How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Y&R PreVUE: Week of June 27 Edition

( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of June 27, 2011.


Jack tells Victor he isn't scared of the subpoena he was given, on Monday, June 27. That same day, Jack goes from arguing with Victor to that of Diane, when he gives her a warning regarding Kyle. Diane realizes she's in deep regarding the SEC. On Wednesday, June 29 Nick confronts Billy about doing what's right by Victoria, while Victoria debates on Victor's offer to be on the Newman board. On Friday, July 1 Restles Style goes up for the taking.

The Inside Story: Determined to Hide the Truth
Ashley and Katherine are stunned when Tucker asks why Abby tried to kill him. Not wanting Abby in trouble, Ashley tries to get him to believe that he is mistaken. Tucker and Ashley have time alone in his room to talk, while Katherine begins to question to herself about what really happened to Tucker that fateful night. Shortly after Tucker awakens, D.A. Spencer hustles himself into the hospital, ready to pounce for answers from Tucker. Katherine doesn't want her son to be bothered but Tucker tells Katherine Spencer can ask him whatever he wants to know. Ashley nervously leaves the room so the two can talk. Like a dog to to a bone, Katherine is determined to find out who's telling the truth about the accident. She soon bumps into Diane and wants answers on what she saw. Diane tells Katherine that she knows for a fact that she saw Ashley behind the wheel. When Victor is questioned by her, he stalls on sharing what he's learned, which only makes Katherine leery of Ashley. Meanwhile at the hospital, Ashley returns to the room and is pleased to know that Tucker told Spncer he couldn't remember what happened when he was hit. Tucker discovers that the accident has left him unable to read what is written, which prompts doctors to run another series of tests. While still at the hospital, Tucker wants the two of them to get married as soon as possible. The couple do just that and as Tucker and Ashley are pronounced husband and wife, Katherine arrives to see the whole thing.

A Closer Look: A Familiar Face Returns to Genoa City
Determined to keep Abby from telling the truth, Ashley calls Victor to tell him what's going on. Abby, however, wants the truth to come out and plans on making that happen by putting her confession out on the web. Victor, meanwhile, has other plans for Abby, and manages to have her placed into a rehabilitation center. Back at the ranch, Noah, who is paying a visit to his grandfather, is curious to know what's been going on with Abby. Victor assures him not to worry about her; she'll be just fine. While at the rehab center, Abby comes face-t-face with a familiar person: Eden. Eden shares with Abby that she's been in the center for a few months and managed to keep it a secret from everyone. Eden learns that she's been set to be released from the facility. The young woman tells Abby that she ruined things with Noah, while Abby shared about the accident she caused. Meanwhile, Noah comes to see Abby The two talk when Eden shows up. Without Noah seeing her, Eden decided to hide herself. Determined to stay in Genoa City to get closer to Noah again.

What To Watch

  • Sharon and Sam give in to their feelings
  • Phyllis realizes she's made a huge mistake
  • News comes to Malcolm regarding the restoration of the memory card

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Jessica Collins plays attorney Avery Clark on Monday, June 27
  • Jessica Heap will join the cast as Eden Baldwin. First air date for her is Tuesday, June 28
  • Green River Ordinance will make an appearance on Friday, July 8
  • Billy Miller, who was debating on leaving the role of Billy Abbott has decided to stay with the show for another year.
  • Eileen Davidson, who plays Ashley Abbott, has inked a new contract
  • Matthew John Armstrong plays Lee, Piper's father. His first air date was June 21


  • Even with Sharon's new romance in bloom, she continues to think of Genoa City
  • Nick and Phyllis partner up again; business wise
  • Diane gets played big time by Victor
  • Diane sets out to get Adam in trouble


  • A new lawyer named Avery Clark is hired to clear Sharon's name
  • Katherine and Ashley put Tucker in the middle
  • Tucker finds out who is his son is
  • Lily may be safe but Cane wonders if she will ever reach out and forgive him
  • Ronan heads back to Genoa City
  • Adam and Diane's dirty deeds against Victor stirs up serious end results
  • Diane leaves Genoa City in dramatic fashion
  • The Young and the Restless
  • PreVUE

    Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

    Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, June 24, 2011.


