‘Days of our Lives’ Star Dan Feuerriegel Officially Becomes a Citizen of the United States

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‘Days of our Lives’ Star Dan Feuerriegel Officially Becomes a Citizen of the United States

Congratulations to "Days of our Lives" star Dan Feuerriegel (EJ DiMera), who recently announced he is now an official citizen of the United States.

By Errol Lewis
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Photo by Todd Williamson/Peacock

As proclaimed in a letter he received signed by President Joseph R. Biden Jr., “Days of our Lives” star Dan Feuerriegel (EJ DiMera) is officially a citizen of the United States of America.

The Australian-born actor made his big announcement on Instagram, stating, “I did a thing. I’ve been here 10 years. Guess I now have to stay a little longer. Don’t worry Australia, you’ll always be my first #poppedmycherry.” He included several emojis in his post, including one of the United States flag, the U.S. national bird (American Bald Eagle), the Statue of Liberty and the Australian flag. He also included the hashtags “teamamerica” “citizen” and “stillanaussieatheart.”

As for the letter he received, along with an official certificate stating his U.S. citizenship, you can read it in full below:

Dear Fellow American:

Today, you have earned a new title that is the greatest honor our democracy can confer–citizen of the United States of America. Congratulations, and thank you for choosing us and for believing that America is worthy of your aspirations.

Every immigrant comes to America from different circumstances and for different reasons. But like previous generations of immigrants, including in my own family, there is at least one common trait: Courage. It takes courage to leave behind everything you have ever known–your homes, lives, and loved ones–and start a new life in another country.

In making this journey to America, you have done more than move to a new place. You have become part of an idea. The idea of America is that everyone is created equal and deserves to be treated equally and that we are forever a Nation of possibilities. Since our Nation’s founding, that idea–the source of our strength and dynamism–has been nurtured, enriched, and advanced by the contributions, sacrifices, and dreams of generations of immigrants like you.

As you embrace the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and build your own life and legacy in the United States of America, I am honored to welcome you as a fellow American in our great Nation of immigrants.

Congratulations, Dan! Welcome (Officially) to America!