faces on GH….how do they expect us fans to support a disgusting show like The Spew, when their main host Mario is a criminal who stole from his employers…..no one in their right mind would support a criminal….unless your ABC….I guess they all keep their pack of criminals close since ABC started it all with their crime against us true viewers when they wrongfully cancelled two legendary soap operas….does ABC even care they killed off our TV families? of course they don’t, that what criminals do…and I as a viewer/customer will not watch GH on May 13th and 14th…. once a rat always a rat….

    • PS….I hope people of Port Charles start feeling sick after The Spew goes home….and they sue The Spew…..I could just see Tracy and AJ teaming up for a law suit against each other…..I hope they can find a good lawyer…..and I hope this pickle Lila storyline gets over with….

  • Nancy

    Even though I despise ABC I would never not watch GH for the dumbest Chew who cares really about the Chew or Katie for that matter. No talk, news, reality which is all ABC has and beyond doubt the worst shows imaginable. Who would put a show called bet on your Baby on the air? GH for me always. Frank and Ron always.

  • Maureen

    Here’s irony. ABC wanted to get rid of all the soaps to replace them with talk shows like the chew. Now the ratings of the chew are so dismal that they are using a show they were going to cancel to promote a show they were going to replace it with. Aaaagh I love poetic justice.