How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


B&B Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

B&B Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


Thomas sketched some designs at home and paced around, thinking about how he lied to his father and Brooke. He went for a run and returned home. He looked at an advertisement in a magazine, which made him flash back to Paris when he was with Brooke and all the things she said and did to support him. He bolted out of the house.

At home, Brooke flashed back to Thomas confessing what happened on the island. She didn't notice Ridge come in behind her. He told her he was worried about her and asked if there was any way he could help. He asked about RJ. Brooke told him he was ok and at a friends house. They talked about Hope and Liam. Brooke expressed that she's been praying that her and Ridge could get a miracle just like Hope did with Liam. She said she knew they were pushed apart over something totally different though. Brooke told him that Stephanie was right to want him with Taylor, noting how she's never brought heartbreak or scandal into his life. She told Ridge she gave Taylor her wedding ring earlier. "As a reminder to love you the way I couldn't," she said. Ridge told Brooke he wanted to forgive her but doesn't know how. Brooke said she cost them everything and is confused about blocking everything out. She told Ridge she wants him to be with Taylor. "That is where you belong, that's where you've always belonged," she said. She let him know that she already started the divorce. Ridge said he felt they should slow all of this down. Brooke told him they both knew where this was headed. "It's not like I want to be without you, I just don't want to cause you any more pain," she said. She encouraged Ridge to be there for Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor. "Reunite your family. Marry Taylor."

At Forrester Creations, Eric was on the phone with Marcus. Stephanie took some medication and looked at a photo of Thomas. She thought back to when she told Thomas to lie. Eric hung up the phone and told Stephanie that Marcus is ready to take care of his child with Amber. He noted that Tawny and Amber's lie would come back to bite them. Just then, Taylor came in. She told Stephanie and Eric that she had an interesting day. She pulled out Brooke's wedding ring and filled them in on how Brooke wants Ridge to move on with her. Stephanie speculated that Brooke has an agenda. Taylor said she didn't think so and that Brooke seems like a different person now. Stephanie asked Eric for some alone time with Taylor. Stephanie told Taylor that Brooke continues to amaze her. Taylor agreed. Thomas showed up and was surprised to see Taylor and Steph. He told his mother that he's been jogging to clear his head.  Taylor asked if he was okay. Thomas told her he was. Taylor continued to question him until Stephanie intervened and told Thomas about Brooke giving Ridge and Taylor her blessing. She told Taylor she was very happy for her and looked at Thomas and said she knew he was to. Thomas faintly smiled. Taylor left. Stephanie asked Thomas what really brought him to the office. He told her that he forgot something. Stephanie told him that his mother looks really happy. Thomas said he feels guilty and that she must feel that way to. Stephanie said that the end justifies the means and that there's no turning back.

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    B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Tuesday, June 21, 2011.


    At the cabin, Liam declared to Hope that he is not the father of Amber's child and he revealed all of Amber's lies. Oliver wondered who the real father was. Liam told them it was Marcus. Hope couldn't believe it and wondered how Amber thought she could fool them. Liam told her it was because Amber thought the baby would be Oliver's. Hope looked at Oliver with disgust. Oliver fessed up and finally told the truth that he slept with Amber before. Hope was angry that he didn't tell her. Oliver said it was only once. He said he loved Hope but she kept pushing him away. Oliver said he was only human. Liam told Hope that the dark cloud hanging over them was finally gone and that was all that mattered. Oliver decided to go and wished Liam and Hope good luck. Hope and Liam kissed.

    Bill proposed a toast with Katie and Brooke to Liam not being the father of Amber's baby. Katie and Brooke raised their glasses but cringed at the fact that they're now great aunts to Amber's child. Later, Katie left and Bill and Brooke talked to Liam and Hope on speakerphone. Bill told Liam this should be the best day of his life. Brooke talked to Hope and told her that this was her fairytale ending. They hung up and Hope told Liam she was proud of him for sticking by Amber. She expressed how disgusted she was with Tawny and Amber. Liam haulted her rant with kisses. Later, Hope asked him about his disappointment over not being a dad after all. Liam told her he would've loved the baby, but still is not ready to be a dad. He told her that when he is ready, he wants her to be the mother of his child. The two kissed and simultaneously decalred their love for each other.

