Marlene McPherson Named Head Writer of ‘All My Children’

Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos
Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

On Tuesday, January 22, provided soap fans with casting, writing and production updates for its soaps “” and “.” While the company officially confirmed that Susie Bedsow Horgan and Thom Racina would be helming “OLTL,” the status of who’d be leading “AMC” remained unclear. Today, Soap Opera Network can confirm that former “” Head Writer  has been named Head Writer of Prospect Park’s online version of “All My Children.”

While rumors had been running rampant for weeks, Soap Opera Network held off on reporting her heading up “AMC’s” writing team due to the lack of solid intel. Details on whether McPherson will be receiving a co-head writer as “One Life to Live” has with Horgan and Racina remains unclear. A formal announcement from Prospect Park is expected in the coming weeks.

McPherson, along with former “Days of our Lives” co-head writing partner Darrell Ray Thomas, won the Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team for their 2011 work on the NBC daytime drama series. They shared the award with and .

  • alistaircrane

    LOL good luck with that, AMC fans. Marlene McP is the biggest hack bitch there is. She spent her entire tenure at Days trying to break up Carrie and Austin. Pathetic!!!

    • I heard that AMC is Marlene’s favorite soap and she’s working closely with Agnes Nixon

    • At least she brought back Carrie and Austin. TomSell fired all the vets.

      Marlene was 1000x better than DAYS present team.

      • alistaircrane

        The only good thing MarDar did was FINALLY give Carrie and Austin a baby.

    • Evan

      I think she wanted to give them story line and drama instead of bringing them back and having them do absolutely nothing. That’s the point. Create some drama and have them come out of it in the end.

      • alistaircrane

        By repeating the Carrie/Mike affair from the late 90s? That’s not a way to treat longtime Carrie and Austin fans. I hate her guts. Days is lucky to be rid of her!

  • Gary

    Well good I can officially not worry about watching now. It is clear that Prospect Park is putting more emphasis on One Life To Live again. This lady wasn’t good enough for OLTL so they give her AMC and evidently weren’t even sure about that since they wait so long to make it official. Over this already and don’t care anymore. Thanks Prospect Park. If you were going to do things so haphazardly why in the world even do anything with AMC. It is very clear you only care about One Life To Live.

    • They care about both soaps. Marlene was head writer for DAYS, which won and Emmy for Best writing last year.

      • Gary

        So did Dena Higley and many of us know how bad of a writer she is. An Emmy win simply means she could put together a good episode. It is what she did the rest of the time she was at Days on a daily basis that I judge a writer on. The stuff she wrote on Days was a daily bore. And drove Days ratings down. What they have now isn’t much better but I judge her on what she wrote and not what others did.

  • I don’t know anything about her, to make a judgment, with everyone’s pissy attitude the shows won’t make it.. I’m taking faith..

  • Sandra

    I am looking forward to this and sincerely hope Prospect Park is a huge success and puts ABC to shame!!!

  • Those that complain, Marlene won Days and Emmy for writing 2011

    • Gary

      Big deal. An Emmy win means someone can put together a good reel or had one good episode. Considering the bad actors and the bad writers, etc. that have been able to sneak Emmy wins over the years the Emmy doesn’t mean much. And remember Dena Higley was also one of the winners of that award too. Many Days fans laughed when all of those won.

  • WOOHOO! Thanks for keeping us in the know Errol 🙂 Cannot wait to see how this all turns out! So excited! we fought a good fight, and won! lol long live AMC & OLTL

  • Congrats…..

  • Didn’t watch Days during her time, Was it plot driven or character driven.


      i would love to see all my children again but a new begaining with new people but this time with a VAMPIRE IN THE MIX THAT WOULD BE COOL

  • golfboy

    Blech! Here we go again with recycled Writers who were unsuccessful at other jobs. If I kept getting fired from jobs, I wouldnt get hired again!
    Where’s Lorraine? Need someone with history of Characters and Pine Valley!

  • Amanda

    I’m also looking forward to this! Can’t wait to see what McPherson cooks up!

  • Dianne

    I’m looking forward for two see ! OLTL and AMC I miss it .

  • Congratulations to Ms. McPherson; may she do justice at being a Head Writer for “All My Children”.:)

  • i hope it works well also but online>i dont know.i wish go on soap net or cable.i dont have too much hope for online.will see.

  • Gary

    Since it has been announced on another site that they are recasting JR, I can just imagine that McPherson will revisit her Will story from Days. JR will probably decide he is gay now and he will run around town yelling at Dixie and getting the hots for David Hayward and proclaiming that David is the only true father he has. And everyone will wait and wait for David and JR to at least kiss but nothing will ever happen.

  • Congratulations and thank you again Prospect Park and all who are HELPING with this. Still need to be ignoring all the negative people out there, use to it though:)

  • Is All My Children & One Life To Live is coming back on tv abc day time
    I love the show it was sad when they sad that they was going to take off all my children & one life to live i watch it every day & night to

  • hope we will be able to access from Canada……..

  • Pam

    So looking forward to my favorites coming back – yay!!!

  • OMG! I miss AMC sooooo much! What a void not having Pine Valley in my life has left. I miss those characters so much! Can’t wait!