    Abby went to see her mother at the prison. She commented to her mother how Billy's actions cost him his relationship with Victoria and the loss of Lucy, while she was paying for a crime she didn't even commit. Abby was determined to tell the truth to help her mother. Victor and the D.A. arrived and told Ashley was being released from prison. Ashley wanted to know how it happened and Victor said that the star witness against her, Diane, was under a federal investigation, so her testimony was no longer good. The D.A. told Ashley that even though she was out of jail, she still had a retraining order against her to stay away from Tucker. Abby took Victor aside and told him she needed to talk to him. They left for Crimson Lights and she admitted that she was the one that ran down Tucker.

    Diane paid Adam a visit. He was surprised she stuck around Genoa City. She told him that because of the investigation, she can't leave town. When she began threatening to blow he whistle on him, he tells her that she'd only be implicating herself further by giving him up. Adam laughed at her when she said she would tell the authorities how he has a history of manipulating vulnerable women. After bickering back and forth, Adam convinced Diane to help him again with getting even with Victor. Diane said she would be threatened that if he crossed her, she'd take him down.

    Katherine met with Tucker's doctor, determined to get him to do more forms of treatment for her son. Her conversation with him was cut short when Jack called, wanting to make his position of CEO official. Katherine told him she'd meet with him later. When she hung up the phone, she demanded Tucker to get out of bed if he didn't believe in her methods of doing business. When she left the room, Tucker's fingers started to move.

    At Crimson Lights, Victor listened to Abby tell him that she was the one that hit Tucker. She said she needed to get people to believe that her mother is innocent. She continues to share that she was the one that set up Diane and Tucker to head to the Abbott cabin. Victor asked how she could be sure on what she did, since she was drunk at the time of the accident. Abby explains that she'd never forget a memory like that. When Victor offered to get Michael to see what he can do, Abby said she already tried to talk to the D.A. but he didn't believe her. When Abby believed that Victor was treating her as a helpless child needing to be cared for, she took off. Victor made a phone call for someone to keep an eye out on her.

    While Victoria continued to call Billy, he was at Jimmy's bar chatting it up with the young blonde. The two chatted and shared drinks with one another. After a bit, Billy decides to go home and is ready to call a cab. The blonde offers to take him home. Meawhile, Victoria showed up at Jabot to congratulate Jack on getting his company back. The conversation turns to Billy and she tells him that she wasn't able to reach him. Jack tells him to head over to Jimmy's; that's where he was the last time he saw him.

    Despite the warning of staying away from Tucker, Ashley goes to the hospital to visit him. She was sorry for not being there with him more. As she was talking to him, he squeezed her hand. She pleads for him to open his eyes but when he doesn't make any movement, she told him she wouldn't give up until she came back to her. As she was stroking his hair, his eyes began to open. When the doctors came in, she told him what happened. Tucker tried to speak but couldn't do so. Meanwhile, Katherine met Jack at Jabot to sign the paperwork when she received the phone call about Tucker. She hurried off to see her son.

    Victoria found herself going to Billy's trailer. When she walked in and saw the blonde, who had showed up at Billy's in an attempt to spend the night with him. Billy sputtered that nothing was going on between them and she was just leaving. The woman admitted to an agnry Victoria that he was telling the truth. She hurried out the door and Victoria lashed out at him. He admitted that he was gambling a bit and drinking but he'd never cheat on her. Depite his protests, Victoria walked out on him, telling him that her father was right about him all along.

    Back at Adam's suite, Victor arrived and handed Diane a supeona. She laughed it off, telling him that he couldn't prove anything against her. Adam said the same thing and Victor smiled as he pulled out the supeona for him, too. Adam wished him luck on trying to get him convicted and laughed at him. Victor, however wasn't moved by his snarky words and walked out. His next stop was to Jabot, where he surprised Jack, who was returning to show Katherine the new skin care line. Jack joked if Victor wanted to toss another chair out of the window. Instead Victor hands him a supeona and tells him he need not get too comfortable in his new role as CEO.

    Abby, reeling from telling Victor the truth and wanting to help clear her mother's name, met with Kent to do a new Naked Heiress webisode. As the camera rolled, she revealed everything about what she did; and how she destroyed her mother's happiness the night she ran Tucker McCall down. From a distance, Deacon listened in.

    At the hospital, Katherine arrived and saw Ashley there with Tucker. Ashley assumed that Katherine was going to have her thrown out but Katherine told her that Tucker needed her. Tucker attempted to say his first words. As he struggled to talk, he managed to ask Ashley why Abby tried to kill him. Both Katherine and Ashley were stunned by his question.