    Tawny told Amber that Marcus being the father has halted their plans. She stepped out. Donna, Justin, and Marcus came in to see the baby. Marcus held the baby for the first time. Donna noted how beautiful the baby was. Justin maintained his stern stance. Donna told Justin not to go off on Marcus right now because he's still in shock. Donna walked over to Amber and scolded her for what she did to Liam. Marcus told her that this wasn't the time. Donna backed off but warned Amber thats she wouldn't let her use the baby to take advantage of her son. Tawny came back and wondered if any names were picked yet. Amber suggested the name Ambrosia. Marcus thought about Rosie. Tawny was more concerned about the last name, which she thought should be Forrester. Marcus yelped that he won't have any part in taking advantage of the Forrester's. He accused Tawny of seeing all this as nothing but a meal ticket. Amber kicked Tawny out of the room. Marcus held the baby again and told Amber she was their little angel. Amber told him they could worry about the last name later. She asked him to take care of the baby for a little while so she could get some sleep. Marcus told his mother that he didn't plan on being a father. Donna told him life just works out this way and that it's a miracle. Marcus wondered what if he wouldn't be able to do this. Donna told him he would. Later, Tawny came back to Amber's room while she was alone. She asked what their next move should be. Amber told her to just stop. "I love my little girl so much, and I'm not going to use her to try and get rich," Amber declared. Tawny left the room after telling Amber she gives up. Marcus returned and told Amber he wouldn't let her try to trap him like she did to Liam. Amber promised him that she wouldn't. She said they'll be friends and parents together. She thanked Marcus for giving them their daughter and said this was the happiest day of her life. The two sat and enjoyed their baby together.


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      B&B Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

      B&B Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

      ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Monday, June 20, 2011.


      Amber screamed with intense pain during her labor. The doctor delivered a baby – a girl! The doctor placed the baby in Amber's arms and Liam cut the cord. Tawny noted how dark the babys skin was and asked the doctor if maybe she had jaundice. The doctor said that the babys skin looked fine and healthy. Carl prompted Amber to tell the truth. Amber looked up at Liam and told him she didn't know. Bill grabbed the paternity test out of Carl's hands. Carl revealed that Marcus was really the father. Liam clenched his teeth together in anger and disbelief over Amber lying to him. Bill asked Tawny how she fixed the first paternity test. Tawny blurted that they thought it was Oliver's baby and that she had no idea Marcus was a contender. Liam asked Amber if they really had sex. Amber cried and said they didn't. Tawny told Amber that she still did right by her child because it's a Forrester. Bill told Tawny that she was a clueless bitch. He said he would prosecute them but couldn't because it's Justin's Grandchild. Liam continued to be in disbelief over Amber lying to him. He said there was a moment when he thought he was ready to be a dad. "Well thank god, because when it happens for real, it'll be with the women I love," he said before storming out. He unsuccesssfully tried to reach Hope when he got in the elevator. Bill went into the hospital corridor and told Katie and Justin that the baby looked a lot like its Grandfather. He placed the cigar Justin gave him in Justin's pocket. "Congratulations, Grandpa." he told him.

      At Forrester Creations, Marcus kissed a model. Another model named Mary interrupted and told the other girl that Marcus was kissing him that same way in Paris three weeks ago. She walked away. Marcus talked with Mary about their long distance relationship. He said  he plans to stay free and easy. Just then, he got a call from Justin, who told him to head down to the hospital.

      At the Big Bear cabin, Hope struggled to give Oliver an answer to his marriage proposal. She reminded him how she felt about Liam. Oliver told her that he has a baby now. Hope said she had a lot to think about and wondered what was going on at the hospital. Thunder raged outside and the power went out. Hope fell into Oliver's arms. He urged Hope to turn off her phone and to forget about the baby. Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Liam came by looking for Hope. Pam told him that she was at Big Bear with Oliver. Pam wondered why Liam wasn't with Amber right now. He told her he was not the father of her baby after all. Pam urged him to hurry and get to Hope quick because of Oliver's plans. She gave him the address to the cabin and Liam stormed away. Later, Hope paced around the cabin not sure what to do. She once again noted how this night changed everything. Oliver kissed her and pressed her to marry him again. Suddenly, Liam bursted in. He told Hope that he is not the father!

