‘One Life to Live’ Drops the ‘F-Bomb’; Looks for ‘Hot, Hard Bodies’ for Llanview 2.0

The OnLine Network/TOLN
The OnLine Network/TOLN

continues to channel “’s” original title of “Between Heaven and Hell” in a new audition script, which holds true to their desire to make the online version of the show “edgier” and “fresh.”

According to the script, which is for the role of “Michelle,” she surprises a rather nervous “Billy” by showing up at his doorstep. The awkward exchange has a sweet and innocent acting Michelle expressing her remorse over their failed relationship. However, when Billy doesn’t give her the answers she is looking for and explains that they need to spend some time apart from one another, she becomes erratic and warns him that he can’t just “**** me and then **** me” as she torches his expensive car.

Note: While this is a summarized breakdown of roles currently being cast, this does not in any way mean that a finalized script for the characters will utilize such details nor can any character traits described be expected to appear in the final on air/online version of the series.

“One Life” is also looking to cast some extras as night club patrons. According to a casting call obtained by Soap Opera Network, the show is looking for individuals, both male and female in their early twenties, to play “BEAUTIFUL night club dancer types. Hot, hard bodies. Looking for model good looks. Must be in wonderful physical shape. Must be very attractive. Must be comfortable with improvised movement/dancing. Experienced dancers would be a plus.” A previous casting call also described them as “hip, cool, current, and fashionable.”

Lastly, posted on her Facebook page on March 12 that she had “Just booked a U5 role on ‘One Life to Live.’ Playing a cougar.”

  • jonboy

    No prude myself and I’ve used the word but, really, is it all that necessary? Quite frankly I’ve been turning away from movies and cable series that drop the f bomb every other sentence in favor of classic oldies which were more wholesome.

    • cindercity12

      I don’t think anyone’s going to be dropping it in every other sentence, but that’s how some people talk. If you live in the real world, you’ll hear that word and other words used naturally. It feels warranted. The character is upset in that scene and when people are upset, they sometimes use obscenities.

  • Marisadanielle

    I certainly hope I will not hear the F word. That to me is not necessary. I don’t like hearing it in real life either.

  • Really??? Don’t mess up the program before it gets started… keep the integrity of what OLTL is and has always been for years…

  • So are they doing porn now? Could do without the F-bomb on my 43 year old soap opera! OLTL never needed such to be a great soap! How about just getting back more of our fave actors who didn’t need shock value to have a good story?

  • Jeff

    Oh, jeez Louise. Put on your big-girl panties and get over it, everybody. It’s just a damn word, and it’s hardly pornography.

  • David

    Guys and Girls; it’s 2013. An occasional F bomb is completely natural in speech. The only reason OLTL refrained from profanity was because they were forced to by ABC. Certainly not because it wasn’t warrented for different scenes over the years. Honestly, it sounds like Prospect Park is giving the show a much needed facelift. In order for soaps to survive, they need to keep current with other shows.

    • Eleni

      Yeah. I mean, if Mitch Lawrence was coming after me, you bet I’d be yelling lots of F-bombs and such even though I blush at the thought in every day conversation.

      (Scorned-lovers-catching-cheating-spouses would be so much more realistic, too. It always sounded weird when someone on the show would be so incensed with rage or jealousy and would basically be like “Golly gee! You are horrible and this hurts me! I’m going to throw this vase at you and still keep all my language PG for daytime!” ^_- )