How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


GH Recap: Thursday, December 15, 2011


( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, December 15, 2011.


Mac, Delores, Dante and Ronnie troubleshoot closing the Lisa Niles’ case. Delores is doubtful they got the killer. Meanwhile, Anthony calls Maxie.

Looking for Michael, Carly discovers the DVD from Franco and pockets it. Alexis realizes Jason is distracted – what is going on inside Jason’s brain? Jason erupts in fury over Franco’s message.

Maxie reminds Lulu that she can only push Dante away so many times before he decides it is the last time. Lulu asks Dante if he still has the ring.

Sonny and Kate get close over their past.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Monica is concerned about her son’s anger.
  • Sonny and Kate get close.
  • Ethan tries to communicate with the Woman in White.

Ten years is a longtime for a website to remain in operation. It is thanks to all of you that we’ve been able to provide you with the most up-to-date, current and timely information relating to the genre of soap operas between our SON Community and our reporting team. Unfortunately, in the past month there hasn’t been much of any up-to-date, current or timely information relating to the genre of soap operas posted on Soap Opera Network by its reporting team. Why is that? It isn’t like there hasn’t been news to report, especially with the reign of Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, coming to a close in January after a year in which he canceled “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Frank Valentini, executive producer, and Ron Carlivati, head writer, from “One Life to Live” will be taking over from Jill Farren Phelps and Garin Wolf as EP and Head Writer, respectively in the coming weeks. The Online Network (TOLN) is still looking to shop around funding/support for both “AMC” and “OLTL” following last month’s announcement that Prospect Park would “suspend” plans to put the programs online early next year. So what happened to Soap Opera Network and why did we not report on any of these breaking stories? It’s no one’s fault but my own.

Over the years I’ve taken unplanned “breaks” from the website due to personal issues that would surely rival any soap opera currently seen on television today. Previously, there were no precautions in place for when I would be gone and the staff would not know to do X, Y and/or Z in my absence. Being the face of the site and the primary contact between the soaps themselves and what eventually gets posted on the site from information we’ve gathered, there really was no way the site could function correctly without proper directives.

While I won’t go into specifics, I can say that one of the primary issues has been dealt with and should no longer be categorized as such. There are now directives in place that will ensure the sustainability of the site no matter the absence of any one individual, including myself. Additionally, we will be returning you to our regularly scheduled reporting, and for those of you who have emailed us worried about where we have gone, we thank you.



Errol Lewis
Editor in Chief

OLTL Alerts: Week of December 19 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of December 19, 2011.


  • Monday: Roxy’s dreams comes true when she wakes up in the world of “Fraternity Row.”
  • Tuesday: Clint decides between Viki and Kim. Téa tries to get John to talk about Natalie.
  • Wednesday: David is there for Viki. Shane wants to give Rex justice for Gigi’s death as a Christmas present.
  • Thursday: Cutter tells the truth. Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with the family.
  • Friday: The truth about Stacy is finally revealed. Natalie and John make new plans to discuss their relationship.

OLTL Recap: Wednesday, December 15, 2011

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, December 14, 2011.


Téa, with her knowledge that Todd could be Victor’s killer, is driven half crazy when Blair and Danielle, both clearly in pain, come to grips with Tomas’s confession. Meanwhile, Starr expresses her relief to Todd that the mystery of who killed Victor is over. After telling him about her troubles with Rick, Todd reveals his feelings for Blair. Starr urges him to take it slowly, adding that she doesn’t think a phone call to see how Mom’s doing would be too pushy. At EOD, Todd calls Blair and tries to keep it light, but can’t stop himself from revealing that there’s something he wants to tell her.

John wants Natalie’s team to use Blair’s computer to find out the origination of Tomas’s Skype call. Their professional chat quickly turns personal with John demanding to know why Natalie is so cool toward him now. Before Natalie is forced to answer, Téa interrupts. At EOD, she quickly delivers the results of the technical exploration of Blair’s computer and goes. Tea and John wonder if they’ll be able to locate Tomas now.