      Marcus arrived at the hospital. Justin asked him about his relationship with Amber. The two went into Amber's hospital room. Marcus congratulated Amber and asked where Liam was. A nurse brought the baby in. Marcus put two and two together and wondered if he was the father. Amber told him that he was. Justin said he was sceptical about it and said he wanted a test done. Tawny noted that they've already done a test. Amber and Marcus looked at each other and smiled. "I'm a father!" he said graciously.

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        AMC Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

        ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 23, 2011.


        Angie is determined to get her sight back after David gives her a detailed treatment plan. Jesse’s suspicious of his motives but Angie assures her husband that David will not control her. David tells Angie he wants her back on staff but if she keeps listening to everyone else she’s going to remain blind as a bat. Angie slaps David but decides to start treatment.

        Ryan wonders how David pulled off the acquisition of the hospital and he promises David he will figure out what he’s up to. Ryan meets with Jesse and informs him that he overheard a conversation between David and Erica and wonders if he’s somehow connected to Erica’s kidnapping. He’s even considered the possibility that David orchestrated Greenlee’s car wreck. Jesse thinks Ryan’s hunch is worth investigating. Ryan is upfront with Greenlee on what’s going on and promises that David won’t hurt her again.

        Colby takes Asher to the Yacht Club and even though it’s closed for a graduation party, they get to hang out until the guests arrive. When Colby starts to sing Asher’s in awe of her voice. Colby admits she’s fantasized about being a singer.

        Angie interviews Maya for a babysitting position. When Colby brings back a cupcake for Maya and tells her to kick back and relax with her and Asher, Maya strongly refuses.

        Kendall admits to Griffin that she ran away because she was trying to get away from him. He reminded her of all that she’s survived this past year.

        Madison starts off doing excellent during the presentation but freezes in the middle of it when she is bombarded with memories of losing her baby. Greenlee steps in and finishes up and Madison admits she’s not ready to come back to work. Greenlee realizes that everyone at Fusion sees her as the bad guy and when Jackson shows up she seeks comfort from her father. Jackson reminds her that just because Ryan reaches out to others doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on her. Ryan realizes he’s been so focused on Madison that he’s turned his back on Greenlee and he tells her how sorry he is for that. While in the park with Griffin, Kendall spots Madison who is disoriented and showing signs of exhaustion. Madison freaks out when Griffin mentions taking her to the hospital but before she can object she faints. Griffin diagnosis Madison right then and there with extreme exhaustion. Kendall promises Madison that she’s going to help her get through this. Griffin tells Kendall she saved Madison.

        On the Next All My Children…

        • Amanda struggles with telling Jake the truth.
        • Randi shares with Madison the story of her miscarriage.
        • Colby suspects that Maya may be in an abusive relationship.


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          OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

          OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

          ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 23, 2011.


          John presents his evidence to Jack, Téa, and Todd. David arrives to see visit his family. Deanna tries to calm him.

          Rick Powers, the porn movie maker, shows up and tells Deanna that he heard what Nate did to the commissioner’s son. He wants her to be in a movie in exchange for her silence. James and Ford rescue her and toss Rick out.

          Tomas intros Dani to Baz. Baz, eager to get away from Tomas, invites himself along to Nate’s graduation. Baz and Starr come face-to-face again. Blair tells Starr about Tomas’ son. Later, she calls Tomas to see how things are going with Sebastian.

          Tomas admits his son couldn’t get away from him fast enough. Blair shows up to comfort him, telling Tomas that his ex-wife said something that suggested Tomas was lying when he said he found that photo of Todd and Blair (from which he painted her portrait) at the flea market.

          The man with Todd Manning’s original face tries to put together this puzzle of the apparent Todd Manning’s life.

          On the Next One Life to Live…

          • Clint’s heart surgery is cancelled.
          • Todd makes Brad’s dad a tempting offer.
          • James isn’t happy to see Starr and Baz together.
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            GH Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

            ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 23, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Alexis and Sonny argue over the right way to punish Kristina after her Dominican Republic antics, as Kristina pushes her romantic agenda with Ethan.

