How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


AMC PreVUE: Week of December 17 Edition

Consequential Reactions
Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:05 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Impulse reactions may change relationships forever this week in Pine Valley.


Erica’s attempt to score points with Jack backfires. Adam informs Tad that he’ll find Kate if Tad drops the custody suit against Krystal. Amanda realizes that Adam hasn’t told JR about the DVD. Richie shows up at Babe’s doorstep after Janet plots his great escape. Annie contemplates giving Richie exactly what he wants. Adam manages to bolster Erica’s spirits. Father Clarence’s lectures to Tad and Krystal, and later Adam ultimately leads to a nasty reversal of fates.


Unable to stop the water from seeping into the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee realize their situation has gone from bad to hopeless. Meanwhile, Aidan’s hope for Greenlee’s survival seeps away when his latest lead ends up not only cold but frozen solid. Kendall ends up stranded with Aidan after arriving at the cabin to tell him the news of Greenlee’s innocence. Greenlee sees a different side of Zach as he opens up to her and admits that he was wrong about her. As they wait out the storm, the facts of the situation begin to weigh heavily on both Kendall and Aidan, but Kendall refuses to give up hope. Overcome by his pain, Aidan bluntly makes it clear to Kendall that there is no hope. Kendall angrily rails at Aidan as despair overtakes her. Desperately wanting to be with their loved ones one last time, Kendall and Aidan end up having sex – an action both instantly regret. Meanwhile, facing what they believe to be their certain deaths, Zach gently kisses Greenlee as each thinks about the one they truly love. While getting herself together, Kendall discovers the map for the bomb shelter. Aidan, Kendall and Quentin race to the bomb shelter where they find Zach and Greenlee near death. As Aidan tries to breathe life into Greenlee, Kendall goes to be with Zach only to have the shelter begin to collapse around them.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 24

Monday: Will Aidan’s love be enough to save Greenlee?

Tuesday: Encore Presentation; 5/18/04 Episode.

Wednesday: Adam is enraged by Krystal’s actions.

Pictured: Alicia Minshew courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC


Actress Fired After Bold Move At ABC
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 9:38 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — In news that Soap Opera Network can now report, Rebecca Budig will be returning to “All My Children” in early 2008.

Sabine Singh has been released from the contract role of Greenlee Smythe, a role she began playing on April 19. The original Greenlee, Emmy-nominated actress Rebecca Budig, will reclaim the role. Budig played the role of Greenlee Smythe from August 11, 1999 through November 28, 2005. Following her departure, Budig enjoyed guest gigs on CBS’s “CSI” and “Out of Practice,” and recently starred in a Lifetime movie of the week, “The Perfect Child.” The 34-year old actress has most recently been seen regularly cheering on her good pal Cameron Mathison, who plays Greenlee’s ex-husband Ryan Lavery on “AMC,” in the seats at ABC’s “Dancing with The Stars.”

Budig joins Darnell Williams, Debbie Morgan – and possibly Eden Riegel – in rejoining the cast of the ABC sudser in 2008 with long-term contracts. SON wishes Ms. Singh the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Pictured: Rebecca Budig courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

  • Rebecca Budig
  • Sabine Singh

    Nothing to Celebrate
    Friday, December 7, 2007 7:13 PM | By Venus Stone

    ( — Buzz’s win as mayor is put in jeopardy by the likes of Bill, Doris and Ava…..


    Suspicions continue to mount on who could have done away with Edmund. Will’s comment about being with Cassie at the time of Edmund’s fall peaks Josh’s suspicions of him. Harley is on edge when she learns that Zach has been receiving gifts from Philip. Marina has just cause to want to claim what’s hers when she sees the closeness deveolping between Harley and Cyrus. Rafe confronts Olivia on her sudden ‘interest’ in Gus. Bill gets hit hard when Olivia has papers drawn up, revoking him of any parental rights to Emma.


    Lizzie is not pleased to learn that Bill has made a deal with Doris to redo all of Main Street. Ashlee becomes fearful of how far Doris will go if she wins as mayor. When it looks as if Doris could be the winner, Ashlee calls in a favor from Einstein to help flip the votes in Buzz’s favor. Ava confronts Ashlee on her knowledge of the rigged votes, but opts to keep quiet on the condition that Ashlee do a favor for her when she calls upon her. Buzz, realizing that something is not right with the win decides to come forward, but later backs out when he thinks of the good work he could do as the mayor. Bill approaches Buzz with the proposal for Main Street, but is turned down flat. Seeing his being rejected, Ava tells Bill that she has information he can use to muscle Buzz into doing what he wants. The two soon fall into bed and she lets Bill know that she believes that election was rigged in Buzz’s favor. Buzz hires Marina to dig into the possible mayoral vote rigging. Bill gives Buzz an ultimatum; give him the contract to work on Main Street or he’ll leak what he knows about the election. Meanwhile, a leery Mallet, who is also working on the investigation of the election, calls the election board to find out what’s going on.

