How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Bob D'Amico/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of November 21, 2011.


Maxie and Matt mix business with unexpected pleasure on Monday, November 21. Sparks fly between Delores and Johnny as the pair discuss crime and punishment. On Tuesday, November 22, effected by her discussion with Olivia, Lulu finally seems to get back on track with Dante. Will fate soon impede upon Lulu’s progress? Luke slips out when Lucky arrives to reunite with Aiden. Lucky and Tracy worry about Luke’s next move. Tracy’s disappointed by the suitor who arrives to keep her company on Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 23.

NOTE: On Thursday, November 24, “General Hospital will air an encore presentation. “GH” will not air on Friday, November 25.

The Inside Story: Forget You Not
Sam tries to distract herself by focusing on Michael’s problems. Jason warns Carly that Franco still poses a real threat to her and Josslyn. Shawn’s single-minded focus agitates Carly. Franco prepares another surprise. Monica, meanwhile, invites Jason and Sam to the Quartermaine Thanksgiving. Shawn prepares a special feast for Carly. Jason and Sam remain profoundly haunted despite their efforts to move forward. Jason flips out at the Quartermaine Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, November 23. Franco leaves a gift for Josslyn.

A Closer Look: I Love You (Not)
On Monday, November 21, Kate realizes Sonny is going away to officially end his marriage to Brenda. Sonny makes a slight alteration to his plans and arrives to see Kate with a surprise. Dante confronts Kate about her involvement at the warehouse where he was shot. Sonny orders Dante to back off. Kate and Sonny arrive at a special destination. Later, Sonny is surprised to find Kate’s hotel room empty.


  • Sam tries to calm Jason down.
  • Kate helps Sonny face the past.
  • Mac finds a distraught Robin.
  • Dante is assigned a new partner.
  • Elizabeth’s reaction to Luke shocks everybody.

OLTL PreVUE: Week of November 21 Edition

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of November 21, 2011.


On Monday, November 21, Brody threatens John and Natalie at gunpoint. John manages to reason with Brody. John and Natalie return home with the infant. Roxy continues to push John to talk to Natalie. Jessica, Roxy, and Shane each try to cheer up Brody. Elsewhere in Llanview, Mayor Finn reminds Bo of their deal. Still in a coma, Matthew narrates the tale of Thanksgiving 2011. Bo and Nora spend the holiday at their son’s bedside. Rick plants a rumor that Nate and Starr are having an affair on Tuesday, November 22. The teens pounce on Rick. Jessica and the children have fun with Ford. Natalie and Jessica share a sisterly moment on Wednesday, November 23. Clint tells Shane he’s sorry. Viki and Clint share a wishbone. And someone dies.

NOTE: On Thursday, November 24, “One Life to Live” will air an encore presentation of the September 2, 2011 episode, where Kim learns her brother is in Llanview, Cutter receives a surprise visit from his sister, and Viki talks to Todd about Victor’s murder. “OLTL” will not air on Friday, November 25.

The Inside Story: Unwelcome Guests
Todd catches Tomas by surprise at the warehouse on Monday, November 21. Blair talks to Starr about the men in her life. Dani learns her mother is pregnant. Jack is still claiming that Todd killed Victor. On Tuesday, November 22, Todd and Baker team up against Tomas. Blair learns that Tomas on the trial of Victor’s killer. Téa warns Blair not to break her brother’s heart. Tomas appeals to Todd’s guilty conscience. And Blair invites the Delgados to Thanksgiving dinner.

A Closer Look: Familiar Faces
Rex and Aubrey just miss Stacy and Cutter at Dr. Fascinella’s office on Monday, November 21. Stacy convinces Cutter not to strangle Alex. Rex and Aubrey work to coax information out of the doctor’s receptionist, and wonder if Cutter’s friend had surgery to look like Gigi. Rex comes to a realization and comes up with a plan. Meanwhile, Cutter involves his mother in his latest scheme on Tuesday, November 22. Rex and Aubrey put their plan in motion, only to find someone unexpected waiting for them. And on Wednesday, November 23, Shane tells Roxy he knows why Rex went to Brazil.


  • The lives of one family are changed forever.
  • John and Natalie makes plans to talk about their relationship.
  • Rick’s actions could prove disastrous for someone close to Starr.
  • Todd cozies up to Blair by supporting Tomas.
  • Is Jack’s attitude toward Todd starting to soften?

