NEP Broadcasting Currently Constructing Studio Space for ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’

In a report by, “” and “” will both begin production on Monday, February 25 for their online incarnations, which are set to premiere sometime in April exclusively on Hulu. NEP Broadcasting, LLC is currently constructing studio space for both series in an old factory in Connecticut, the website says. This would indicate that despite reports stating otherwise, neither show will be filming at the¬†Stamford Media Center, where “Maury” is filmed.


It’s understood that Connecticut was chosen as a location by as a result of tax credits the state provides production companies.¬†, senior vice president and general manager at NEP Broadcasting, confirmed as much when he said, “We became a Connecticut entity because of the tax credit there.” He added, “We can build a studio anywhere.” The company has built nine permanent studios in New York, two in the United Kingdom and has 13 semi-permanent, custom control rooms already built in Connecticut, Los Angeles and the UK.

“One Life to Live” moved from its long-time studio space, Studio 17, located at 56 West 66th Street, to Studio 23, located at 320 West 66th Street in January 2010, which was where “All My Children” had filmed much of its 41-years of television before moving to the Andrita Studios in Los Angeles, CA at the same time.

  • I live in Canada and we can’t view Hulu, how are the loyal fans in Canada suppose to watch the soaps.

    • They did say that they were also going to put them on itunes as well.

    • Luv soaps

      There is still a chance they may go to a cable channel, which is what I’m hoping for.

    • stweve

      mzybe a canadian company will air it both online or cable… keep fingers crossed

    • Stephen Marcus

      They will also air on The Online Network (not sure how this works) and iTunes. A lot of people think they will get a cable pick up as well. I read that PP is looking to sell the show internationally so you will get it eventually.
      I suggested that ATWT used an old warehouse in Yonkers to save production costs. Prospect Park will be saving a fortune with this move.

      • itunes yes, but they’re holding off right now on The Online Network.

  • Anymore AMC actors sign on yet?

  • Is there a deal with a network or are they planning to stream online?

    • I must agree with Susan Beetham. Will there be a network involved along the planning to stream online? I can’t wait to see what happened in April 2013.

  • If they have a studio in LA why not let the three characters film their stuff in LA?

    • Because those studios may be filled with sets from other shows they are producing.