    Pictured: Justin Deas courtesy Arthur L. Cohen/PGP

    New Place to Live
    Friday, December 7, 2007 6:40 PM | By Venus Stone

    ( — Sharon finally sees the light; packs her bags and moves in with the least expected person…


    Gloria gets played by Jeffrey, when he admits that the cream he gave her was the fake one. Colleen tries her best to be there for JT. Brad and Victor face-off regarding Victoria’s baby. In order to keep her secret from being exposed, she has to follow one request from Jeffrey; marriage. Neil sticks up for Nikki by trying to talk Victor out of calling in her loans.


    Jack steps down from his Senate seat. Sharon, still spurned by Jack’s lies walks away from him. The ghost of John tells Jack to admit his faults if he ever wants to save his marriage to Sharon. Sharon has a heart-to-heart with Nick, who tells Sharon that he can see that she truly does love Jack. Jack soon finds Sharon and tries his best to get her forgiveness; but she’s not willing to do that. Meanwhile, Sharon finds herself at the door of Nikki, asking if she can stay with her.

    Pictured: Sharon Case courtesy CBS

    To Tell the Truth…or Not!
    Thursday, December 5, 2007 1:12 AM | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Tad, Adam and Amanda put their own set of rules into motion.


    As they wait for Spike to come out of the anesthesia, Ryan confesses to Kendall that he had the chance to stop Greenlee from escaping and muses about what might have been had he acted differently. Meanwhile, in the hole, Greenlee comes clean about her sins and becomes incensed when Zach refuses to do the same. Kendall reveals to Aidan that she made a pact with God and plans on confessing everything she did to Greenlee if Spike is able to hear again – a notion Aidan now feels opposition towards. Josh explains to Erica that while he believes she was justified in the actions she took against Greenlee that she’ll have to bite the bullet and apologize if she wants to repair her relationship with Jack. Joe reveals to Ryan and Kendall that Spike’s deafness was the result of a pre-existing medical condition and not the accident.


    Tad presents Krystal with papers suing her for full custody of Jenny after she refuses to abide by his demand that she not let Adam near Jenny. Meanwhile, Adam is infuriated when JR decides he rather remain in jail than live under house arrest with him. Amanda lets Adam know that she can give JR an airtight alibi for the night of Zach’s hit and run – for a price. Krystal and Tad vent to Babe and JR, respectively, about one another. Amanda emerges victorious as Adam presents her with a five million dollar check in exchange for the DVD clearing JR. Adam is thrilled when JR finally accepts his offer to get out of jail. JR makes an untimely mistake when he’s rude to Adam who then decides to keep the DVD clearing his son’s name to himself as insurance. Krystal quickly rationalizes that moving out of town with Jenny is not the right thing to do but becomes enraged when Tad informs her that taking Jenny and moving to Babe’s is also out of the question. Adam uncovers some starling information that Tad just may have a vested interest in.

    D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 17

    Monday: Zach and Greenlee fear the end is near.

    Tuesday: Richie finds a partner in crime in Janet.

    Wednesday: Kendall and Aidan turn to each other in their time of grief.

    Pictured: Cameron Mathison courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

    A War is Coming
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 5:15 PM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — As the War begins, families come together.


    Alexis tells Jerry that she won’t get involved with him. Alexis catches Leyla in Jerry’s bed, but it isn’t what it seems, at least not at that moment. Luke agrees to have the heart surgery he desperately needs after Lulu and Johnny help him post-collapse. Ric gives Skye an offer she can’t refuse, or can she? Maxie lets it slip that Coop had no alibi during the Black and White Ball. Is the killer after her next?


    Jason tells Lucky that he believes it is in Jake’s best interest if Lucky continued pretending to be Jake’s father. Lucky informs Jason he will only do that if Jason promises to stay out of Elizabeth and Jake’s life forever, which Jason agrees to do. After sharing an emotional moment with Jason, a devastated Elizabeth heads to Jake’s (the bar) with Robin, Lainey and Kelly. Elizabeth gets drunk and let’s Patrick have it.


    Johnny can’t admit to Lulu that he is being forced to run the family business, while Sonny and Trevor deliver threats to one another. Sonny offers Johnny money to leave town and the family business, but Johnny lets Sonny have it. Lucky and Harper inform Trevor that they wish to question Johnny on Emily and Leticia’s murders. Jason finds himself understanding the situation that Johnny is in as their fates are similar.

