How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

AMC Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Friday, June 24, 2011.


Jake questions Amanda on what’s wrong.

Greenlee is surprised to find Madison at Kendall’s. She questions if Madison’s faking being ill but Kendall says no way. She tells her friend there’s no reason to worry about Madison trying to get Ryan back. Kendall’s comment strikes a nerve with Greenlee who’s convinced Madison’s just doing this to get Ryan’s attention. Kendall suggests she focus on how lucky she is to have Ryan instead. Madison tells Randi she doesn’t want to take time off because then she’ll be forced to face what happened. Randi relates to Madison and shares her story of a miscarriage. She suggests Madison call Scott but she refuses.

While on the trip together Bianca is affected by her feelings for Marissa and says that she can’t do this anymore and plans to tell her why.

Colby finds Maya in a guest bedroom and Maya covers that she didn’t go home because she wasn’t feeling good. Colby reads the latest vlog on an abusive boyfriend and after Maya questions her on her response, Colby notices bruises on her arm. Maya’s phone rings and she jumps, causing Colby to questions what she’s so afraid of.

On the Next All My Children…

  • Cara assures Opal that she won’t hurt Tad.
  • Amanda experiences stomach cramps.
  • Bianca makes a confession to Marissa.


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    OLTL Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

    OLTL Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

    ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Friday, June 24, 2011.


    Clint expects to be prepped for surgery when he is informed him the surgery is off. Clint prepares his family for a final goodbye.

    Todd gets Brad’s father alone and makes the unemployed man an offer he can’t refuse.

    Nate is horrified by Deanna’s news that Rick knows about Nate’s responsibility for hurting Matthew. He’s further horrified when he learns that Rick will keep silent about it if he and Deanna appear in one of his films. Dani is twigged by seeing Nate and Deanna with their heads together. The graduation ceremony begins, preempting further conversations.

    Starr is stunned to learn that Baz is Tomas’ son and will be staying in Llanview. James isn’t thrilled when he comes upon Starr and Baz discussing music and the possibility of collaborating on a song.

    On the Next One Life to Live…

    • The man with the scar nears Todd’s house.
    • Todd and Téa have a major fight.
    • Dorian and David think Kelly should get back with Joey.
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      GH Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

      ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Friday, June 24, 2011.


      Sonny and Jason share concern about Michael’s future with the ELQ prospect, concerned Edward will turn Michael against them. Meanwhile, Michael makes a decision about Johnny’s job offer. Michael accepts a job at ELQ, as long as Abby can work there with him.

      Tracy, Sonny and Dante discuss Lulu’s quest to find Luke and Luke’s emotional past. Meanwhile, Lulu arrives in Florida. Lulu is confronted by the sinister bordello owner, Javier.

      Kristina invites Ethan to the lake house with a kaka story while Alexis and Molly are away. Ethan is surprised to find Kristina has decorated with candles and is serving wine when he arrives. Kristina challenges Ethan to let her kiss him.

      With Josslyn in tow, Jax tries to enlist Brenda to give a deposition on his behalf for the custody hearing, but Brenda refuses to testify against Sonny.

      On the Next General Hospital…

      • Sonny sheds light on Luke’s past for Dante.
      • Kristina remains brazen about her interest in Ethan.
      • Brenda and Sonny manage to put their troubles to the side for a little romance.


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        On the Red Carpet: Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso Welcome Fans 'Home'

        ( — "Days of our Lives" stars Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso portray Bo and Hope Brady, arguably one of the most popular pairings ever seen on television or in movies. Recently, it was announced that the NBC daytime drama series would be going through creative changes both in front of and behind the camera with the ouster of head writer Dena Higley and co-executive producer Gary Tomlin along with several actors including Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning), Louise Sorel (Vivian Alamain), Bren Foster (Quinn Hudson), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane), Tamara Braun (Taylor Walker), and Francisco San Martin (Dario Hernandez). Now with former "Passions" scribes Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas in as co-head writers, what can fans expect for their favorite duo?