            Unable to remember how to use a computer, Spinelli cannot unfreeze mob funds for Sonny’s business, which concerns Jason and Sam greatly.

            Michael gets multiple job offers to keep him busy over the summer – including a way to end the war between Sonny and Anthony. Meanwhile, Edward approaches Jason then offers Abby a job at ELQ, but with strings attached.

            On the Next General Hospital…

            • Lulu is confronted by a sinister bordello owner.
            • Kristina challenges Ethan to let her kiss him.
            • Jax tries to enlist Brenda to give a deposition on his behalf for the custody hearing.


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              AMC Alerts: Week of June 27 Edition

              ( — “All My Children” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 27, 2011.


              • Monday: Bianca makes a confession to Marissa. Amanda experiences stomach cramps. Cara assures Opal that she won’t hurt Tad.
              • Tuesday: Marissa reconnects with JR. Griffin tells Bianca and Kendall that he’s leaving Pine Valley. David warns Jane not to get too close with Ryan.
              • Wednesday: Ryan asks Tad if he will marry him and Greenlee. Dixie continues to stir restlessly in her sleep as she has memories of the past. Kendall and Griffin have an awkward goodbye.
              • Thursday: Jake asks Amanda if they should start trying for another baby. Jesse questions Jane about the kidnapping. Asher unexpectedly kisses Colby and wants to make love.
              • Friday: Will Dixie finally wake up from her long slumber? Kendall admits to Greenlee that she does miss Griffin. Jane is knocked unconscious.
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                OLTL Alerts: Week of June 27 Edition

                OLTL Alerts: Week of June 27 Edition

                ( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 27, 2011.

                ONE LIFE TO LIVE: DVR ALERTS

                • Monday: The man with the scar makes his way to Todd’s house. Todd and Téa have a huge confrontation. Dorian and David push Kelly to get back with Joey.
                • Tuesday: Echo confesses to Viki that Dorian is to blame for the severity of Clint’s condition. Rama makes and admission to Cristian. Nigel has some surprising news for Cutter and company at Asa’s mansion.
                • Wednesday: Viki tries to persuade Jessica not to give up on Brody so easily. Ford kidnaps Jessica. Deanna and Nate are in panic mode thanks to Rick.
                • Thursday: Natalie and Brody decide to be a couple. An inebriated Todd makes a confession to Vimal. Starr gives Jack some food for thought.
                • Friday: Brody’s world is turned upside down. Ford pleads with Jessica. Joey shares his feelings with Kelly.
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                  GH Alerts: Week of June 27 Edition

                  ( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 27, 2011.


                  • Monday: Sonny sheds light on Luke’s past for Dante. Brenda and Sonny manage to put their troubles to the side for a little romance. Kristina remains brazen about her interest in Ethan.
                  • Tuesday: Lulu accepts a job at a brothel. Lucky tries to get through to Nikolas about Aiden’s true paternity. Jason confesses his feelings to Sam.
                  • Wednesday: Sonny finds out that Jax has a subpoena for Brenda to testify against him. Steve asks Robin and Patrick to investigate Siobhan’s surgery error. Edward welcomes Michael and Abby to their first day of work at ELQ.
                  • Thursday: Lucky gets a surprise visit from Helena. The bitterness of Carly and Jax’s custody battle extends into Sonny and Brenda’s relationship. Robin and Patrick narrow down the list of people who almost killed Siobhan.
                  • Friday: Dante tracks Lulu down in her motel room and urges her to give up the search for Luke. Sonny threatens Spinelli who clumsily tries to shoot him. Jason talks about his future with Sam.
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                    Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                    Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 21, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Victoria was still sad over the loss of Lucy and now Billy when Chloe arrived to offer up her sympathies. As Victoria shared her disappointments in not being able to get Lucy back from Phyllis. Chloe admitted that after hearing the news of them losing the baby, she was reconsidering about taking Delia away from Billy. Chloe was stunned when Victoria admitted that Billy moved out of the house.