‘OLTL’ Welcomes Back Tonja Walker


( — Tonja Walker brings popular villainess Alex Olanov back to “One Life to Live” for four episodes that began on Thursday, November 17, when it was revealed that she has a shocking connection to another Llanview resident, Cutter Wentworth (Josh Kelly). Walker’s other airdates include November 18, 21, and 22.

via Press Release


Fan favorite Tonja Walker Davidson will return to play the character fans love to hate, Alex Olanov on ABC’s “One Life to Live” on NOVEMBER 17. Ms. Davidson received a Daytime Emmy® Award nomination for the role of Alex Olanov which she originated in 1990 and played until 1997. She was last seen as Alex in March of this year.

“For years I have been asked to bring the notorious Alex Olanov back to ‘One Life to Live,” where she usually finds herself in the middle of a sinister plot,” said Ms. Davidson. “I relish the opportunity to bring Alex back to OLTL with surprises that even shocked me.”

Currently, Ms. Davidson hosts her own radio show, Straight Talk Live! With Tonja Walker in Fairfield, CT. She has also just starred in two indie films due out in 2012, Excuse Me for Living with Wayne Knight, Jerry Stiller and Christopher Lloyd, and My Dog the Space Traveler, with Chris Lemmon. Some of her other enterprises include becoming a National Internet Safety Advocate thru non-profit Project Love®/Purple America® and uKnowKids™. Project love is a non-profit character education organization that empowers children to examine their choices, and learn how their choices impact others. Tonja’s tenacity and talent have served her well and continue to do so as she rounds things up at OLTL for its eminent farewell.

Following her time on OLTL, created the Tonja Walker’s Professional Performing Arts Studio as well as forming Tonja Walker Productions in 2005 which has successfully produced feature films. Her other ventures include writing children’s books, creating TV shows, starring in numerous pilots for TV, mini-series, film, starring in a one woman show in NY, LA and Vegas and Associate Producing for the Tony nominated play Enchanted April. Her talents and ambitions have reached far and wide as she has also taken on the role of being Miss Maryland in the Miss USA pageant and has gone on to tour the country as an opening act for national recording artists.

Married to Cleveland entrepreneur Edward Davidson since 1997, Ms. Davidson is the proud mother of two beautiful girls and three step-children.

Emmy Award-winning “One Life to Live,” created by Agnes Nixon, was launched July 15, 1968. Frank Valentini executive-produces. Ron Carlivati is the headwriter. The popular drama consistently ranks among the top five in the key demographic of Women 18-49. “One Life to Live” airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (2:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

OLTL Recap: Thursday, November 17, 2011

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, November 17, 2011.


John and Natalie join forces for their child’s sake. Jessica, Ford, Viki, Clint, Shane, Nigel, and Roxy unite as a family to support Natalie.

Rex confesses to Aubrey that he saw Cutter board a plane to Brazil with the woman he was trying to pass off as Gigi. Aubrey worries that Rex has fallen prey to another one of Cutter’s schemes. At EOD, Aubrey decides to follow Rex to Brazil.

In Brazil, Cutter and Stacy are in the waiting room of Dr. Fascinella’s office, hoping to have Stacy’s face restored to its original appearance. They soon encounter a fellow patient who is eerily familiar to Cutter…

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Baker and Todd put their plan in motion.
  • Cutter comes face-to-face with his past.
  • Rex confides his fears to Aubrey.

Tam Returns to Llanview ‘One Last Time’

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — Jason Tam returns to “One Life to Live” as Markko Rivera the same day the show wraps production on its ABC Daytime run.

In a message on his Twitter page earlier this afternoon, Tam tweeted that he was “Going over my lines for tomorrow. So proud to have been a part of ‘OLTL’ and can’t wait to be in the studio one last time.” While his next airdate is unknown, it will likely be sometime in early January.

After portraying Markko from 2007-2010, Tam briefly reprised the role in April of this year to usher his on-screen girlfriend Langston Wilde (Brittany Underwood) off the canvas.

Markko was last seen in Llanview in July when he attended the premiere of “Vicker Man,” which he directed.

Corday Productions/Sony Pictures Television

( — “Days of our Lives” and “General Hospital” continue to make changes to their writing staffs.

