GH Recap: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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( — “” Episode Recap – Tuesday, September 27, 2011.


Alexis propositions Sonny about Kristina’s future.

Michael goes into mob mode, hoping to protect his father’s assets first with Shawn’s help. Kate tries to center herself as she gets caught up in Sonny’s drama again.

Olivia calls Lulu with news.

Ethan discovers his brother on the floor.

A gloved hand is at Wyndemere.

Spinelli tries to come clean to Maxie about his computer amnesia.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Johnny and Anthony have a major argument.
  • Carly tells another lie.
  • Alexis and Kate have a heart-to-heart.
  • My2Cents

    I am so tired of Michael. Why is he being written this way?? Such a nice looking, good actor, and they are wasting him away.

    Juicy Steve storyline coming out soon!! YES!! Finally!!

    FF thru Lucky. Tired of the drugs and the tears.

    FF thru Maxie & Spinelli. What happened to Matt??

    LOVED the interchange between Alexis & Sonny. Has she forgiven him already for killing Jax??
    NOT the ALexis I have known for years!!!

    And Carly. You need a storyline. Puhleezzz go look for Jax.
    Shawn gives me the creeps. There he went again today, showing up! Wheres Max & Milo??

    LOVE Johnny & Papa scenes. Those two do work well off each other.

    I HATE to say this, but Sonny & Kate make a nice looking couple!!!!