                    At Jimmy's bar, Kevin found Billy asleep. When he woke up, Kevin lashed out at him for being a fool for what was happening. A despondant Billy continued to order up drinks and offered one to Kevin. The two continued to talk and share their disgust at what Phyllis has done. After finishing his beer, Kevin left the bar, leaving Billy there to continue is pity party.

                    At Sam's farm, Piper showed up to visit Sharon and the two began working on cleaning up the barn. Piper gushed on how Sam didn't want Sharon to go away but before Sharon could say much, Piper's dad showed up to the barn. The two were introduced and Sharon told him that she had been staying there for a bit, helping Sam out. She freaked however when Piper's dad tok a cell phone call and saw a badge. When he left, Piper asked if Sam and Sharon were going out but Sharon told the young girl that she and her were just friends. Both were unaware that Sam was outside of the door listening in.

                    Victor and Michael met with and SEC investigator, Gus. Gus shared that they launched the investigation when they felt there was some manipulation with the IPO stock. Both Victor and Michael believed that Adam was the mastermind of the whole plot but Gus pointed out that it would be hard to prove, although Diane and Jack were front and center in the manipulation.

                    Chloe couldn't believe that Billy would walk on on Victoria but reassured her that Billy would do the right thing and come home. She then offered to help Victoria in anything she needed; one of them being talking to Billy about dropping the custody case. Reed returned home and shared the news about the arrival of Mac and JT's baby. Victoria shared her joy with her son and said they would make a card of congratulations to them. Chloe departed, leaving Reed and Victoria alone. He soon started asking on Lucy and then on Billy. Victoria ushered the young boy to go upstairs to get more crayons.

                    Adam handed Diane an envelope full of money and told her she did a good job Diane began to worry when Adam talked on how the SEC weren't looking into investigating him. He said thanks to her, she helped keep him in the clear. She was further upset to learn that Jack and she could take the fall with SEC. A smug Adam told her that he played her after she opened her mouth to Jack.

                    Still drowning his sorrows at the bar, Billy comes face-to-face with Chloe who arrived and spotted him. Seeing him drunk she barks at him about his walking out on Victoria. She tells him that he is only adding confusion to both Reed and Delia with his not being at home. Billy learned about Mac and J.T's new baby. When Chloe left, he called Mac on his cell to congratulate her.

                    Alone with Sam, Sharon wanted to know why he never shared that Piper's father as a federal marshal. Sam explained that he liked working with a low profile. Sharon headed out of the barn but tripped onto the pitchfork, injuring herself. Sam wanted to take her to the hospital abut Sharon insisted that he treat her there. Sam wanted to know why Sharon was so afraid of being anywhere and to share what was going on with her.

                    Diane, still fuming over Adam's betrayal, found Kyle at Crimson Lights. He wanted to know why she was carrying a suitcase, and she told him that they were leaving Genoa City. The young boy balked, telling her he wanted to stay there and be close th is dad. She said that they were going to leave and there would be no more talk on it. Unfortunately for her, Gus showed up at the coffee shop and told her that she was under investigation with the SEC. Meanwhile, Victor was determined to make sure that Adam take the blame for the manipulations of the IPO. Michael said he would work on it till he came up with some results. As Michael left, Adam showed up to gloat. Victor said he was going to make sure they get him for his role in the stock manipulation. Adam scoffed and said he didn't do anything. He shows just how much stock he owned and said he would be on the Board of Directors. Taking a seat, he told his father that he should make him co-CEO. When Victor feigned interest, Adam approached him, only for Victor to shoot the chair he was sitting in out of the window.

                    Kevin and Michel arrived at Victoria's to offer their condolances regarding Lucy. While Victoria was thankful, she didn't want to talk about Lucy. Kevin agreed and departed. Once by himself, he called Mac to congratulate her on the new baby. When he arrived at Gloworm, Chloe met him and shared the news of seeing Billy. She said she was going to drop the case but after seeing for herself what he's resorted himself to, she would go forward in getting Delia. At the bar, Billy stared at a picture of Victoria, Lucy and himself. As for Victoria, she sat alone in tears.

                    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                    • Sofia tells all
                    • Jill and Genevieve get into it
                    • Diane goes running to Jack for help
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