Victor Gialanella is rejoining “DAYS” as a breakdown writer.    He previously wrote for the show from 1995 – 2006, and then again in 2008.

Script writer Janet Iacobuzio was let go from “DAYS” and was snapped up by “GH” to write scripts.  Iacobuzio returns to “GH” where she was Co-Head Writer in 1997 and wrote breakdowns in 1998.  Also joining “GH” is former “All My Children” script writer Joanna Cohen.

For discussion on these topics and more, join us in the Writers/Directors thread at the SON Community.


Corday Productions/Sony Pictures Television

( — Ratings Report for the Week of November 7-11, 2011

NOTE: Please do not copy and paste the entire ratings.  Thank you.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,516,000 (+264,000/-477,000)
2. B&B 3,175,000 (+209,000/+126,000)
3. OLTL 2,524,000 (-95,000/+128,000)
4. DAYS 2,294,000 (+4,000/-204,000)
5. GH 2,269,000 (-124,000/-259,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/11 (+.2/-.1)
2. B&B 2.3/8 (same/+.2)
3. OLTL 1.9/6 (same/+.1)
4. GH 1.8/5 (same/same)
5. DAYS 1.7/6 (same/-.2)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 907,000 (+80,000/-190,000)
2. B&B 642,000 (+96,000/-5,000)
3. OLTL 595,000 (-50,000/-84,000)
4. GH 571,000 (-57,000/-277,000) <—– new low *
5. DAYS 543,000 (-23,000/-178,000) <—– new low (2nd straight week) **

* Previous low: 573,000 (October 3-7, 2011)
** Previous low: 566,000 (October 31 – November 4, 2011)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.4/9 (+.1/-.3)
2. B&B 1.0/6 (+.1/same)
3. OLTL 0.9/6 (-.1/-.1)
3. GH 0.9/5 (-.1/-.4) <—– ties low
5. DAYS 0.8/5 (-.1/-.3) <—– new low *

* Previous low: 0.9/6 (October 31 – November 4, 2011)

Girls 12-17 Viewers
1. Y&R 42,000 (+9,000/-7,000)
1. OLTL 42,000 (-19,000/+24,000)
3. B&B 19,000 (-1,000/-16,000)
4. GH 15,000 (-7,000/-10,000)
5. DAYS 14,000 (same/-4,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.7/4 (+.2/-.2)
2. DAYS 0.6/4 (+.1/-.1)
2. OLTL 0.6/4 (same/-.1)
4. GH 0.5/3 (+.1/-.3)
4. B&B 0.5/3 (+.2/same)

Men 18+ Viewers
1. Y&R 1,037,000 (+83,000/-145,000)
2. B&B 697,000 (+53,000/+35,000)
3. OLTL 506,000 (-14,000/+97,000)
4. DAYS 499,000 (-26,000/-42,000)
5. GH 428,000 (-27,000/-22,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.4/3,058,000
Tuesday: 2.2/2,844,000
Wednesday: 2.5/3,300,000
Thursday: 2.5/3,371,000
Friday: 2.5/3,302,000

Monday: 1.7/2,321,000
Tuesday: 1.7/2,197,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,294,000
Thursday: 1.7/2,323,000
Friday: 1.7/2,338,000

Monday: 1.6/2,096,000
Tuesday: 1.8/2,280,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,405,000
Thursday: 1.7/2,183,000
Friday: 1.8/2,380,000

Monday: 1.7/2,228,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,668,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,613,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,356,000
Friday: 2.1/2,755,000

Monday: 3.3/4,274,000
Tuesday: 3.2/4,077,000
Wednesday: 3.5/4,615,000
Thursday: 3.4/4,576,000
Friday: 3.6/5,036,000


For the SEASON September 19, 2011 through November 13, 2011

1. Y&R 3.5
2. B&B 2.4
3. OLTL 2.0
4. GH 1.9
4. DAYS 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.5
2. DAYS 1.1
2. GH 1.1
2. OLTL 1.1
5. B&B 1.0


Ratings Archive


GH Recap: Thursday, November 17, 2011


( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, November 17, 2011.


Aiden’s bruising symptoms cause concern for Steve, Monica, Robin and Maggie. Meanwhile, Tracy and Lulu express shock about Lucky’s request for Luke.

Jason remains resolute to track down Franco. Can he and Sam keep it themselves together before emotional shutdown? Maxie receives a dozen red roses – could they be from Franco?