    D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 3

    Monday: Skye stands her ground with Johnny and Trevor.

    Tuesday: Trevor gives Jason a deadly warning.

    Wednesday: Johnny tries to make peace but Trevor has other plans as war is declared.

    Thursday: Things get lethal when Trevor’s plan begins.

    Friday: Johnny and Lulu are caught up in a trap.

    Pictured: Greg Vaughan courtesy ABC

    Y&R PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

    How the Mighty Fall
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 12:00 PM | By Venus Stone

    ( — Someone gets dumped; another’s proposal is rejected and a past letter could be the key to someone’s downfall…


    Lauren and Michael convince Jana to reject Kevin’s marriage proposal. The hearing for Jack gets underway and Gloria and Jill are all but ready to testify against the man. Nikki cuts her losses and drops David like a bad habit. Maggie realizes she could have been wrong not to suspect Victor, after discovering that the tape between he and Ji Min is legitimate. Nikki moves back into the ranch to care for Victoria, who is still not out of her coma. Police come knocking on the Newman ranch doors.


    The letter that John wrote to Gloria is found by Kevin, who is more than happy to hand it over. As the hearing gets underway, Jack again gets a ‘visit’ from John, who advises him to be honest with the committee that he bought Jabot. Sharon, who is there to support Jack, soon begins to wonder if Jack has been a liar all a long, after the letter of John is presented to the committee. Things soon spiral out of Jack’s hands when the committee discover Jack’s duplicity. Once the hearing is over, a smug Gloria and Kevin relish the downfall of Jack. Meanwhile, Jack receiveds some choice words from a steamed Sharon.

    Pictured: Peter Bergman courtesy PGP

    Prison Teaches Life Lessons
    Sunday, December 2, 2007 2:40 AM | By Errol Lewis

    ( — After spending time in the slammer, Casey Hughes is returning to Oakdale with a new face and a new storyline.

    Newcomer Billy Magnussen has been cast in the contract role of Casey with a first airdate set for Tuesday, January 29, 2008. The role was last played by Zach Roerig (2005-2007). The character will find himself trying hard to co-exist in Oakdale as the son of Tom and Margo Hughes and ex-con Casey Hughes. Hoping to help matters, his Grandmother Lisa offers him a job.

    Magnussen is a graduate of the North Carolina School for the Arts. The actor can currently be seen on Broadway in the “The Ritz,” a production of The Roundabout Theatre Company.

    According to its website, The Ritz is an over-the-top comedy that takes place in a bathhouse in Manhattan. When Gaetano Proclo needs to hide from mobster Carmine Vespucci, he escapes to the Ritz. When Gaetano realizes the Ritz is a gay bathhouse and not a Turkish bath, he pretends to be a big-time Broadway producer to keep suspicions low. When Carmine locates Gaetano what transpires is wild, manic mayhem.” For ticket information and directions click here.

    Pictured: Billy Magnussen courtesy PGP

    • One Life to Live
    • Billy Magnussen
    • Zach Roerig
    • As The World Turns
    • The Ritz

      GL PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

      Doomsday for Edmund
      Saturday, December 1, 2007 10:00 PM | By Venus Stone

      ( — Who will succeed in eliminating Edmund?


      Ashlee fears that her mother has fixed the election when she notices Buzz losing the lead. Marina plans a romantic dinner with Cyrus, only for him to stand her up to stay the night with a jittery Harley. Bill makes a business deal with Alan, much to Billy’s dismay. Mallet doesn’t like the lengths Dinah would go to help Bill. When Natalia spots Olivia and Gus together, she confronts her; only for Olivia to slam into her about her insecurities. A sneaky Olivia pays a visit to Gus and Natalia’s wedding planner and begins taking over.


      Edmund tries to blackmail Rick into helping him stick around in Springfield. Jeffrrey returns to find Edmund unconscious and begins to tie him up. Reva, still torn by what is happening, tries to coax Edmund to wake up. On the day of Josh’s ordination and Will’s school play, Edmund tries to make a break for it. Rick, who has a syringe with a sedative warns Edmund to keep away from Beth. During the play, Alan and Rick get into a heated exchange of words. When Edmund is forced to leave during the play an upset Will, who is still on stage, cries out to him. Reva lets it slip to Bill that there is no such place as “Pleasant Valley Compound” and that other plans have been made for Edmund. Jeffrey reveals to Edmund that he is going to be sent to stand trial for the murder of Alonzo. Meanwhile, Josh finds that the guard is unconscious and that Edmund has escaped.

      Pictured: David Andrew MacDonald courtesy PGP

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