    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

    • Phyllis whines to Nick on her bad behavior
    • Jack and Diane have words about Kyle
    • Abby's snatched from behind
    • The Young and the Restless
    • Recaps

      Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

      ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, June 23, 2011.


      Colin announced to those in Gloworm that the charges against him are no longer standing. Cane, who entered the restaurant, confirmed the news, which disgusted both Neil and Lily. As the two prepared to leave, Cane approached them, wanting to talk to Lily. Neil spoke up and told Cane to stay away from Lily and the twins. Lily, in turn told Colin he was no longer to see the twins either. After they left, Colin turned his attentions toward Jill, wanting to have a talk with her, but Katherine side-stepped him and told him Jill would have nothing more to do with him. Jill, however, was willing to give him a minute to talk.

      At Lily's, Malcolm was still reeling from the news that Sofia and Neil slept together, and that Neil could be the baby's father. A furious Malcolm demanded to know if she did it to spite him. A apologetic Sofia swore that she didn't set out to hurt either brother, but not wanting to hear what she had to say, Malcolm stormed off. Shortly after his departure, Neil showed up and approached a crying Sofia. She admitted to him that she told Malcolm the truth about their one night stand. She told him she had no choice to tell him when she learned about the Rh factor matter regarding the baby. She stunned Neil further when she confessed that she lied about the possible paternity of the baby.

      At home, Victoria watched home movies of her, Billy and Lucy together. The moment was interrupted when Victor paid her a visit. He wanted to know how she was holding up and she told him that it was hard to do. Victor shared how he felt the same way when he had given up Adam at a very young age to stay back in Kansas with Hope. Victoria said that she didn't take up Michael's offer to appeal the case because she knew she wouldn't have a chance at getting Lucy back. Knowing that his daughter needed to think on something else, Victor offered her a seat on the Newman board. Victoria was stunned, considering their fight in court. Victor told his daughter he wanted to be with his family again. He suggested she dicuss it with Billy, but was surprised when Victoria shared that Billy walked out on her.

      Jack and Billy were together moving his belongings into Murphy's trailer. When Jack said he thought that Billy and Victoria would make amends, Billy said he doubt she'd ever forgive him again. As they were busy with moving in, Chloe stopped by unannounced with Delia. She told him it was his turn to have their daughter. While he was thrilled to see the little girl, he was surprised that Chloe was letting him see her. When Jack told Chloe it wasn't a good time for them to visit, Chloe changed her mind and said they would set up another time for her to be with him. After the two left, Billy reached for a bottle of liquor to drink. Jack lectured him that he needed to stop turning to the bottle but his younger brother ignored him and took a drink. When Jack spotted the gambling papers on the table, he became even more concerned and told Billy he didn't need to go down that road again. Billy assured his brother that he wasn't gambling. Jack left and Billy snatched up the gambling sheet and headed out.

      Alone with Jill, Colin told her that despite how he did things when he met her, he truly did love and was still loved her. Jill found it hard to believe anything he had to say. Meanwhile Katherine was having words with Cane about all he put everyone through pretending to be dead. Cane tried to tell Katherine that he wouldn't have needed to do the things he had done if it weren't for his father, but Katherine corrected him and said he was just to blame as his father was. She walked away and cut into Jill and Colin's conversation, telling Colin his time was up with Jill. The two women left and once Colin was alone, Genevieve, who saw the whole thing, made fun of him.

      Daniel went to Jimmy's to have a drink and began thinking about Lily. Giving her a call, he wondered how she was doing. A little bit later, Lily, receiving his message showed up at Jimmy's where the two of them had a heart-to-heart.

      Neil, who was still at Lily's went into the twins room to check on them. With him in the other room. Malcolm returned and questioned Sofia on when they could find out the paternity of the baby. Sofia was ready to talk to him when Neil came out of the twins room. Seeing Neil, Malcolm charged at him, ready to attack him, but Neil held him off. After a few snarky words at his brother, Malcolm stormed back out of the apartment.

      Cane bumped into Chloe and Delia. After he made plesantries with the young girl, Chloe questioned Cane on his behavior. When she lashed out at how he was a liar to everyone he ever cared about, he corrected her and told her she did the same thing to him by saying he was the father of Delia. Not letting him get the last word, Chloe said that compared to his letting everyone think he was dead, she was a saint.