Bo and Nora bring Matthew home and are surprised to find a one-man welcome wagon there David. He brings them up to speed on his latest enterprise: The Boy with the Chipmunk Tattoo. He’s on a publicity junket for the movie, sure to be a blockbuster. Matthew’s not too subtle when he gets rid of his parents so he can speak privately with David about Destiny’s pregnancy. Destiny arrives and asks the question that’s been on her mind since Matthew recovered: Is he going to be a part of their baby’s life? Nora’s upset that Matthew wanted her and Bo to leave. She thinks Matthew hates her now for having convinced Destiny to keep the baby. Bo urges Nora to give Matthew some time and space.

Shaun, Roxy and Nigel lament the cancellation of Fraternity Row. Roxy realizes that their petition to save Fraternity Row isn’t enough to make any sort of impact on the network. They need to make a bigger splash – something that will garner attention, publicize their cause, rock the boat. When David enters, she hits on the idea that he’s the answer.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Roxy asks David to help her save “Fraternity Row.”
  • Matthew and Destiny argue over the baby.
  • Todd tells Jack that he knows what he did.

GH Recap: Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bob D'Amico/ABC

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, December 14, 2011.


Matt confronts Lucky about Elizabeth’s voluntary check-in at Shadybrook. Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes a new friend… or have they met before? Later, Matt visits Elizabeth. Lucky and Maggie trade spiritual experiences.

Robin has a heart-to-heart with Jason. Concerned Michael rushes to Chicago with Sam. Shawn breaks important news about Jason to Carly. When Franco’s name comes up, Jason erupts in anger again.

Meanwhile, we realize Shawn has family history.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Carly discovers a DVD from Franco.
  • Mac, Delores, Dante and Ronnie troubleshoot closing the Lisa Niles’ case.
  • Dante is questioned by Lulu.

OLTL Teasers: Week of December 12 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” Teasers for the Week of December 12, 2011.


  • Monday (Episode #11021): Téa makes cryptic comments to Todd regarding Victor’s murder. John invites Natalie to live with him. Viki encounters Charlie at the Bon Jour. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Tuesday (Episode #11022): David takes Bo, Nora, and Matthew by surprise with a welcome home party. Rex and Shane discuss Aubrey. Stacy has more memories of the past. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Wednesday (Episode #11023): John asks Natalie what is going on. David takes Bo, Nora, and Matthew by surprise with a welcome home party. Matthew and Destiny have a difference of opinion. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Thursday (Episode #11024): Roxy thinks David can save her soap. Todd admits he knows Jack started the fire at The Sun. David appears on Blanca’s talk show. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Friday (Episode #11025): Jessica and Natalie decorate the Llanfair Christmas tree. John supports Téa in her moment of need. (Rated: TVPG)

GH Teasers: Week of December 12 Edition

Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

( — “General Hospital” Teasers for the Week of December 12, 2011.


  • Monday (Episode #12452): Sam fights her feelings. Dante outsmarts Olivia. Ethan becomes the caretaker of Wyndermere. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Tuesday (Episode #12453): Michael grows frantic. Maggie offers Patrick advice about Emma. Lucky goes to see Liz. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Wednesday (Episode #12454): Matt and Lucky butt heads. Michael and Sam head for Chicago. Robin and Jason have a important discussion. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Thursday (Episode #12455): Mac, Delores, Dante, and Ronnie share their thoughts on Lisa’s murder case. Carly receives a DVD from Franco. Lulu has a few questions for Dante. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Friday (Episode #12456): Sonny and Kate bond. Monica is concerned about her son’s anger issues. Ethan tries to talk with the Woman in White. (Rated: TVPG L, V)

OLTL Recap: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, December 13, 2011.


