(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Sources have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that actress is returning to ABC’s “” in the near future. However, word has it that she might not be playing Siobhan McKenna, the role in which she originated back in September 2010.

Interestingly enough, on Thursday, October 20, Chambers wrote the following on both her Facebook page and on Twitter: “Hey people! I am filming “something” right now. Worked on it last week & this week. Can’t tell you just yet what it is…but stay tuned! :)”

While there is no certainty that the two occurrences are related, Soap Opera Network will continue following this developing story as details become available.

  • Chantal

    God, I hope whatever it is doesn’t require her spking in that fake irish accent! 

  • My2Cents2

    Why am I not surprised??

  • Why is this happening?  We want the Quatermaines, Bobby and the Cassadines.  I would rather watch the characters that actually made us start watching in the first place instead of a newbie character. Why kill off Siobahn if she’s just going to pop up a few months later with a new name? 

  • desormeau.g%husky.neu.edu


    • i thought it was a cheap shot to ‘kill off’ Siobhan in the first place – it seemed they were making room for a Lucky/Elizabeth mashup..it seems like Erin Chambers was more recurring than anything else, biding time before L&L found their way back to each other – which i hope NEVER happens..it’s about time Lucky got off that merry-go-round…

      • Seriously. They’re toxic for each other. They have both said it. Let it be done!

  • UGH 🙁

  • My2Cents2

    I wish you would all send emails or call TPTB on this show!! That is the only way things can change.

    I am NOT looking forward to this stupid story about Roman/Sio. I will more than likely FF thru them.
    How DUMB!

  • I stopped watching when Sio was killed so I’ll start watching again, any episodes that she is on. I love her. It is terrible and senseless what they did to that character for no reason at all. For me, she is the reason I started watching again and got into the show, and she was the reason that I stopped watching. We’re not all against newbies.

  • Anonymous

    She was an import from Ryan’s hope in the 80’s she was always welcome and still is.

    • No, she wasn’t. You might be thinking of Marge Helgenberg who played Siobahn Ryan—they both have red hair and they both played a Siobahn …..THIS girl is way too young to have been on Ryan’s Hope.

  • She was on “Ryan’s Hope”?!?!?

    In the 1980’s?!?!?

    As what?  An embryo?!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I do not recall Erin Chambers on Ryan’s Hope this actress is about 32  born in 1979  this show ran from July, 1975 to January, 1989  so unless she played a newborn  to 9 years old its impossible. 

  • Anonymous

    Why O Why are they bringing this newbie back for Godsakes what part of 1.5 GH doesn’t get I refuse to watch this bint  again sometimes they should stay gone … being last place isn’t ringing any bells?