      Billy headed into Jimmy's and said hello to both Daniel and Lily. The two of them soon headed out and Billy orded up drinks for himself. He soon was approached by a pretty blonde, who instantly started to flirt with him. Meanwhile, Victoria, thinking about her husband, decided to call him, but only got his voice mail.

      On the Next The Young and the Restless…

      • Abby insists on doing the right thing
      • Adam wants Diane to continue to help him get even with Victor
      • Victoria catches Billy with another woman
      • The Young and the Restless
      • Recaps

        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


        Sharon's wound from the pitch fork wouldn't heal and Sam told her she needed to get it treated as soon as possible. When Sharon refused to go, Sam wanted to know why she was so scared; he wanted her to know that she could open up to him about anything. Sharon asked Sam to fix her wound as best as he could. As he was examining her, he talked on a horse he treated and how it wanted to bolt from him. As he was talking, she admitted that she was running from her past mistakes. After confiding a bit to him, Sam told her he believed she was a good person. When she attempted to stand, she fell into him, prompting Sam to kiss her.

        At Crimson Lights, Adam was doing an interview with a reporter when Nick walked in, overhearing his brother lying and trash talking about Victor. Nick put a halt on the interview, informing the rreporter that Adam was nothing but a liar. Adam played the 'victim' role by making it seem that Nick was just bitter that he was more successful than he was. Unfortunately, the reporter bought into Adam's story and said that he was going to put the interview in the paper. When he was gone, Nick accused Adam of using Sharon's name to get himself in the newspaper. Noah walked in and saw them arguing. He questioned why they always had to argue about his mother. When Adam started bringing up Sharon's name when it came to Noah staying at her home, Noah, once alone with Adam, told him to stop doing it just as a way to bother Nick. When Adam tried to get Noah to talk to him about Sharon, he told him that he wasn't interested in talking to him or becoming friends with the man.

        Lily and Neil went off to do some bonding time with one another, leaving the twins in Malcolm and Sofia's care. When Sofia commented that Lily was merely acting as if things were fine for her, Malcolm pointed out that if Cane hadn't deceived her, she would be fine. As the two commented on their relationship, Olivia arrived to see them. Ushering Malcolm out to get formula, Sofia, alone with Oliva wanted to know what was going on. Olivia shared the news about both Malcolm and Neil's medical records. She explained that Sofia and the baby would have complications if Neil were the father, because his Rh factor was positive, whole both her's and Malcolm's was negative.

        Cane and Genevieve went to the hospital to see the condition of Colin. Genevieve expressed her happiness that Colin would get what he deserved. Cane, however worried about his relationship with Lily. Genevieve told her son to do something about it and just go see his wife but he was afraid that she wouldn't want to see him. Just then Colin was brought back to his room and he wondered why they were there. Taunting him, Genevieve said she couldn't wait for him to spend life in jail. A smug Colin said that the judge most likely would have sympahty and understanding for him for what he had to do. After getting dressed for court, Cane told his father he couldn't wait to see his father get what was coming to him. Colin tried to put the blame on Cane for his lack of having a killer instinct as he did.

        At Gloworm, Katherine approached Jill, angry that Jill wouldn't take her phone calls. Jill told Katherine that she didn't want to talk at all about Colin to her. Katherine told her that Colin's things were tossed out of the mansion and Jill bemused that she wished she were the one to have done so. Refusing to be a part of Jill's pity party, Katherine gave her a picture of Mac and J.T.'s baby, Dylan. She told Jill while she was sitting there pouting about Colin, life was going by her. Jill wanted Katherine to leave, but Katherine was deterimed to make Jill see that Colin was a waste of time.

        When Noah departed Crimson Lights, Nick and Adam resumed their arguement. Adam believed that Nick was jealous that Noah was warming up to Adam. He told Nick that he truly missed Sharon would always feel comfortable talking about her. Nick however told his brother that Sharon was finally free of him.

        Malcolm returned back to the apartment and started helping Sofia with the nursery. While they were working, he noticed that Sofia was thinking on something and wondered what it was. Sitting him down, Sofia told him that while the two of them were broken up, she slept with someone else. When she admitted to him that the person she slept with was Neil, Malcolm became furious and broke down in tears. He demanded to know who the father was. Sofia admitted to him that she didn't know.