Ford and Jessica bond while picking out a Christmas tree together. Shaun and Vivian are doing the same. Alone, Shaun pulls out an engagement ring he planned to give Vivian for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Aubrey is tree shopping, hoping to surprise Rex when he comes home from Texas with a home properly decorated for the holidays. Meanwhile in Texas, Rex tells Shane that Aubrey will be spending the holidays with them. Shane senses that Aubrey is becoming important to Rex. He tells Rex that he’s okay with Aubrey spending time with him. Unbeknownst to Shane and Rex, Gigi has seen them in the motel corridor. Gigi has a brief flashback to being with Shane in the suites. Gigi is convinced again that she is Stacy.

At the Bon Jour II, Viki and Charlie are shocked to have crossed paths again. After exchanging pleasantries, Viki eventually reveals that she ran away from Clint after he kissed her. Charlie thinks Viki is afraid of letting another man hurt her the way he did. Charlie encourages her to go after Clint.

Clint and Kim begin to process that they were set up by Cutter. Neither one of them abandoned the other. Kim notes that if it weren’t for David and Cutter, she and Clint would still be married. Clint admits that he is torn about his feelings for both Kim and Viki. Kim encourages Clint to make up his mind… because she already has.

At EOD, Kim crosses paths with Rama.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Blair and Dani break down over Tomas’ confession.
  • David surprises Bo, Nora, and Matthew.
  • Roxy comes to a realization about “Fraternity Row.”

OLTL Recap: Monday, December 12, 2011

Thomas A. Montalto/

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, December 12, 2011.


Téa is thrown when Blair tells her that Tomas called and confessed to the murder. John sends a cop to pick up the computer to try to trace Tomas. Téa continues her pretense but chills Todd with some ambiguous comments about her husband’s killer.

Natalie drops off the baby with John. Neither able to admit their feelings.

Meanwhile Roxy is having a meeting with Nigel, Shaun and Destiny in John’s room, preparing their protest of the cancellation of Fraternity Row. Roxy tells them about the John and Natalie saga as John comes in. Destiny holds the baby for a moment, beginning to register the fact that she’s about to be a mother. Nigel leads the soap protesters to the Lord Library to finish their meeting. John confesses to Liam his love for Natalie. John invites Natalie to stay.

Rex narrowly avoids seeing Stacy at the Bon Jour, but Stacy sees him and Viki. Stacy tells Cutter something’s weird about how Rex found them, and about how she knows she’s been to this place before.

Viki, as a lark, steps in and puts on a waitress uniform to help out when she learns they’re shorthanded. She goes to take an order and realizes the customer is Charlie.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Ford and Jessica go tree shopping.
  • Gigi has another flashback.
  • Charlie gives Viki some advice.

OLTL Recap: Friday, December 9, 2011

Thomas A. Montalto/

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Friday, December 9, 2011.


Tomas via a Skype-type phone call makes a confession to Blair. Todd’s simultaneously relieved and guilty. Blair’s devastated after her talk with Tomas – and Todd shows up. She breaks down with him and he comforts her.

But Tea, after learning that John believes Todd is really Victor’s murderer, shows up, urgently telling Blair she has to talk to her. After much stonewalling from John, Téa realizes he has his own idea about who killed her husband. She then insists that she must warn Blair, but John’s sure that Blair will let her emotion get in the way. At EOD, she shows up to find Blair in Todd’s arms.

Cutter goes to check on a room for them. Stacy is alone when Rex arrives. Earlier, Aubrey is surprised Rex is back. Aubrey assumes Rex is ready to re-start his search for Cutter and Stacy. But Rex tells her he needs to take some time off and be with Shane. They’re going to Texas to honor Gigi’s memory by attending a pie contest there – where Rex and Gigi first found each other again. He kisses Aubrey, evening the score between them, asking her to spend Christmas with him and Shane. Aubrey happily accepts.

Clint’s thrown when he discovers that Viki is really leaving town. They argue over Kim. Viki isn’t convinced that he wouldn’t forget about Viki if Kim showed up at that door. Clint follows her over the threshold – and his ankle bracelet alarm sounds. He kisses her. She goes anyway. At EOD, Viki’s in Texas with Rex…And Clint is opening the door to Kim.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Téa’s comments unnerve Todd.
  • John invites Natalie to move in.
  • Viki bumps into Charlie.

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