Ron Carlivati Still Heading to ‘General Hospital?’

Thomas A. Montalto/

( — Just weeks before the deal to pick up the production and distribution rights of “” and “”  from the Disney/ABC Television group was announced, ABC revealed that they had decided to move “One Life” head writer to “” as a script writer once production wrapped on the soap in November. Is that still the case two months later?

As you may remember, Carlivati along with “One Life to Live” executive producer were signed to long-term contracts with ABC back in September 2010 that kept them both with the network through 2012 (Valentini) and 2013 (Carlivati), respectively, leaving a move for Carlivati to “GH” an obvious decision.

Two months after making the announcement to hand Carlivati over to “GH,” and 17 consecutive weeks of “One Life to Live” rating as ABC’s #1 soap in households and total viewers, you’d think there was a chance of the writer to continue with the soap once Prospect takes over, but you’d be wrong.

According to an ABC representative, plans for Carlivati’s move to “GH” are still in place “as far as [they] know,” leaving the millions of viewers currently on the edge of their seat courtesy of the “Tale of Two Todd’s” storyline to wonder what the soap will look like when it debuts online on January 16, 2012 and who will be writing it.

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  • Anonymous

    IMO, new OTLT will carry the name, the history, and that is about all. Again JMO

  • where was Ron and what was he doing when the ratings were bad?  Just more proof Frons was keeping him in check and then left him alone once the soaps were cancelled and now they have stolen him away to work on GH which should of been the first of all the soaps to get the ax because it had the worst writing of all. The only way for GH to honestly prosper will be if someone cuts off Frons hands… my hope is they will find a damn good writer to replace Ron… but dig this America. the stereo type is that welfare mothers only watch soaps… but that is so wrong.. do you know how many talented writers are soap fans.. who do you think led the boycott?  lawyers doctors nurses wow.. but the bulk of the fans are writers and i hope that some of those people jump right in there and start writing and sending resumes prospect park….

  • Why GH does need a co-headwriter (much less Ron Carlivati)? Garin Wolf is doing fine on his own. D:

  • I feel bad for Ron to leave a better quality of writing than GH/ratings are. I can only hope Ron comes over and blows up the current s/l’s to something the majority wants to watch not a select few.

    • Wouldn’t that be nice?? To have Ron (what about Frank?)come to GH and blow up the screen?

      Right now, I am not liking too much. JMO

  • This is great new’s for GH which I love. If oltl keeps Roger I will watch no matter who writes the story. I am very worried GH is the next to be cancelled. As a tremendous fan of ATWT’s and GL now OLTL I am very worried over GH. If this guy can save it GREAT. Please just don’t send any writer’s from GH over to OLTL because the storyline’s stink. Almost all of them.
    I like watching on my laptop better than TV. My reception is so much better. I don’t mind the commercial’s (that you can’t FF) but I wish they would have different one’s each time instead of the same one. Commercial’s people is what pay’s for every aspect of the soap from the behind the scenes people to the actor’s. Matter of fact I am thankful for the advertisers and even buy the product’s.