        Lily and Neil headed to lunch at Gloworm. She told him that she never wanted to see Cane again or have him near the twins. Neil offered to seek an attorney to help make that happen. She was determined to stay away from Cane but Neil admitted that if in the position, she could wind up forgiving him and take him back. Genevieve, arrived at the restaurant and wanted to talk to Lily. Neil told her to stay away from his daughter, as did Jill and Katherine, who saw what was going on. Genevieve said that she merely wanted to talk to her but they all told her it was best for her to pack up and leave town. She refused to leave town for anyone. Just then, Colin burst into the restaurant and loudly announced that he was so happy to be there. Cane, who also arrived took in the scene.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Colin continues to be a threat to those in Genoa City
        • Daniel and Lily bond over the mess regarding Lucy
        • Neil and Malcolm face-off about Sofia
        • The Young and the Restless
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          Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

          ( — Six years of “Passions” prepared “Days of our Lives” star Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) well when it came to expecting the unexpected, so when the NBC daytime drama series decided to make some drastic changes recently with new head writers and new producers, it was only natural that the “Passion” side kept all things positive. In his Soap Opera Network: On the Red Carpet interview, the actor shares what it has been like to work with former “Passions” writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Thomasnow at the helm at “DAYS” and what fans can expect from the long-running drama series.While rumors abound that numerous stars from “DAYS” past will be returning to Salem when the show resets itself this September executives at the drama series have been keeping mum on announcing who will be returning, but that hasn’t stopped actors from giving us a little hint. “We’re bringing back some of the yester-years and some of the old characters that have been beloved for decades. I can’t believe I can say that, but yeah decades. I’m excited, I’m excited,” said Martsolf. As for what he’s wearing, watch the hilarous video and see him describing his “black suit,” which turns out to be from Hugo Boss, the most worn line of clothing for men on the Emmy red carpet.

          Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

          ( — On “All My Children” for less than two years, Brittany Allen (ex-Marissa Tasker) managed to win her first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series after receiving her first nomination earlier this year. The actress spoke with Soap Opera Network: Backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards about her time on “AMC,” being forced to move to Los Angeles when the show moved production from New York and where her future lies.

          “I’ve been working my whole life in this industry and I put a lot of work and love into the show and it just…it feels really, really nice to be recognized for it,” said Allen on her Emmy win. As for what she’s been up to since leaving “AMC” in late 2010, Allen stated “I found myself living in LA, where I had always dreamed of living and completely available and prepared to audition for a variety of shows and movies. It’s had its ups and its down and its definitely been a transition, but for the most part it was a blessing when it came into my life and it was a blessing to have the opportunity to move onto something new as well.”

          B&B Teasers: Week of June 27 Edition

          ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Teasers and Sneak Peeks for the Week of June 27, 2011.


          Dayzee starts to have trouble appeasing the good side of Stephanie she knows, with the evil side she's beginning to showcase. Brooke supports Ridge and Taylor's engagement and files for divorce. Hope's still convinced that Thomas is lying. Amber hopes that Marcus's family will help her. Bill senses a hit story brewing within the Forrester family. Felicia is back for a Forrester family event.

          • Monday, June 27 - Eric and Thorne talk with Ridge about his destroyed marriage; Steffy gloats about her parents reconcilliation until Hope gives her a reality check.
          • Tuesday, June 28 - Bill kicks Amber out of the beach house; Stephanie's guilt amplifies and begins to affect her health after Brooke makes a heartfelt request.
          • Wednesday, June 29 - Taylor fills Brooke in on her future plans with Ridge; Thomas tells Dayzee everything he's been hiding; Eric starts to wonder what's wrong with Stephanie.
          • Thursday, June 30 - Stephanie tries to justify her actions as she recalls all the terrible moments her and Brooke shared; Dayzee tries to convince Thomas to do right.
          • Friday, July 1 - Stephanie learns that Dayzee knows the secret; Taylor's bridal shower turns into an event that reveals secrets.


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            Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

            ( — For twenty years Laura Wright has entertained daytime viewers with such popular characters as Ally Rescott Bowman on “Loving” and “The City,” and Cassie Layne Winslow on “Guiding Light,” but it was her 2005 debut on “General Hospital” as the ferocious Carly Jacks that has garnered her the attention she rightfully deserved. At the “38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” on Sunday, June 19, Wright received her first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, which also marked the first time she had ever been nominated for an Emmy. So what was going through her head that night? The actress spoke to Soap Opera Network right after her win and shared some interesting information.

