UPDATE: Florencia Lozano Heading to ‘General Hospital’

Monique Carboni

UPDATE 12:23 PM ET on 4/10/12: A “” representative tells Soap Opera Network that Lozano will first air the week of May 7, 2012 as Téa Delgado from “.”

PREVIOUS: After weeks of speculation, Soap Opera Network can now report that actress will be reprising her role as Téa Delgado from “One Life to Live” on ABC’s “General Hospital” in the coming weeks. The news was broken by website .

It was on Friday, March 23, 2012, when executive producer revealed on Twitter that there was “Exciting #GH casting news coming… stay tuned!” Soon afterward, reported that the news would be announced as soon as Monday, March 26, 2012. Since then there had not been a word uttered from Valentini or a show spokesperson in regards to the producers tweet. Although, on Friday, April 6, 2012, Valentini did post the following on :

The industry was abuzz after learning of Hughes’ status upgrade at “GH,” but there were those, including myself, who didn’t believe she was the casting news Valentini had been alluding to all along:

Well the news is now out and Lozano begins filming this week at “GH,” according to WLS. A first airdate is uknown at this time.

Due to the holiday weekend, a show spokesman was unavailable for comment.

  • 30GHFan

    Valentini is disingenuous and is turning out to be the worst thing to happen to this show yet. Never thought I would yearn for the day of Guza. News flash Frank, your OLTL hybrid is not working, the ratings suck. Stop doing drive by GH vet returns and giving OLTL characters contracts.

    In case you didn’t get the memo, OLTL was cancelled and ended in January

    • Technically, the ratings have only been getting stronger, or so I’ve heard…. just saying…

    • The OLTL hybrid is working, whether or not I’m a fan of it— and I don’t know if I am. I love OLTL first, and I adore the OLTL characters more than any soap. GH is GH though and I want to see it do well. So, since it does seem to be working out for GH in terms of ratings, I think it’s a good thing for GH (not OLTL per se, if they somehow address the OLTL cliffhanger on GH, which would infuriate me). Having said all of that, only 3 OLTL characters are on contract- clearly John McBain (Michael Easton), Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson), and Todd Manning (Roger Howarth). We don’t know the terms of 2 of those contracts, so John and Todd may not even be on for more than a year. And the fact of the matter is they’re being weaved into GH; they’re not telling THEIR stories as OLTL characters. So, there’s nothing to complain about. GH (in terms of GH characters and storylines) is the best its been in years. There was like 1 drive by GH vet return, but don’t make something out of it, that it isn’t. There’s always room for a retrun. Valentini, however, brought several other vets on board to stay and more likely to come.

  • Brian Tripp

    I LOVE Florencia Lozano! I will wait to see what other news comes out with this. Tea would make a great character on GH. I do agree with 30GHFan (slightly) that we do not need tons of OLTL characters on GH. I was a huge OLTL fan but I think the GH fans deserve to have their vets back too. Why not bring on Lucy Coe, Bobbie Spencer, Frisco Jones, & Robert Scorpio (Tristan should have been signed along with Finola). Bring back Dillon Q with a new actor and steel Wally Kurth back from Days as Ned. The Q’s need a larger presence again on the show. I would love if AJ was still alive and they snagged Sean Kanan to play him. He looks so much like Steve Burton (Jason).

  • Susieinnm1950

    Have to disagree about Valentini, I think what they are doing with GH is wonderful, under Guza I grew quite weary of the “Sonny” show.

  • Katelynandsheila

    Would love to see shaun evens and david vickers show up in port charles also they were great.I stopped watching gh years ago due to the same old mob thing day after day but now that they are bringing one life into gh I am watching again and I know that if they continue this they will have top ratings on there show.I wish they could have just combined the shows together and make one big soap .keep up the good work gh!:-)

  • Boldone3

    Hopefully she will be asked to stay on long term.
    And what is the status of Blair?? She coming too??

  • Boldone3

    ditto. LOVE whats happening to the show!

  • BonnieCarly

    This is wonderful news, but also do not want it to turn into OLTL, I agree with Brian we need more GH vets back…but they are working on it! From what I have heard the ratings are not great still very low, and not much that far ahead of Revolution, which is sinking..