Florencia Lozano Brings Téa Back to Llanview!

Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

 will once again be reprising her role of Téa Delgado on ABC’s “,” only this time she’ll be popping up in Llanview.

Soap Opera Network has learned that while Lozano is back for an unknown number of episodes, the actress will once again appear on the drama series after an unexpected visitor pays her character a visit on the Friday, September 7 episode.

Lozano’s return is said to coincide with a major cliffhanger the soap has planned that will help entice viewers to tune in for the Monday, September 10 episode, which is when the soap kicks things off in its new timeslot – a slot that was previously held by “” up until it aired its final episode nearly nine months ago to the day.

“General Hospital” moves to 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT/CT beginning Monday, September 10, on ABC. The show will not experience a timeslot shift on SOAPnet.

  • Brian Tripp

    Please tell me that Victor escapes and comes home to Tea!

  • Cindy Brandon

    I want Victor back too so he can help her with the lose of their baby. Oh I am worried she won’t be able to handle loosing them both.

    • yoyo

      The baby isn’t dead

  • I cannot believe how much my heart is still aching over One Life to Live. I hate you ABC/Disney!

    • same here oltl was my favorite my heart and so many others are feeling your pain 🙁

    • rosebud

      I miss One life to live to, my afternoons will never be the same, I hope we go to Lianview and we stay there and never go back to Port Charles, In other words, I want my favorite soap back.

    • Pat

      There are hundreds of thousands who share your mourning for “one life to live!” I think ABC made a mistake with that one! It was the only soap with heart and humor. YouTube clips help me relive the memories…

  • Maybe the baby is STILL ALIVE!! Who knows what Heather did, or who she has connections with?

  • Cindy Lopez

    Hoping it’s Trevor St. John that will be the cliff hanger!!

  • Brandi

    Please let this mean that VIctor is coming back! 😀
    i miss him soo much <3

  • One Lifers go away!!! Florenzia Toscano over acts more than Kristen Alderson (Starr). I wish they would wrap up the lame baby switch and jettison the One Life refugees. OLTL is done, move on!
    One Life was a work of fiction that has none come to an end. What scares me is that people grieve more for its loss than that of an actual deceased loved one. Time to come back to reality. SMH.

  • ora webb

    I miss all my children and one life to live. Bring back our soaps Abc