Matt agrees to be part of Maxie’s upcoming magazine spread.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Luke has a setback.
  • Carly and Sonny spar over Kate.
  • Steve and Maggie discuss their past.

DAYS PreVUE: Week of November 21 Edition

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

( – A look at what’s happening on “Days of Our Lives” during the week of November 21, 2011.


Will and Rafe find Johnny hiding in the Brady pub on Monday, November 21. Rafe and Johnny share a loving reunion. Unaware that Johnny has already been found, Nicole helps Brady and Madison put up posters for missing Johnny. Nicole defends EJ to Brady and confides in Madison about her confusing feelings for EJ. Nicole is elated when she finds out Johnny has been found, and goes to tell EJ. Madison and Brady share an embrace but Madison backs off yet again. Abigail and Austin bump into each other on Tuesday, November 22 and strike up an easy rapport despite their age difference. When Carrie texts to say she’ll come and meet Austin, Abby leaves but realizes she enjoyed her evening more than she expected. Jack visits Jennifer and tells her he understands her anger. He goes into more detail about his captivity and how it changed him. Jennifer is deeply affected by his honesty. Jack admits he needs help. Hope confronts Stefano about the phoenix paperweight on Wednesday, November 23. Stefano artfully sidesteps by paying tribute to Hope’s tenacious attitude and their shared history. He cautions Hope to let the secret of dead people lie because she might not like what she finds out. John and Marlena try to be optimistic, believing their love will see them through this nightmare as it always has. Carrie delivers a persuasive speech to the judge for leniency, but John refuses to speak on his own behalf. Marlena is crushed as John is led away to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“Days of our Lives” will be pre-empted on Thursday, November 24, 2011 and Friday, November 25, 2011.

The Inside Story: Guilty Conscience

Chris Haston/NBC

Believing Johnny is dead, Sami and EJ come together in their grief and have animalistic sex to block out their despair on Monday, November 21. Will goes to the DiMera mansion and spies his mother and EJ making love. Stunned and disgusted over her betrayal of Rafe, Will backs away without making his presence known. Sami and EJ come to their senses and are horrified by what they have done.  Sami gets the message from Rafe that Johnny is alive. They both want to rush to see their son, but Sami warns EJ can’t come with her because no one can ever find out they had sex. Sami returns home and is reunited with Johnny. Sami apologizes to Rafe, who mistakenly assumes she’s referring to blaming him for Johnny’s disappearance. Will looks at his mother, bitter over her shameful behavior. Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion where EJ’s still grappling with what happened with Sami.  He’s stunned when Nicole declares her love for him. In the aftermath of Johnny’s homecoming, Sami and EJ feel nothing but private guilt and self loathing on Tuesday, November 22. Unsettled Sami doesn’t know why Will’s acting the way he is. Rafe is protective of Sami when she becomes upset with Will’s questions.  Sami feels guiltier as Rafe showers her with love. Later, she can’t bear looking at herself in a mirror and breaks it. EJ is wracked with guilt especially now that Nicole has decided to give their relationship another chance. They go to the loft, where EJ is reunited with his son. Only Will knows why Sami and EJ are uneasy around each other but keeps mum.

A Closer Look: Thanksgiving in Salem

Jennifer, Jack, Abe, Lexie, Chad and Abigail gather at the pub to make Thanksgiving food boxes for the homeless on Wednesday, November 23. Abigail is pleased when Austin shows up without Carrie. After Abigail leads Chad to believe she’s preoccupied because her father is watching them, Chad appeals to Jack for a truce.  Jack shakes his hand, but will reserve judgment. Jack reveals he’s been offered a job teaching  journalism at Salem U.  Abigail isn’t sure she wants her father working on campus, but is more enthusiastic when she hears Austin has also been offered a job teaching forensic accounting.  Maggie brings Victor, Daniel and Melanie to her old kitchen to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Daniel and Melanie are touched to be included, especially after Daniel discovers Maggie made a recipe his mother used to make. Maggie wants Daniel and Melanie to get tested to see if they are preconditioned to also get myasthenia gravis. Daniel talks to Melanie and Victor about his stalled relationship with Jennifer. Victor cautions all is fair in love and war.  Melanie admits to Daniel there is someone she likes (Chad) but it will never happen.

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