Prospect Park Begins Official Negotiations with ‘All My Children’ Actors

Thomas Montalto/

( — This morning on “,” commentator and long-time “” cast-member (Ryan) announced that production company has officially started approaching the actors on his show with offers to continue on the new version of the 41-year old daytime drama that ends its run on network television on Friday, September 23. Mathison made it apparent that he is eager to commit to the show in whatever format it takes, but are his co-stars on board?

On the same day, , who joined the cast of “AMC” in 2002 as Kendall Hart, reported to the The Hollywood Reporter that she would not be able to commit to a contract run to continue as Erica Kane’s (played by daytime icon ) first-born if that was the only offer placed on the table from Prospect Park. The popular actress, who reportedly turned down an offer to star on one of the four remaining network daytime drama’s as of 2012, is open to remaining with “AMC” on recurring status. Like co-star Chrishelle Stause (Amanda), Minshew wants to spend some time dabbling in the different genres of television.

In the same report, the actress reports that as far as she has heard, at this point, the reports of Lucci declining Prospect Park’s offer to continue with “AMC” are accurate. Lucci, who has remained mum about her status with Prospect Park since the initial reports of negotiations falling out, may speak to the matter herself in the coming days. The superstar is scheduled to appear on “CBS Sunday Morning” on Sunday, September 18 to discuss “AMC” and she will co-host an “AMC” tribute on “” on Friday, September 23.

  • well i would like to know when will amc air if it airs

    • Hi dani. Prospect Park hasn’t revealed when “AMC” will return with new episodes. They are still trying to work out the behind the scenes issues like getting a cast together. They are hoping for January 2012 for the online debut. They also have not revealed where exactly on the internet we’ll be able to find it once production starts and episodes are ready to roll out. It’s a good bet that they will be sure to reveal all that information over the next few months.

  • well i would like to know if amc is on this network where can we toon in at and when do it air

  • I hate the way All My Children ended.  They gave no clue as to who got shot on the last scene. When Prospect Park starts…will they reveal who got shot?  BTW….I’ve been watching AMC for 26 years non-stop and was totally bummed when I heard the news of them not renewing their contract.  I don’t know if I could wait 3 whole months before Prospect Park comes on. I might end up losing interest…..just saying.