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Born in Brooklyn, NY, Errol Lewis began watching soap operas in 1993 around the time Luke and Laura Spencer (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis) returned to “General Hospital,” but they weren’t what got him watching on a regular basis. “It was Lucy Coe [Lynn Herring] and her duck Sigmond,” he says of how he got started with soaps. “The adventures of Kevin [Jon Lindstrom] and Lucy, and Mac [John J. York] and Felicia [Kristina Wagner] was thrilling drama for me which was not something your typical nine-year-old boy could say about his viewing habits at the time.”

Mr. Lewis would soon begin watching all of the soaps including the since departed “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “Guiding Light,” “One Life to Live, “Passions,” “Port Charles” and “Sunset Beach.”

With four soap operas remaining on the air – “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Young and the Restless” – Mr. Lewis finds himself splitting his time throughout the day keeping up while maintaining the day-to-day functionality of Soap Opera Network which became a .com service in November 2002. He assumed administrative oversight of the website in early 2003.