        "Let's just say the Bo and Hope the fans are used to…they're back! And recognizable again. We're so excited because we really missed playing those characters," said Alfonso in an interview with Soap Opera Network, while on the red carpet of the "38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards." Reckell echoed Alfonso's comments with "the two of us have been through a lot of regime changes…producers and head writers, and I think this is the first time where we feel like home."

        For more on what the stars have to say about the new "DAYS," check out our Soap Opera Network: On the Red Carpet interview below.

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          Arianne Zucker and Jason Cook Provide a 'LifeCHANGE' for Six Individuals Seeking to Make a Difference

          UPDATE 11:44 PM: In an earlier version of this report, we reported Jason Cook's characters name on "General Hospital" as Dr. Matt Drake, which is incorrect. Cook portrays Dr. Matt Hunter on the ABC drama series. We have since corrected this error and apologize.

          ( — "LifeCHANGE," a new documentary series coming soon exclusively to the world wide web, delves into one's desire in making a positive and lasting impact as six people from different perspectives on the world take you inside their everyday lives where they meet new people and learn new things. The groundbreaking series was created by "Days of our Lives" star Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) and her brother Todd, with both serving as executive producers. Also an executive producer is Zucker's former "DAYS" co-star and current "General Hospital" cast member, Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter).

          "In September of 2007 my brother, Todd Zucker, and I sat down and had a conversation about making a difference in the world. Our vision was to give people, including ourselves, the opportunity to become whatever and whoever they wanted to be. It starts with someone giving you that chance," said Zucker in a statement. "I've been given a unique opportunity to work as an actor for thirteen years and now I want to help create opportunity for others. Our mission: Giving the opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other to the highest possible degree. To test our inner soul and human strength by working toward changing the lives of others, all while changing our own. The test, the challenge, and the obstacle is to prove to the world that we are true leaders in the fight for a 'LifeCHANGE.'"

          "When Arianne came to me with this amazing idea for a show, it took less than two sentences to know I wanted to be a part of it. Together, we came up with a way to build the stage for positive change both in the 'LifeCHANGE' cast and the people with whom they will come into contact," said Cook, who also serves as a director on the series. "There are enough negative reality shows out there in the world. We believe that raising the trajectory of people's lives and providing a unique opportunity to 'pay it forward' will be an exciting journey for those involved, and everyone else watching."

          Launching in the summer of 2012, "LifeCHANGE" will provide participants the ability to travel the world and learn new things about the things that surround them. They will help those in desperate need, while overcoming new challenges and roadblocks towards self-awareness. If you are interested in participating, you are asked to provide a a two-minute online video submission and complete a questionnaire that outlines why you should be chosen for the experience of a lifetime. Submission request information can be found on the LifeCHANGE website along with terms and conditions.

          Contributing to the "LifeCHANGE" movement will be Derrick Boles, founder of mentor organization L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. 1st and Nicole Hayes, who is L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. 1st's Media and Production Services Director.

          Completed episodes of the series will be made available exclusively online at

          For more from Zucker and Cook on "LifeCHANGE" and the future of their characters on "DAYS" and "GH," respectively, check out their Soap Opera Network: On the Red Carpet interview below.

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            AMC PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

            ( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of June 27, 2011.


            Romantic tension builds between Tad & Cara. JR realizes Tad is in love with Cara on Monday, June 27. Dixie remembers Tad rescuing her and reuniting her with JR. Cara treats Tad to a romantic date. Dixie continues to flash back to her past with Tad. Kendall gives a sanctimonious Cara something to reflect on. Tad & Cara share their first real kiss. Dixie, at that same moment, finally wakes from her restless sleep. Griffin announces his plans to leave town tonight. Bianca suggests to Kendall that she needs to follow her own advice after her clearly affected sister just lets Griffin walk out the door. Griffin confides to David the real reason he cant remain in Pine Valley. Kendall & Griffin have a difficult time saying goodbye on Wednesday, June 29. Maya does her best to throw Colby & Asher off when they jump to the right conclusion about her “friend” Mookie. On Friday, July 1, a brand “new” Madison arrives at Fusion on a constructive mission but her emotions once again get the best of her. David realizes the woman he’s trying to pick up is…familiar.

