CBS Daytime Wishes Prospect Park’s ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Nothing But the Best

Cliff Lipson/CBS
Cliff Lipson/CBS

When “” and “” debut with brand new episodes on Monday, April 29 on , and , they will have the full support of CBS Daytime. , Senior Vice President, CBS Daytime, wishes  and , whose licensed the two soaps from ABC in 2011, nothing but the best.

“Congratulations and best of luck on the success. Your success is our success and vice versa. And it’s just a thrilling new experience and I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you,” she said in a message relayed via Soap Opera Network.

, executive producer, “,” says, “I don’t know what to expect from the future, but I can only hope that this will be a wonderful starting off point and a re-birth for the serialized drama.” Phelps has executive produced some of the greatest soaps in television history including “,” “,” “,” “” and even “OLTL.” Relaying to Frank and Kwatinetz, she says, “I think it’s great that they’re doing it and I wish them luck.”

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

, who for five years (2006-2011) portrayed the contract role of Annie Chandler on “AMC” and now plays Chelsea Lawson on “Y&R,” says, “I’m so thrilled for them. I’m so beyond thrilled. I’ve been saying to everyone that [“AMC”] changed [my] life, and I’m so grateful to it, so it could be on in a drive-thru theater, and I’d be like, ‘Great!’ You know? As long as it’s still going, I’m thrilled. I’m happy for them. I owe that show so much, so I just want great things for it. I couldn’t be more happy for them.”

Egan added, “I want to support my friends that are on it, and behind the scenes. A lot of the same people from New York are doing it, so I want to support it as much as I can. I will definitely check it out, yeah.”

Howard Wise/JPI
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

“I’m incredibly thrilled for them and incredibly thrilled for ‘All My Children,'” says “’s” (Rick Forrester), who starred on “AMC” as JR Chandler from 2003-2011. “I’m so glad that somebody had the courage and the vision to want to actually dive head first and try to make this a reality, which they’re doing. I just want them to keep fighting the good fight and hopefully this shows that it could be potentially feasible for [cable networks] to run web series as well.”

“I’m really happy that it went through because it looked like it possibly wasn’t going to happen,”  tells Soap Opera Network of “AMC” airing online nearly two years since going off the air on ABC.

The actress currently portrays Chloe Fisher on “Y&R,” but from 2001-2007 she joined “AMC” first in the role of Frankie Stone (2001) and then later returned to the soap as Frankie’s twin sister Maggie (2002-2007). “I’m excited to see what it looks like. If it works, it could be the best thing for daytime, or it could be the worst thing for daytime. Everything is really moving to online these days.”

Speaking of viewing programming online, Hendrickson says, “I just cancelled my cable! Now I have Apple TV. I think that eventually we’re probably all going to exist online.” She adds, “I’m really happy for ‘All My Children’ to set the pathway for what may actually be the new wave of what’s going to happen with soaps because they call us a dying breed and I’m glad we’re not dying. They’re finding a way to keep on going and I think that ‘All My Children’ is the perfect show to set that path.” Hendrickson also has well wishes for former “AMC” co-star (Bianca Montgomery). “I know she’s going to kill it! She does with everything. She is looking freakin’ fantastic right now!”

  • a VERY classy move by CBSD to do this. Now, if the network will just run the ads…

    • Kara

      Why should they run their ads when they don’t run enough ads for their own shows?

      CBS didn’t even need to say anything

      • jams1234

        Because Prospect Park would be PAYING for those ads to air. If CBS doesn’t want to PROMOTE their own shows…..that’s another issue.

        • Actually, PP went to CBS, NBC, and ABC and wanted to buy time-they all turned them down

  • Thank You CBS. Love The young Restless Bold & Beautiful

  • Very classy of CBS indeed – I still say ABC / Disney can totally suck it.

  • Thank You CBS You certainly have a lot of Class. Needless to say the fans are very excited and just can’t wait until Monday. The absnence of OLTL & AMC proves anything is possible if you believe in Miracles

  • Classy? Where is the explanation as to why they refuse to air the ad? The only one out of the three networks with a legit excuse is ABC, the one people hate. NBC has no excuse and they said. CBS has no excuse and they came up with this.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can put my lineup of AMC, OLTL, and GH back as it was.

  • Screw you CBS! YOU KILLED MY “ANOTHER WORLD” Not that they missed me but I didn’t watch CBS For 10 years and still refuse to watch ANY SOAP from you traitors EVER!!! Just saying.

    • Dear Donna: NBC cancelled Another World, not CBS. You’ve been boycotting the wrong network….

  • Guest

    All the best, however we won’t be running your ads.

  • Tasha

    Good for CBS. They didn’t have to say a word. As for those who think they should have run PP’s ads, would you expect Walmart to allow Target signs in their stores, even if Walmart offered to pay?