            Speaking about the piece she put together as her Emmy reel, Wright said “I love working with Steve Burton, that was my first day working with Chad [Duell]. We worked really hard and this feels really good.” But for more on what she had to say and where she’s spending her vacation now that “General Hospital” is dark (not currently in production), watch our Soap Opera Network: Backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards interview below.

            • General Hospital
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            • The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

            Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

            ( — It’s hard to believe that Scott Clifton had never won a Daytime Emmy Award for his portrayal of humorous and interesting characters on “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live,” which is not to say he hadn’t tried. For three consecutive years (2004-2006), Clifton was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Dillion Quartermaine on “GH” and he was nominated for the fourth time in the same category in 2010 for his role as Schuyler Joplin on “OLTL,” but in 2011 the actor finally took home Emmy gold for his work as Liam Cooper on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during CBS’ telecast of the “38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” on Sunday, June 19. Interestingly enough, this was the actors final chance to be nominated in this category as he turned 26-years-old on October 31, 2010.

            Note: Emmy rules stipulate that in order to be eligible for the Younger Actor/Actress categories, an actor must be 25-years-old and younger, which thankfully gave Clifton enough material to use for his Emmy reel submission.

            For his Soap Opera Network: Backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards interview, Clifton had fun with our mini-quiz, showed his well mannered side when he called me “sir” numerous times, although I am only just a few months older than him, and shared his appreciation for those that have stood by him through out his career and what it means to now be eligible in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category.

            To view the interview, click on the play button below.

            B&B Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

            B&B Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

            ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Friday, June 24, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Liam and Hope smooched in Bill's office. Hope noted how much she enjoyed kissing him without feeling miserable. Bill came in and joked that he's the only one who can get freaky in his office. Later he asked Hope for some inside info on Brooke leaving Forrester Creations. Hope said she didn't want to get into it. Bill asked her about the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Liam asked Bill not to pressure her. Bill got called out for a meeting, but before leaving, he asked Hope to tell her mom to call him so he can get an exclusive. Liam and Hope discussed Brooke and Ridge's marriage breaking up. Hope told Liam she's worried about her mom but she can handle it as long as she has him. "With us together, what could possibly go wrong?"

            At Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Marcus discussed Amber and the baby. They both laughed about it but agreed that it'll work out. Marcus told Stephanie that he came to see Eric about giving the baby the Forrester name. He asked Stephanie's opinion on it. Later, Stephanie got a call from Steffy telling her about Ridge proposing to Taylor.

            Taylor is speechless after Ridge proposes to her. Ridge said he's home if she'll have him. Taylor accepted Ridge's proposal and they kissed. Steffy was excited about the news, while Thomas was aloof. Steffy and Thomas went outside and Steffy expressed how excited she was. Inside, Taylor told Ridge she was happy about the reunion but was nervous. She said she didn't want this to backfire on them again. Ridge said it wouldn't. "I am never going to forget that Brooke slept with our son," he told her. Taylor told Ridge that she doesn't want to set herself up for more emotional pain and told him she doesn't want to have a physical relationship with him again until they're married. Ridge said he understood. Thomas and Steffy came back inside and Ridge told Thomas that they'd work through their problems together as a family. Steffy took out the ring Stephanie told her to give to her father. Ridge took it and talked about how Stephanie used to frustrate him with all the bad things she said about Brooke. He said what he needed was always right there in front of him and told Taylor that he's taking flight to safety with her and never looking back. Ridge put the ring on Taylor's finger. They kissed.

            Donna and Katie tried to make sense of Brooke's admission that she slept with Thomas. Brooke said it didn't make sense to her either. Donna wondered how  it happened. Brooke explained all of the hallucinations she and Thomas went through and how they didn't have a care in the world at the time. She explained that she doesn't remember getting intimate with Thomas, but he does. She promised her sisters she would repair herself for the better. Later, Stephanie visited came to visit Brooke. She told her that she still wasn't comfortable with her name being used for the foundation. "Just because you've lost Ridge doesn't mean you can latch onto me," she told Brooke. Brooke told Steph that she was her inspiration and the reason she's doing all of this. Stephanie told her that she didn't want to be her inspiration and to just leave her out of it. She then switched gears and told Brooke that Ridge proposed to Taylor. Brooke put her hands over her mouth and tears started falling down her face. Stephanie shook her head and hugged Brooke.


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