            The Inside Story: David vs. Ryan, Part ?
            Ryan confronts Erica about what’s really going on with her; meanwhile Greenlee digs to find out what David is really up to. David & Ryan both scoff at Greenlee’s deduction that Erica & David’s activities are all about her. Greenlee confides in Ryan that “Erica” reminds her of herself when she was under David’s influence; she also reveals something odd she’s noticed about Erica’s fashion sensibility lately. Ryan & Greenlee enjoy working together and admit they can’t live without each other. David tells Jane that while Ryan is no challenge for him she needs to keep her distance. Greenlee agrees to let Ryan handle investigation on his own for now unaware he’s actually planning a romantic surprise for her. Ryan & Greenlee are married by Tad in front of a small group of friends. Shaken by a run-in with Jesse, Jane begins to worry that David will sell her out now that he’s gotten what he wants from her. On Thursday, June 30, David takes a surprised Jane into his arms and kisses her. David reassures Jane after they make love. Ryan fills Kendall & Greenlee in after learning David & Erica spent the night together in a hotel room. Ben calls Jane for help with an agitated Erica. Erica warns Jane not to compromise her relationship with Jackson. Taking Erica’s terminology quite literally, Jane slips and reveals she slept with David prompting Erica to literally go on the attack.

            A Closer Look: Mistakes
            JR reassures Amanda that they’ve made the right decision and notes that things finally appear to be working out for both of them. Amanda becomes emotional as Jake tries to make up for his actions and apologizes for taking her for granted. Jake & Amanda’s lovemaking is halted by a sudden set of symptoms. Marissa gently clarifies to Bianca that she’s straight after [Bianca] confesses her feelings. Bianca tells Marissa that she just had to take the chance to be honest with her and offers to watch AJ so Marissa can help JR celebrate his birthday. JR is stunned when Marissa pulls him into a passionate kiss. On Tuesday, June 28, Marissa’s mind wanders to Bianca after making love to a thrilled JR. Bianca congratulates a privately conflicted Marissa. JR & Tad have a heart to heart about their fear of screwing up their current relationships. Amanda tries to stall Jake, who is ready to create a baby if she is. JR insists to Amanda that she is worrying about nothing after she confronts him about fact that they didn’t use protection. Amanda fears she is pregnant.

            All My Children News and Headlines:

            AMC ALERTS: WEEK OF JULY 4, 2011

            • Erica finds herself with the perfect opportunity to make her escape.
            • Ryan sneaks into David’s office determined to get to the bottom of things.
            • Amanda is rattled to learn what is causing her symptoms.
            • Marissa is surprised when JR reveals Bianca’s pivotal role in his wooing of her.
            • Asher begins popping pills after re-injuring himself.
            • All My Children
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              OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

              OLTL PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

              ( — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of June 27, 2011.


              Viki overhears parts of Echo’s phone conversation with Ionia. On Tuesday, June 28, Echo tells Viki about Dorian’s role in Clint’s heart attack. Ionia puts the moves on David, which Dorian observes. David is afraid Dorian doesn’t trust him. Echo is pleased with the fallout from her revenge plot. Elsewhere in Llanview, Deanna and Nate are worried about Rick’s threats to expose them. Dani wonders what Deanna and Nate are up to. Baz gets under James’ skin, but asks him to do something special for Starr on Wednesday, June 29. Tomas tells Téa he has a son. Dani asks Baz to give Tomas a chance. Baz, meanwhile, continues to be intrigued by Starr. And Destiny purchases a pregnancy test.

              The Inside Story: The End is Near — Or is It?
              With Clint’s time running out, Viki summons the family to the his hospital bed on Monday, June 27. Clint and Viki share a warm moment. Later, he urges his kids to put aside their differences and move on with their lives. Meanwhile, Todd and Téa have a major showdown over Jack. On Tuesday, June 28, Rex has a proposition for Clint, and later explains his actions to a brain dead Gigi. Todd tells Jack to get his act together, and gives him a job at the Sun. Aubrey asks Cutter for room and board. Vimal learns the truth about Rama’s pregnancy. Nigel gains the upper hand on Cutter. Joey and Kelly inch closer. Cristian is disappointed with Rama’s greedy admission. Clint has renewed hope. By Thursday, June 30, Blair learns of her son’s latest actions and Todd’s reaction to it. Starr urges Jack not to end up like their father. Rama tries to set things straight with Cristian. Rama has some harsh words for Aubrey. And Joey and Kelly continue to grow closer to one another.

              A Closer Look: Sibling Rivalry
              Viki tells Jessica she shouldn’t be so quick to push Brody away on Wednesday, June 29. As Jessica and Brody have a talk, Viki urges Natalie to figure out where things stand between her and Brody. Ford interrupts Brody as he is about to listen to the tape containing Marty’s therapy session with Dr. Buhari. Brody is forced to make a confession to Ford. Jessica calls Brody, and is surprised by what he has to say. Ford kidnaps Jessica. On Thursday, June 30, Natalie and Brody decide to take the next step. Blair gives John some sound advice. However, Natalie later tells him that she moved on. Drunk and in the dumps, Todd tells Vimal about baby Liam’s true paternity. Meanwhile, Brody plays the cassette tape and is horrified by what he hears on Friday, July 1. Brody sees Natalie with John. Brody opens up to Liam. Todd realizes what he’s done. Jessica is less than a model hostage for Ford, much to his dismay. However, Jessica stands her ground.

              One Life to Live News and Headlines:

              OLTL ALERTS: WEEK OF JULY 1, 2011

              • Jessica and Ford reach an agreement.
              • Dani confronts Destiny over the pregnancy test.
              • Viki and Dorian are caught in Echo’s web of lies.
              • John needs Brody’s help to bring down Todd.
              • Bo and Nora face a difficult decision.
              • One Life to Live
              • PreVUE

                GH PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

                ( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of June 27, 2011.


                On Monday, June 27, Kristina makes it clear that nothing will stop her pursuit of Ethan. Jason & Sam have an honest discussion concerning the pregnancy scare on Tuesday, June 28. Dante runs into trouble while searching for Lulu in Florida. Lulu ends up accepting a job in the Florida brothel after a rough introduction to Luke’s hiding spot. Dante finds Lulu and makes a plea to her. The situation between Jax & Cary continues to deteriorate on Wednesday, June 29. Sonny & Brenda manage to keep the bitterness of Carly & Jax’s custody suit out of their relationship … but only briefly. Matt advises a concerned Maxie not to disturb Spinelli’s fantasy. On Friday, July 1, Sonny loses his patience with “Jackal, P.I.” as they get into it over business and women. Carly learns Michael is working for Edward. Michael is the envy of a young executive at ELQ who sees him as a threat.

                The Inside Story: This is My Confession
                Lucky & Elizabeth struggle with what to do next with Nikolas who remains in denial. Nikolas prepares to leave Port Charles behind forever with Aiden. Steve, Patrick & Robin begin an investigation to narrow down who committed the surgical error that nearly killed Siobhan. Lucky & Elizabeth race to find Nikolas after finding Wyndemere abandoned. On Thursday, June 30, Nikolas hands Aiden over to Lucky & Elizabeth confident of only two things, one, that nobody could take better care of his son, and two, that Elizabeth is lying about his son’s paternity. He leaves town with Spencer. Lucky finds Helena in Elizabeth’s house holding Aiden. Helena taunts Lucky about his pathetic family life. Elizabeth is horrified to realize she is the one responsible for nearly killing Siobhan.

                General Hospital News and Headlines:

                GH ALERTS: WEEK OF JULY 4, 2011

                • Ethan takes action after Anthony threatens Kristina.
                • Sonny & Brenda’s relationship spins into turmoil due to Jax & Carly’s custody suit.
                • Brenda & Alec come under gunfire.
                • Siobhan serves Elizabeth.
                • Sam & Jason discuss the topic of marriage.
                • General Hospital
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                  Ratings: Good Week For DAYS/Y&R

                  Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

                  ( — Ratings Report for the Week of June 13-17, 2011

                  (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

                  NOTE: Please respect our wishes to link only. Thank you.

                  NOTE: US Open Golf pre-empted DAYS in some markets on Thursday and Friday

                  Total Viewers
                  1. Y&R 4,711,000 (+29,000/-242,000)
                  2. B&B 2,724,000 (-6,000/-284,000)
                  3. OLTL 2,500,000 (-47,000/+145,000)
                  4. DAYS 2,352,000 (+15,000/-213,000)
                  5. GH 2,351,000 (+76,000/+13,000)
                  6. AMC 2,320,000 (-4,000/-157,000)

                  1. Y&R 3.4/11 (+.1/-.1)
                  2. B&B 2.0/6 (+.1/-.2)
                  3. OLTL 1.8/6 (same/same)
                  3. GH 1.8/5 (+.1/+.1)
                  3. DAYS 1.8/5 (+.1/-.1)
                  6. AMC 1.7/5 (same/-.1) <—- ties low (3rd straight week)

                  Women 18-49 Viewers
                  1. Y&R 977,000 (+49,000/-76,000)
                  2. DAYS 693,000 (+98,000/+18,000)
                  3. GH 651,000 (+23,000/-78,000)
                  4. OLTL 649,000 (-8,000/-5,000)
                  5. B&B 535,000 (+33,000/-77,000)
                  6. AMC 504,000 (-3,000/-72,000)

                  Women 18-49 Rating

                  1. Y&R 1.5/10 (+.1/-.1)
                  2. DAYS 1.1/7 (+.2/+.1)
                  3. GH 1.0/6 (same/-.1) <—- ties low (4th straight week)
                  3. OLTL 1.0/6 (same/same)
                  5. AMC 0.8/5 (same/-.1)
                  5. B&B 0.8/5 (same/-.1) <—- ties low (7th straight week)

                  Girls 12-17 Viewers
                  1. Y&R 53,000 (+6,000/-1,000)
                  2. B&B 34,000 (-1,000/-5,000)
                  3. OLTL 30,000 (-4,000/+5,000)
                  4. GH 27,000 (+2,000/-4,000)
                  5. DAYS 19,000 (-7,000/-35,000)
                  6. AMC 16,000 (-1,000/-16,000)

                  Women 18-34 Rating
                  1. Y&R 0.8/5 (same/-.1)
                  2. DAYS 0.6/4 (same/-.3)
                  2. OLTL 0.6/4 (same/same)
                  4. AMC 0.5/3 (same/-.1)
                  4. GH 0.5/3 (same/-.3) <—- ties low (4th straight week)
                  6. B&B 0.4/2 (-.1/-.1)

                  Men 18+ Viewers
                  1. Y&R 1,029,000 (+14,000/-66,000)
                  2. B&B 541,000 (-25,000/-72,000)
                  3. DAYS 489,000 (-60,000/+53,000)
                  4. OLTL 424,000 (-19,000/+20,000)
                  5. AMC 393,000 (-21,000/-90,000)
                  6. GH 382,000 (+10,000/-47,000)


                  Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

                  Monday: 1.8/2,418,000
                  Tuesday: 1.8/2,452,000
                  Wednesday: 1.7/2,361,000
                  Thursday: 1.7/2,259,000
                  Friday: 1.5/2,108,000

                  Monday: 1.9/2,562,000
                  Tuesday: 1.8/2,458,000
                  Wednesday: 2.0/2,862,000
                  Thursday: 2.1/3,082,000
                  Friday: 2.0/2,656,000

                  Monday: 1.8/2,285,000
                  Tuesday: 1.8/2,408,000
                  Wednesday: 1.8/2,362,000
                  Thursday: 1.5/2,050,000 (did not count)
                  Friday: 1.5/2,076,000 (did not count)

                  Monday: 1.8/2,336,000
                  Tuesday: 1.7/2,303,000
                  Wednesday: 1.8/2,405,000
                  Thursday: 1.7/2,272,000
                  Friday: 1.8/2,440,000

                  Monday: 1.8/2,454,000
                  Tuesday: 1.8/2,581,000
                  Wednesday: 1.8/2,561,000
                  Thursday: 1.8/2,321,000
                  Friday: 1.8/2,560,000

                  Monday: 3.4/4,690,000
                  Tuesday: 3.3/4,660,000
                  Wednesday: 3.4/4,682,000
                  Thursday: 3.5/5,048,000
                  Friday: 3.3/4,475,000


                  For the SEASON September 20, 2010 through June 19, 2011

                  1. Y&R 3.6
                  2. B&B 2.2
                  3. GH 2.1
                  4. DAYS 2.0
                  5. OLTL 1.9
                  5. AMC 1.9

                  Women 18-49 Rating
                  1. Y&R 1.6
                  2. GH 1.4
                  3. DAYS 1.2
                  4. OLTL 1.1
                  5. B&B 0.9
                  5. AMC 0.9


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                    B&B Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

                    B&B Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

                    ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Thursday, June 23, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Ridge stopped by Taylor's home with Brooke on his mind. Taylor appeared and the two talked about memories they had when they lived together. Taylor asked Ridge why he came. Ridge regretted not being able to be with Taylor and the kids much when they were younger. He told Taylor about his visit with Brooke earlier and how she's adamant on changing. Taylor said that was great and all but it doesn't change what happened to Thomas. Ridge said he felt like he had to change his life, to. 

                    At Forrester, Stephanie continued to be annoyed with Thomas' guilt over lying about Brooke. She told him that Brooke may have not done anything this time, but she's done plenty in the past. "You're fathers free, lets just move on!" she growled. She reminded him that he has a chance to make his mark on Forrester. Thomas wondered if he really deserved it. Just then, Steffy came in and announced that Ridge was at Taylor's house. Stephanie encouraged them to go. Steffy said she thinks they need some alone time together. Later, while Steffy was on the phone, Stephanie told Thomas not to let the guilt get to him and to be ok with what he's done because it's positive. Stephanie once again pressed Thomas and Steffy to spend the evening with their parents. When Thomas stepped away for a second for a phone call, Steffy told her Grandmother that she doesn't want to push her parents together if her father isn't ready. Stephanie said that all he needs is a little motivation. She slipped something in Steffy's hand and told her to keep it. Thomas got off the phone and Stephanie told them to go see their parents.

                    At home, Brooke looked at photos of her and Ridge together. Katie and Donna stopped by and asked what's been up with her. Brooke said she needed time to herself. Katie and Donna told her they wouldn't leave until she told them what's wrong. The subject of Hope came up and Katie apologized to Donna about what happened. Donna said we all have problems and that it's best to share them. Katie and Donna encouraged Brooke to let them in on what's wrong. Brooke told her sisters that she told Ridge to move on and make a life with Taylor. Katie and Donna couldn't believe it. Donna told Brooke that she looks like the walking dead. Brooke said it was a hard decision but it had to happen. She told them she had to take a hard look at herself and also added that Taylor will bring peace to Ridge and be a great influence for Hope. Katie and Donna were aghast with how Brooke was talking about Taylor like she was a saint. They noted all the things she, as well as Steffy and Stephanie have done that were nowhere near perfect. Brooke sighed and told them she did something on the island after she ate the berrys that she couldn't bear to tell them. Katie told Brooke she could tell her sisters anything. "I slept with his son!" Brooke blurted out. Katie and Donna looked at her with shock.

                    Thomas and Steffy arrived home. Ridge stopped Thomas from going to his room. "No matter what happened, were still a family. We should be together," Ridge told him. Taylor told Thomas and Steffy that Ridge wants to make some changes in his life. Ridge told them that he knows he hasn't always been apart of their lives and that it's hurt them. He said he couldn't believe what happened with Brooke and that she's proven to be a danger to the family. He apologized to them for that. He said he was with all of them right now because that's where he's supposed to be. Ridge recalled how happy they all, including Phoebe, used to be together. He took Taylor's hand and said what Brooke did was unforgivable. "Our family has been fractured. We need to pick up the pieces and rebuild," he said. He told Taylor that this was their time; their beginning. "Marry me."

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